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Ok is this annoying or what? - VENT!!! I am so ticked...

MM'sMama wrote: Ok besides the fact there is still no DH and I still haven't herd from him.

I was sitting on the porch at the place we are staying (DH's families summer home). And there is this little girl well not really little she is 13 she is staying with her grandma for 2 weeks and her grandma is at work. Her grandma is really good friends with DH's family and she tends to watch over there summer house when know one is here so I have to be super nice. So I'm sitting there reading and she comes over and starts talking and I'm thinking ok fine no big deal. After a while (2 hours) she left thankfully really annoying. So I'm reading she comes back like 15 mins later. So make a long story short she has been here ever since and it's 4 hours later. Normally it would be fine but here is the thing. She tells me she needs to use the restroom and I tell her fine. She come back out with one of my soda in hand and an ice cream bar. So I say you can have ONE soda and ONE ice cream but please next time ask. So through out the time she has been here she has drunken 11 pepsi's wasting most of each eaten 8 of the 12 ice cream bars. I got ONE from the whole 12 pack UGH! Eaten the ham&chesse hot pockets my PG food craving. And my 2 left over hamburgers from last night BBQ. 2 of the 3 mini pizza's I got, our whole bag of chips, most of the pasta I had cooked for dinner. I was gonna make spaghetti with homemade meat balls WAS!! She ate 12 of the 15 of those I made too and other stuff that i can't think of at the moment. Oh not to mention 3/4 of the gourmet nuts MIL had sent to us here. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I have tried to be nice and everything but the second I turn my back she gets something or says she's going home but doesn't really. Then a while later I go inside to use the bathroom (for the millionth time today oh the joys of being pregnant). And I go to get MY LAST root beer that I had been wanting and wanting and was waiting for to get cold. Its gone I got outside and what she got in her hand? You guessed it!! I had told her no matter what not to drink that!!!!!! What do I do? I have tried to be nice yes direct MIL keeps saying whatever you do be nice please be nice. Her grandma has "power" in the neighborhood so please be nice.
NICE SHE WANTS ME TO BE NICE?!?!?!?!?!?! I am so past that point I want to scream. She has eaten seriously $150 in food not to mention taken over my TV!! I now have to go back to the store to get more grocery and since DH is gone I have no car or atm card. I'm starving and there is seriously nothing I can eat now and I can't even order a pizza because I only have $10 on me. I have tried to get her to leave she is still here in fact while writing this she started reading over my shoulder so I had to stop for a bit. Am I being unreasonable or blowing this out of proportion?? UUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH sorry so long but I am so ticked off!!!! mad.gif mad.gif bawling.gif mad.gif mad.gif

mammag replied: Can you just tell her you aren't feeling well and you need some alone quiet time? Then lock the door so she can't just come in. Why is she even going in and out of the house in the first place? That would really annoy me as well!

MissyKay2005 replied: Wow sounds like this child has never had dicipline in her life. I would talk to the grandma nicely about the problem. You have done really good at holding you cool. But I would start makeing it that you mean now. She raelly has gone over board on the rudeness mad.gif I understand you have to be nice but I think the guarden should understand the situation when explained to her that her grandaughter has some manners issues. I really would talk to her about it and be true but kind.

luvbug00 replied: Just say to this girls' grandmother that you are trying to spend time with your family and especialy since your preggers you need some rest . And if the granddaughter could try to call ahead before comming over to make sure your not doing somthing with your family. I'd hide all the food and drinks. ( seriously ) dry.gif how rude!

ions_momma replied: Wow! She eats alot! I would just tell her that you arent feeling well or that you need some time to yourself.

punkeemunkee'smom replied: wacko.gif OMG!!!! I think that you haven't told her flat out to go home and not come back hungry is alot better than I would be doing by now! I can't believe that she is so rude! Does nobody feed this poor child at home? I think it is tme to say(gently so you don't upset the neighborhood power balance dry.gif ) that you need rest and you will see her IN A FEW DAYS. I would say that you need your rest. When she comes around again I would yawn and say you were just about to take a hate napping old boring grown-ups rolling_smile.gif Maybe she will get bord and leave you alone-if not HIDE all the snacks!

MM'sMama replied: Ok so I told her I wasn't feeling well and that due to being pregnant I needed to go lay down and rest. She then goes oh that's ok I'll sit a watch tv. I told her sorry but I don't feel comfortable with that I need you to go home. I talked to the grandma calming and nicely and everything but she completely blew up at me and royally freaked ohmy.gif. Then she says my GD wont be coming anywhere near your house. Thank you grandma your so wonderful thank you thank you thank you!!!! biggrin.gif
Thanks for all the support you all are so wonderfu,l I don't know what I would do without you. I would never let my kids act that way what a rude child!!!!

And the reason she was coming in and out was to get to the porch you have to blink.gif I'm going to hunt down whoevers idea that one was wacko.gif dry.gif.

luvbug00 replied: WHAT? she blew up at you because her little piglet has NO manners and is bothering a family on vacation? Unbelieveable! blink.gif

MM'sMama replied:
Thats my point WTH my parentS would have never let me act like that and I would never in a million years let Brice get away with that.
But she wont let her grand daughter come back to our! Oh no whatever will I do?! laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

gr33n3y3z replied: I have to tell you

You did a better job at being nice its ok to share food and drinks
But to let her eat all that she would have been gone third soda lol

Did your hubby show up yet?
Now send him to the store for more soda and ice cream and other things and tell him he isnt leaving again lol

MM'sMama replied: Thank you I seriously had to bit my tongue HARD!!! Yeah he come back at 12am mad.gif. But he says it was for a good reason and I will know what he was doing soon enough blink.gif. HHMMM what is that man up to after the last thing it scares me laugh.gif.

I sent him to the store this morning and he should be back anytime now.

Sarah&Mackenzie replied: I would ask her to leave and that you need to lay down because you are pg and I would lock the doors!!!!

gr33n3y3z replied:
I wonder what he is up to hmmm
you will have to tell us when you find out wink.gif

Josie83 replied: Ugh that is beyond rude!! I'm glad you got rid of her wink.gif xx

MM'sMama replied:
Oh I will I'm dying to know myself GRRR I can't wait much longer laugh.gifblink.gif

punkeemunkee'smom replied: bawling.gif OH NO!!She's not coming back!!! OMG what will you do with all your food now??? rolling_smile.gif Some people are wacko.gif silly.gif nuts.gif iamwithstupid.gif !!!! rolling_smile.gif

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