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PREVNAR & CP Vaccines??

kimberley wrote: ok, we went to Jade's 18mo appt today and the nurse was telling me she needs 4 needles. i was shocked and ask for what. she told me the MMR and DPPT(Hib) and prevnar and chicken pox. she said the last two (which she has never had before and my boys don't have) were mandatory. i told her i don't know much about prevnar and need more info and don't want the CP vaccine. then she starts telling me that kids can now get flesh eating disease from not getting the chicken pox vaccine (which sounds like a load of crap to me) and that i should be getting her done. when i asked the ped, he said she only needs to get the MMR and DPPT and i can think about the others but they are not necessary.

so my question to you is this... did you get the prevnar or CP vaccine for your kids? and if you did, what research prompted you to do so or is it mandatory? to my knowledge, the prevnar is fairly new and there are no studies of long term effects. it is supposed to protect against menangitis but that is all i know. any enlightenment on this issue is appreciated. (nudge, nudge Jeanne happy.gif )

A&A'smommy replied: I don't think we got those I don't remember them and I think I would if because I always read the sheets they gave me. Alyssa wont get any more shots until she is 4 or 5, I'm interested in what the others have to say about this too!

jcc64 replied: OK, Kimberly hears my 2 cents! rolling_smile.gif
I'm not sure if I've shared my vaccination philosophy with you or not, but basically I am pro vaccine, but on my own time schedule. I absolutely refuse to allow more than 2 vaccines at a time. I cannot say this is based on any real scientific evidence, but more on my own theory that there is only so much an immature immune system can safely handle at any one time. I am certain that the routine vaccination schedule is based more on sociological/public health considerations than what is necessarily best for the individual child. Under-insured children often disappear from routine dr visits after the first year, and I believe they're( gov't, medical field, drug companies especially), trying to cram in as many as possible as quickly as possible.
My older 2 did not have the prevnar vaccine (wasn't invented then), but they did get the chix pox, for much the same reason your nurse stated. That creepy flesh eating strep infection was making the rounds of a local hospital at the time I was making this decision, and the risk/benefit seemed reasonable to me. I'm not sure why so many people are against the cp vaccine- I am unaware of any side effects, and although it's fairly new here, it has been around for over 15 yrs in other countries. Additionally, now that so many kids are vaccinated, the chances of your child contracting cp at a young age are much less than they once were, and the older a child gets, the more serious the illness.
As far as the prevnar, I did get that one for Corey, although she hasn't received many of the others yet (including MMR, the one that scares me). According to my dr, she is much more likely to be exposed to the illnesses covered by the prevnar vac than she is to , say, polio, and that if I had to pick just one, that was the one to pick. It made sense to me.
I am highly skeptical about the safety of any and all drugs- I think drug companies are evil, but I also would hate to knowingly expose my kid to a preventable illness, kwim?
It's a tough call, there is no easy answer. Which is why this post is so long! rolling_smile.gif

kimberley replied: thumb.gif thanks for the input. i haven't heard anything bad about the cp vaccine, i just felt it was unnecessary. why put more stuff into my kid than i have to, right? and you can walk into any daycare in my area and at least twice a year they have a cp party lol. i guess my boys didn't get the vaccine and were fine, so i have a hard time rationalizing why i would do it to Jade. as for the prevnar, i am worried because it is so new. you worry about putting your kids at risk by not vaccinating them, and i worry that i put her at risk by giving her a vaccine with no long term studies available to me. i have not made up my mind completely yet... i just didn't want them today or without doing my own research first. you are right, this is a tough call. wacko.gif

i just realized this was her first MMR also. i was very leery about this one for the boys because of the overwhelming info on the pros/cons of the vaccine. in the end, i decided it was better to have them protected than not. why is parenting so hard?! wacko.gif

Hillbilly Housewife replied: You know what..... I would go with what the doctor tells you.

For me - Emillie hasn't been to the doctor for a checkup since she was 5 months old, and that was for her 3 month check up.

Reason? I'm not a bad mommy - I had to wait until she was 5 months old for her 3 month check-up - the next available appt for her 6 month appointment was in October (she was 10 months) but we had to miss it due to a funeral. When I called back for another appointment, the next date they gave me was March 15th.

So, her 6 month check-up will be done when she's 15 months.

How pathetic is that?

Now she's been to the doctor's since, for a cold or something, but not for vaccines - they won't give them to me without the check-up, and I cant get an "on-demand" check-up appointment, I have to go with what they have available. Unless I change doc offices...which I don't want to, I've been seeing the same doc for 13 years.

Anyhoo..... the only vaccines Emilie has ever gotten are the 3 month boosters. She ain't dead yet.

Besides - I'm such a "conspiracy theory sucker", meaning I believe in a whole bunch of crap because I'm easily influenced..... and I've heard that now, they also inject some microchip when they do a certain vaccine...can't remember what it is...

who knows what theyy put in our kids these days!!!

But rest assured.... I WILL get Emilie the vaccines she absolutely needs.

MommyToAshley replied: I did give these vaccines to Ashley, but I am like Jeanne and only gave her two vaccines at a time. We went to all her appointments on schedule, so we were able to work it out so that she didn't get more than two shots at a time. I weighed the side affects of the shots with the risks of the diseases and decided that it was best to get the immunizations. I personally had chicken pox three times... I guess I was one of those weird cases. The last time, I was 21 years old and it was just horrible! I would never want Ashley to go through that and I hope that the vaccine keeps her from getting it!

MommyToAshley replied: I forgot to add that I am sorry the nurse treated you like that. You are the parent... it is their responsibility to give you the true facts and then you can make up your own mind.

catou_98 replied: you wanted some info-----here's some! wink.gif

and more:

Hope this can help you make an informed decision! wink.gif

DansMom replied: Daniel has had both Prevnar and CP vaccines. I think my office was out of Prevnar at a visit where there would have been four shots, so it got picked up the next time. I am more comfortable limiting the shots given at one time too.

I'm reading a book called "Fresh Milk" about the history and culture of breastfeeding, and in it is a story of a woman who lost her baby at 5 months old to bacterial meningitis and who continued to pump for donating to a milk bank. The woman mentioned that Prevnar became available a year after this happened, and wondered if it would have saved her child's life. I didn't know anything about the flesh eating disease you guys are talking about though! I've never had CP, so I have also received the vaccine.

~Roo'sMama~ replied:
Ok this is something I've been wondering about. I know I don't have to worry about this for a few more months but it's still bugging me. wink.gif You pretty much summed up how I feel about how safe drugs really are - we are definitely going to get our kids immunized because it seems like the risks of not immunizing outweigh the risks of getting it done.
But here's my question: I've been thinking that I'd like to limit how many shots they get in one appointment so as not to overload their immune systems but I'm always afraid of drs poo-pooing anything I say about it and me ending up meekly going with whatever they say. rolleyes.gif Is it something I should talk to the ped about before the day comes so they know what I want? And how soon would you recommend getting the ones you put off - do you have to have an extra appointment or just wait until the next regular one? Ok that's two questions. tongue.gif
TIA! smile.gif

5littleladies replied: Brianna had both the CP and the prevnar vaccines. She did actually have all 4 at once but for this next baby I am considering asking our pediatrician to space them out. Then again, all of my girls had all the recommended number of shots at each visit and they have all been just fine. I guess I will decide when the time comes. Our ped strongly advised us to get her the prevnar since she had a patient who had meningitis and I don't remember if the child died or was handicapped but it was a sad story and I trust our ped enough to take her advice on things like this.

Sara-I would think that talking to your baby's pediatrician at the baby's first visit will be early enough. They probably deal with it often enough that they can recommend a good length of time between each set of shots. I know when the girls get behind on their shots the ped always gives us a length of time to wait so if will be absolutely safe before getting another round. You could also talk to the ped when you are in the hospital after delivery-my kid's doctors have always visited us when we are in the hospital to check up on the baby. smile.gif

~Roo'sMama~ replied:
Thanks - I'll ask then if I (a) remember and (b don't chicken out! tongue.gif

Happymomof2 replied: You can put off getting the CP shot, but you can't go to daycare, preschool or kindergarten without it. This was a hot topic on another board that I'm on. My son got it soon after it came out and I really don't see any reason not to get it. JMO. My daughter also got it at her last appointment. Both of my children get all the shots the Ped says they need at each appointment and neither have had any problems and my son is almost 7. I'd rather get them out of the way then keep giving them after they would have already been done.

coasterqueen replied: We had both vax's done but I was a dumb parent and didn't do my research before going. I read an article in Mothering Magazine a month after or so and Dh and I both realized we should have not gotten the cp vax for sure. We are actually pretty disappointed in ourselves for doing so, but that said we haven't discussed whether we'll have Megan skip it or not.

I still don't know a lot about prevenar but my friend who delays all vax has had some pretty bad things to say about it.

kimberley replied:
not the case here. CP vaccine is NOT required for entry to school or daycare, nor is the prevnar. that is why i am questioning whether i want to do them or not. thanks for making me feel like i am not alone and crazy on this, Karen smile.gif

MommyToAshley replied:
I hope I didn't offend you or make you feel like your thoughts on this was crazy, I just wanted to share our experience and why I made the decision. Immunizations is another one of those personal choices that we make as parents, and the best thing you can do is to make a well-informed choice and then make up your own mind.

kimberley replied:
not possible! you could never offend me wink.gif . i make my own self think i am crazy... no one else. i love everyone's input but always make my own decisions, so i have no one to blame but myself tongue.gif biggrin.gif

coasterqueen replied: You are welcome Kimberely. BTW, if I can get a moment of sanity to myself this weekend I will see if I saved that article on CP vax. I'll also see if my friend can send me some info on prevenar. I know her son was having surgery early in the week so not sure when but I'll try to get it to you very soon.

Dee Dee, I don't think you offended me. I honestly have to admit that when I posted mine last night I had not and haven't read the other replies. blush.gif

Happymomof2 replied: I didnt' know that it wasn't mandatory everywhere. In NYS you have to get it to enter any kind of school. Learn something new everyday.

I've read tons about this and it's tough to make decisions when everything is always so contradictory. wacko.gif

My son has been around large groups of children at least 3 times with chicken pox and frankly, I'm glad he never got them.

I agree it's a personal choice, but in my state we don't really get to make the choice anyway.

jcc64 replied:

You mentioned you live in NY, as do I . You absolutely have the right to refuse vaccinations. There are many, many kids in the local public school here with no vaccines whatsoever. All you need to do is submit a letter stating that it's against your religion/philosophy, whatever, and it is either kept on file at the school, or you resubmit it each year. Falls under the Freedom of Religion protection, I believe.
What you cannot do is simply ignore the paperwork. But as long as you're officially on the record with your school system, they have to let your child in.

coasterqueen replied:
To add to what Jeanne said, even if it was a law it's that they have to enter it before they go to school, so from my perspective if I would have researched the CP vax sooner, I would have found my DD a chicken pox party to attend and get it before she was old enough to go to school.

There's a lot of substantial research out there stating that your child can still get the CP even after getting the vax and that it's often easier for them to get it without ever having the vax. I think why people are so scared of not getting it is because the whole death rate issue of those who get the CP. For starters kids have been getting CP since forever and those who die from them are the unlucky ones whose parents most times didn't get the correct treatment when it was necessary. If you take care of your child properly during CP they will not die from it.

3_call_me_mama replied:
This is actually dependant on where you live.... I know that neither shot is required in VT and several other states. You can got to daycare and school. Also even the required shots you have the option to not have if you get a waiver stating that they are against either your moral or religious beliefs.

also neither of my kids had or will have the CP shot, since they both have had them... actually Kathleen just got them on Tuesday.... and sh ehad a reaction to the prevnar shot so she will not recieve that one either.. i think they are all personal decisions and no one should feel pressured to get them if you have mixed feelings.... get all the info you can.. good luck to you....

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