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Ok, I found something about parenting I - don't like

coasterqueen wrote: Wanna know what that is? STAINS!!!!!! growl.gif growl.gif I swear I do more washing, re-washing, etc trying to get stains out of these girls clothes. I DESPISE it. growl.gif If they had more than enough clothes I'd just start throwing them away if the stains didn't come out in the 1st wash. I'm just so sick of dealing with stains. Someone should have told me about stains before I had kids and all their secrets on how to get rid of them because I've tried just about everything and some work on some stains and others don't. wacko.gif wacko.gif wacko.gif

kimberley replied: happy.gif i feel your pain. and it is always something relatively new, right?? rolleyes.gif

bleach, oxyclean and that bleach pen are all i have heard that works. if you find any answers, pass em my way too!

Boys r us replied: rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif I say you're pretty lucky to have just found ONE thing!! LOL

I have no secrets, except to keep a trash can in the laundry room so I can discard the item and grieve the ruined item and get over it as quickly as possible !! LOL
This is a daily occurance! Which brings me to a new topic..hand-me-downs. how do people have hand me downs? All of my kid's clothes pretty much get ruined in some fashion, holes in the knees, stains that won't come out the time they've out grown them!

Kaitlin'smom replied: remember my paint nightmare? so i can so agree with you. I did finally manage to get 98% of it out but that was after oh 8 washes. the only thing that finally worked was SHOUT. NOTHING else even touched it, oxyclean, bleach pen, tide stain remover...ect did NOTHING.

Hillbilly Housewife replied: unsure.gif

I don't get a lot of stains... what kind of stains are we talking about?? huh.gif

Kirstenmumof3 replied: laugh.gif Yeah I hear you! Spencer is the worst for stains!

coasterqueen replied:
Food stains at home, mainly. Gosh knows where the stains come from at daycare. rolleyes.gif

CantWait replied:
Robbie was really good with his clothes till he was about 5 so we had a lot of hand me downs, Anthony on the other hand is a little more rough and tumble then Robbie was at his age, so we have a lot less. We also have a lot of "good" clothes and plain clothes.

Good jeans are usually only worn on picture days or when we go out, so they don't get worn out a lot except at the bottom of the pant where they fray from dragging under their heals. I hate putting jogging pants and track pants on my kids because they are thin and it tends to make them look even more so, so those are usually play clothes and they go in the garbage when they outgrow them. That explains how we have hand me downs.

As for stains, I hate them to and am no good at getting them out. My grandma is the queen for getting stains out of clothes. I'd ask her but the language barrier these days would get in the way.

lisar replied: Oh I so know how you feel about this. I hate it also.

Hillbilly Housewife replied:
Ah... my kids are pretty good with their clothes I guess... unsure.gif

The kids have sooo muuuch clothes, I don't think they have time to wear anything out... emlaugh.gif

ediep replied: Jason has a lot of clothes, but what I ahve done is keep a stain stck or shout in the bathroom near the hamper and whenever any of us takes something off that got dirty I apply the stain stick before it goes in the hamper

Maddie&EthansMom replied: Ethan is the worst when it comes to stains. Maddie is very clean. tongue.gif I try to catch it immediately and douse it with shout (that stuff works wonders) and I wash a lot of things in clorox 2. I've salvaged many clothes and haven't had to discard any from stains. biggrin.gif

coasterqueen replied: I've tried Shout, Zout, Baby Oxyclean, regular oxyclean, totally toddler, and several others and it takes a good MANY washings to get anything out. growl.gif I do spray things as soon as I'm aware they look like they are going to stain.

jacobsmama replied: I hate stains too but I found something that I swear by!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just started using it 2 weeks ago and so far it has go everything out first wash. When I miss one and dry it and then rewash it with stain it works great.

It is called Sray-n-wash DUAL Power!! ( it has 2 seperate compartments and when the liquid combines that is when it fights the stains)

You spray it on and let it ist about 5 mins and then wash! Try it and let me know!


coasterqueen replied:
Thanks Kristi, I will try that one and let you know. thumb.gif

Maddie&EthansMom replied: Maybe it has something to do with the type of water we all have (soft, hard, etc) dunno.gif

TANNER'S MOM replied: Ok I am the stain quenn in my family. My step daugther even brings stains to me to fix..I use grease remover for almost everything .. it works and is 99cents a tube. Especially the grass stains it gets it right out. Vineger works on some stuff..and perioxide works on blood.. if you get it fast..

Simplebeliever replied: Here's a few more ideas

1.) Tide. I hate buying pricey detergent, but it really does work
2.) Wool lite. I also hate hand washing clothes, but when I hand wash my daughter's more stained clothes in wool light it really truly does get the tougher stains out.

Cece00 replied:
Yess!!! That stuff is REALLY good.

I use that and Clorox 2. I use the bleach pen occasionally, and liquid bleach for whites.

My kids are pretty hard on clothes (esp my 3 yr old...) and I rarely have to throw something out...maybe 1 article every 3-4 weeks.

Cece00 replied: Oh, I thought of a few more things.

If you have darker clothing that have those "greasy" spots on them, try dish Dawn.

And if you wash something 3 times & the stain is there but not too bad, try laying it in the sun- wash and then put outside. I've saved a few articles of clothing this way, too, the sun helps bleach out the stain.

kit_kats_mom replied: I have sent more clothes to the orphanage lately because Miss Piggy (Lauren) stains stuff terribly and I have no patience for trying to get stains out. If oxyclean and regular washing don't work it's off to the orphanage for the outfit.

Luckily, K's old clothes are in like new condition (until the 3T's) so Lauren has a ton of stuff to ruin. It about broke my heart last week when I put her in one of my favorite shirts that K used to wear. A white long sleeved shirt with a little furry teddybear appliqued on it. Lauren had stained it beyond recognition within 2 hours! I kid you not. K wore that shirt for two winters in a row and since it was a favorite of mine, she wore it a lot. Lauren got an 8th of a day's wear out of it. UGH!!!

~Roo'sMama~ replied:
How long do you soak the clothes for when you use oxyclean? I'm just wondering because sometimes I have to soak something for a few days before the stain comes out, but oxyclean has never not worked for me - even on food and poop stains that I've accidentally baked on in the dryer. rolleyes.gif I have a bucket by the washer that I keep to soak stuff in so that I'm not taking up space in the washer - I just let the clothes sit in there for as long as it takes... it's better than washing them over and over again. Also spraying with spray'n'wash or shout or something and THEN sticking it in the bucket of water with oxyclean to soak is pretty effective for really tough stains.

I've used that spray'n'wash dual power stuff too and it does work really well! thumb.gif But it's hard to control how much you put on, and it's hard to get it to go exactly where you want it to because of the way it comes out, so I went through the bottle pretty fast and didn't buy it again. tongue.gif

coasterqueen replied:
I do soak the clothes for several days.....and it's because I tend to forget. blush.gif They get sprayed with Shout before soaking as well. After TWELVE washings I finally got a stain out of an old sweatshirt of Kylie's that fits Megan now. rolleyes.gif Course she wore it to daycare today and they are going to Pizza Hut and making pumpkin cakes so I'm sure it will be back to 12 washings again. rolleyes.gif dry.gif

I am going to try that Shout Dual. Even if I have to buy it more often, it's probably cheaper than me throwing out clothes and having to buy more. rolleyes.gif

Thanks everyone for your tips. I'm going to try them all! laugh.gif

coasterqueen replied:
Aimee, I was wondering this same thing. We are not on well water so I don't think our water is "hard" but I'm not sure it's "soft" either because we do run of of county district water.

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