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Our night last night.......

5littleladies wrote: Was really nice. We went to the mall and had dinner in one of the restaurants and then did some shopping. We just walked around holding hands-tried to not talk about the kids but failed many times. wink.gif I can't believe we have been married for 8 years! It doesn't seem like that long and yet it seems like forever. I can't imagine life without him. wub.gif

On a less positive note-We went to get me some bras and I am officially an A cup instead of the B cup I was before I had the girls. bawling.gif I'm pretty depressed about that. sad.gif

Lollie replied: romantic!!! wub.gif Hope you went home and made the most of your evening further... rolling_smile.gif

About your bra size....Im willing to give you some of mine...LOL happy.gif But as a friend of mine says...MORE THAN A MOUTHFULL IS A WASTE!! biggrin.gif

Maddie&EthansMom replied: wub.gif I'm glad you guys had a nice time. thumb.gif We have been married 7 years. I know how you feel. It is so hard to believe it has been that long and other times it seems like we have been married forever. Kind of like when you have children, you can't imagine what life was like before they came along. wink.gif

Sorry about the bra size. I would love to be an A cup! biggrin.gif

Mommy2BAK replied: I am glad you two had such a great time! I know what you mean about trying not to talk about the children, anytime John and I are alone we want to focus on eachother but it always fails. biggrin.gif
Don't worry about the A cup! I'm not too far ahead of you!

~Roo'sMama~ replied:
rolling_smile.gif You want mine? I could give you half and still have enough left over make a B cup for myself. tongue.gif

DansMom replied: That does sound like a nice time---I know what you mean about trying not to talk about the kids and then slipping up. It's hard not to discuss them! DH and I do that on our dates too.

I'm still wearing my B cups, but barely filling them. When Daniel weans I'm sure I'll go back down to A too sad.gif

AshleyRose replied: I am glad you had a great night! And I def wish I was an A cup, you would too if you had HUGE melons!!!! I hated them before I got pregnant and now they are much bigger and have changed in every bad way possible!!!!!!! unsure.gif

A&A'smommy replied: AWwww I'm glad ya'll had a good time!
about the bra don't worry about it I'm a c cup but I'm fat and your skinny, I would rather be skinny than have breasts. wink.gif

My2Beauties replied: I know what you mean on the bra thing, I barely fill a B, I can wear an A myself and it makes me so sad! I can walk around without a bra and look like a man! emlaugh.gif

glad you guys had a great night together! there something in the other romance forum we haven't gotten to yet?? *wink wink*

Stacimonkey replied: Oh, WOW I am so jelaous!!! I've been wanting to go on a date, well, since she was born almost a year ago!!!! Sounds like you had a great time, TFS!

And BOOO on the bra size sad.gif Boobs suck!! LOL! I used to be a barley A but am now a full C thanks fo my plastic surgeon wink.gifwink.gif Waterbras were my BEST friend!!! wink.gif Don't sweat it, though, maybe it was the place where you got the bra? I know sometimes they fit goofy!

But YAY on the fun night again! I'm going to tell my husband, maybe I can get a date too smile.gif

moped replied: When I was pregnant I was a DD, now I am back to me normal C.......still too big!!!!! Want some?

favre4fan replied: Sounds like u guys had a great time!! You can have some of my boobies if you want them I am yearning to have smaller bb's!!

coasterqueen replied: Sounds like a great night! wub.gif I'd die for just a nice simple night like that. biggrin.gif Sorry about the bra size....I can send you some of mine if you want...either being pg or still doesn't matter I have more than enough to give out, lol.

Josie83 replied: It sounds like you had a great time. Sounds like a plan! xx

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