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Paris Hilton

HuskerMom wrote: What do you guys think about her going to prison? I heard that she may not have to go for as long as she was sentenced. Honestly I think she should have to serve her time just like anyone else would. Her being a celebrity shouldn't get her out of her punishment. I don't want to start a debate or anything but I was just curious what you guys thought.

ZandersMama replied: I hope she goes every day of her sentance. I doubt it though.

gr33n3y3z replied: she should go to jail just like anyone would have to

jcc64 replied: I think she's a repulsive, spoiled woman-child who does not understand that the rules DO apply to her. What a good way to teach her that....

msoulz replied: I think she is being persecuted because of her celebrity. How do they expect her to survive without all the comforts??


Nah, I just wanted to raise a few heartrates. I'm pretty sure if it were me I would have already spent time in the slammer - and I doubt a judge would give me a few weeks to prepare!! blink.gif I would like to see her serve every minute of that sentence but what are the odds?

amynicole21 replied: I really hope she serves the entire sentence. I see no reason for her not to. dunno.gif

Cece00 replied: Personally I hope the judge really puts it to her. Not so much to make an example out of her, but because I think that is the only way she *might* finally "get it". If they go easy on her, they are just reinforcing her "I'm a celebrity so the rules dont apply to me" mentality. mad.gif

mom2my2cuties replied: Does anyone else hear brad paisley's Celebrity song in thier head every time they hear about Paris Hilton's latest stunt?

Calimama replied: She said since she didn't hurt or kill anyone she shouldn't get the jail time. blink.gif Maybe she doesn't fully realize how driving drunk can destroy a family. She's beyond pathetic and I wish she was serving more time. sleep.gif

Twelve Volt Man replied: I hope she pulls every day of her sentence, and it's absolutely miserable!

luvbug00 replied:

ditto and may she be more humble afterward. I hope they let her in with general public.

redchief replied: People don't generally get early probates from a 45 day sentence in county lock-up (which can't really be compared to prison, by the way). Let's hope more judges have the intestinal fortitude to give the Hollywood aliens what they deserve when they are dragged kicking and screaming back to the real world we have to live in every day.

Crystalina replied: I have not been following. Is she going to jail or prison? There is a differance. unsure.gif

redplaydoh replied:

I don't even know what she did! dunno.gif

redchief replied: She's been sentenced to 45 days in county jail. She's appealing saying the sentence is overly severe (poor baby). She was convicted of repeated operating without a license and DUI.

C&K*s Mommie replied: I have not been following the story, I could care less about her. But what got me riled up was when I heard the headline on tv about the possibility that she may not serve anytime due to overcrowding! Gimme a break. rolleyes.gif

Crystalina replied:
Really?!! Overcrowding my butt. More like "we have to pamper the spoiled brat." emlaugh.gif I had not heard of any of this. If she got a DUI then she deserves what any of us would get in that situation. rolleyes.gif

Calimama replied:
I totally agree!

BTW I love your new siggie!

Crystalina replied:
Thanks! I'm sure I'll have a differant one in a day or so. emlaugh.gif

lisar replied:
I agree.

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