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Oh, No!!

MyBrownEyedBoy wrote: I left Logan upstairs with his dad, I am in the den putting Aaron's pictures from his trip online. I went upstairs to see what they were up to, Aaron was in the bathroom and Logan was in our room wearing my glasses. I took them from him and went to fold them up and he has completely bent the frames like a pretzel. Grr! I thought they were out of his reach. He is getting way too big.

redchief replied: Sorry Kelly. I'm also sorry for the chuckle that story gave me. rolling_smile.gif

MyBrownEyedBoy replied:
Laugh away, Ed. Now at least I have an excuse to get new frames. Those were at least 8 years old. Silver linings and all that.

C&K*s Mommie replied: Did you at least have the lenses changed after the first 7yrs?

Good reason as any to get something new for yourself! Hope you find what you like. I want to go back into glasses, but I am dreading eyeglass frame shopping. dry.gif

ashtonsmama replied: Strong little man ya got there! Sorry about your glasses!

MyBrownEyedBoy replied:
No, my script hasn't changed much in the last 10 years.

ZandersMama replied: good reason to go shopping! wink.gif

holley79 replied: ohmy.gif hug.gif

3xsthefun replied: ohmy.gif Oh,my goodness he must be a strong little man. Now, you go and get some new frames.

Kaitlin'smom replied: its amazing what they can find.

at least you get something new out of it.

TheOaf66 replied: yep, I have lost a couple pairs of sunglasses that way cool.gif curiosity is really something isn't it

luvmykids replied: I hate shopping for glasses but on a side note, I bet you look great with glasses! Hope you find some you like!

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