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Boys r us wrote: tiny bows that I see on lots of newborns..even those with hardly any hair, I want some..but can't find any. I bought some bows but they're really fru-fru looking..which is fine, but thinking that might be a little much for a newborn! The kind I'm talking about are like the 1 that Tara's(prariemom) baby girl had int he pictures she posted of her right after she was born. It's really just a piece of teeny tiny ribbon made into a simple little tiny bow..

PrairieMom replied: They gave me mine in the hospital. I think you have to make them. dunno.gif But I DO know that they used KY jelly to hold it in. I bought a pack of tiny barretts and hold them in with it too. They look to darn cute on her!

user posted image

you can barely see it, but its there! I'm dissapointed they don't show up on pic very well, she usually has her head turned the wrong way, pluss they are kinda small. tongue.gif

Boys r us replied: Thank you!

Ok..I'm not understanding Tara..LOL KY Jelly?

You mean the put ky on the hair that they're attatching the bow to?

MyBrownEyedBoy replied: Yep, you put the KY on the bit of hair you want the bow to stick to. It keeps it in and since it's water based, it washes out very easily.

coasterqueen replied: Yep, if they can't tie it in, they use jelly. Some people glue them in. wacko.gif I used hairband bows for Megan until regular bows/barrettes held in her hair. I got them at which I believe now advertises on this site.

PrairieMom replied: Yup. Ky. Who-da thunk it. It baffles me that something you use for ummm.... anyway, that it GLUES hair! rolling_smile.gif
note to self... stay away from KY! rolling_smile.gif

Boys r us replied: haaa!!! too Funny!

I just went to and ordered!!! YAY!!!

I may go to a fabric store and buy some of the really thin ribbon too and make some of the tiny ones..oh yeah..and a tube of K-Y!! LOL though something tells me she's going to have a head full of hair!

Jackie012007 replied: I know how to make them, my dad owns a dog grooming shop and my mom and I make them for the shee shee foo foo dogs lol... they're very easy, and what we do is attach a teeny tiny rubber band to them... think O rings, any of you who have had braces. The tiny rubberbands are super stretchy but they stick in the tiniest bit of hair... and they come out really easily! I guess if you guys wanna know how to make them, post back and I'll see if I can write out some directions! rolling_smile.gif

garrettsmom replied: I know when my niece was a newborn, I bought some little bows for her that were velcroed (sp) .

Brias3 replied: I also used velcro bows that my mom had sent me when Aliyah was born. Though I can't say I've seen them in stores at all, they look fairly easy to make....just ribbon mounted on a thin strip of velcro that stays in place really well!

youngmomofone replied: Learn something new everyday. tongue.gif

ashtonsmama replied:
Never thought of that...

Cece00 replied: I find the two easiest kind (and keep in mind my kid had a lot of hair when she was born, but I still think these would work) were the tiny ones with the velcro on the backside OR the tiny ones with those little clips that they use when you get your hair you know what I mean??? To hold your hair out of the way...they are metal...

Maybe I should post pics of the ones I use on my baby girl

Kaitlin'smom replied: yep the hospital gave me mine...I to was shocked they uesd KY to put it in I had always wondered and when they brought Kait to me with on in her hair I had to know.

My2Beauties replied: The hospital didn't give me any, I tried those little ones with the velcro but they never ever held IMO< poor thing, Hanna didn't have hardly any hair until she was nearly a year old! blush.gif

ProudMother4857 replied: I got my daughter's bow in the hospital. I think if you ask them for they might give you one. dunno.gif

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