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Ok so I bought new clothes yesterday...

Hillbilly Housewife wrote: at this store that is going out of business, Broadway's. I bought 2 shirts for Zach at 5$ each, regular price 19.99$. A wool skirt (for winter) for 1$, these GORGEOUS pants for 20% off of 35$, a really nice blouse for 70% off of 20$ and a nice dressy suit (top and pants) for 10$ a piece, regular price 60$ a piece!! laugh.gif

What a bargain! biggrin.gif

So I tried on the cloths at the store, and they all looked great, so I bought them all. Well I obviously didn't try on the shirts that were meant for Zach... duh! lol! I get home, I show DH, he really likes the pants. So this morning, I wear my new pants with a shirt I had before. happy.gif

I get to work, and I notice that the bottom of one of the legs is coming undone. I decided to tape the bottom until I get home and can fix it. dry.gif

So now, here I am a couple hours later, and the damn pant leg is becoming unstiched not only at the edge, but it's starting to climb up on the side too!! blink.gif mad.gif

No WONDER this store is going out of business!!!!!!!! Arg! mad.gif

Kaitlin'smom replied: well at least you got them for a bargian! ohmy.gif

still sucks though!

supermom replied: Bring 'em over, I'll stitch 'em up for ya!! hehehehe

MommyToAshley replied: Can I bring my stuff too??? DH has a pair of shorts that he has wanted me to sew a button on for the last two years. LOL Did I tell you that I can't sew?

Hillbilly Housewife replied:
lol.... are you going to pay for my plane ticket?? rolling_smile.gif

kit_kats_mom replied: staple em rolling_smile.gif

Kaitlin'smom replied: oh goodness mommytoashley, even I can sew the simple things! Just dont ask me to do hems I hate them! I would loke to have a sewing machine, then maybe I could do hems!

Hay TLCdad bring over the shorts I will sew the button for you! smile.gif

supermom replied:
Sure, bring them on - all of us girls (my 16 and 14 YO and me) all know how to use the sewing machine!

MommyToAshley replied: Woohoo...TLCDad you have lots of offers to sew those shorts! smile.gif And, it's even in writing!

Ashley has this little stuffed lamb that plays "Mary had a little lamb" (imagine that! LOL) Anyways, I washed it in the washing machine....duh.... and the stitching came lose and the little thingy that plays the song came out. Well, MIL had to sew her lamb back up for her because I can't sew. Luckily I didn't damage the music thingy in the wash. hehe. I haven't had the nerve to ask her to sew DH's shorts. LOL rolling_smile.gif

Schnoogly replied: Sewing, like driving, is easier to learn young b/c you aren't as afraid to screw up!! I sewed (badly) all kinds of things as a kid. I even thought of a great idea for all my old t-shirts that I don't like anymore (but aren't worn out)--make pull on baby pants!! That's all Iain wears--knit pants. One t-shirt is the perfect amount of material for one pair, and I can use one of his current pants as a pattern. Now if only he'll let me put him down long enough to make them!!


TLCDad replied:
LOL Hun you got things mixed up. The lamb was wet and got stuck playing over and over again and would not stop so I had to tear thing electronic thingy out and repair it then it had to be sewed. wink.gif LOL and your not pregnant again yet. wink.gif

supermom replied:
Yet?? Yet??? You guys been doing your taxes again, have you???

Rumor has it that if it's a girl, you'll name her Mary-Kate rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif

MommyToAshley replied: Look at the rumors fly. LOL

Actually, City Taxes were due today. smile.gif

Kaitlin'smom replied: uh oh Mary-Kate may be hear before we know it! tongue.gif

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