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OK all you breastfeeding Moms - something we seen today???

MomofTay&Sam wrote: Today at the bronx zoo we were in a enclosure type thing with not alot of room and people everywhere. A mommy was breast feeding but I didnt know that until we walked by. Her whole boob was out and she was pulling her nipple around. My 10 year looked and looked again and was in shock. Is this the right way to go about breast feeding? I was alittle shocked myself. sad.gif sad.gif No blankie no big shirt nothing.?

supermom replied: I would say that I hope I am a bit more discreet than that......I mean, there are times that I have to show a little, but definatley not my whole boob hanging out and definately NOT pulling on my nipple!!

I am not by any means modest, but I also know that there is a time and a place for it, and it seems that even if she was just sitting because it was convenient, there should have been at least a little modesty involved.....

If she needed to pull her nip for medical/nursing reasons, she should have been willing to do it under her shirt (big shirt or not) - can't say I've been that successful with a blankie at times, because the kids wanting to just pull it off, and the heat bothers me, but still......

And you all probably know I'm one of the biggest BF fanatics here - lol -

MomofTay&Sam replied: Supermom I just have to laugh about it now. The nipple was very hard and erect and she was pulling and tugging on it and umm you just could not help seeing this. I wish I knew more about it and I really wish that I could atleast had the chance to try it. rolling_smile.gif

Schnoogly replied: How old was the baby? In the beginning it was impossible for me to get Iain latched on w/o squeezing and smushing my nipple into his mouth. I'm sure anyone who saw this was horrified. But when you BF your breasts become VERY unsexy, I hope I'm not the only one who feels this! My tugging and squeezing my nipple (I don't have to do this anymore though, but sometimes I squeeze to see if there is any milk left in there) was only for the purpose of feeding. Also it's very normal for the nipple to be hard and erect like that--it's how they get it in their mouth for crying out loud!!

And I think we're total prudes in this country. If your 10 year old were exposed to this more often he probably wouldn't think anything of it. But because the media images he can't help but see are so hyper-sexualized, boobs are going to bug his eyes out!

I am completely immodest, been naked in public (OK I was drunk), and go around naked in my house a lot too. I hope Iain grows up not being ashamed of his body or mine (but knowing when and where it's appropriate to show it though).

Steph wink.gif

maestra replied: I have had to bf in public quite often. At first, I always used the cover. Now, I just try to be discreet, but don't worry about it so much. I guess it really depends on your comfort with your own body. I'm not very comfortable with mine, but Jaci kept pulling the cover off so I just got used to it.

I personally would have covered up more, even if I needed to pull at the nipple for whatever reason. But, I AM a prude! biggrin.gif Just make sure that you explain to your son what it is all about, that that is how the baby gets it's food, etc. I got used to the stares- my 4 and 5 year old nieces used to try to pull the cover off because they wanted to see what the baby was doing. blush.gif I ended up explaining it to them and letting them see, and they stopped viewing it as so shocking.

But I know my dh would have been looking! rolling_smile.gif But then again, he's a perv....... rolling_smile.gif

victoire2002 replied: I have to agree with STeph about prudish attitudes regarding breasts in this country! I have always felt that American pop culture degrades women by always sexualizing breasts... I mean how many masters painted images of women with nipples exposed?

Regardless, I am still very modest while bfing in public... though I can recall one time when I accidently flashed a waiter in a restaurant and he GAPED and STARED at me in disbelief. You would have thought I was giving everyone a table dance by his reaction!!! It really made me feel bad.

I probably wouldn't twirl my nipple and expose myself in public, though!! happy.gif

Kirstenmumof3 replied: I breastfeed in public but I am a lot more discreet than that! I would have been embarrased if I had saw that! blush.gif

MomofTay&Sam replied: smile.gif Just to reply, the baby was about 6 months or so and no where near that big nipple. LOL I hope I don't offend you guys in anyway. Just something I happened to see and wanted to know how you guys did it. smile.gif

Schnoogly replied: No you didn't offend! Sounds like she was waggling it around!

MommyToAshley replied: I don't BF in public because Ashley is sooooo active even when BF that I would be flashing everyone... however, it sounds like even *I* could be more discreet than this lady. hehe.

MomToMany replied: I agree w/ eveyone here by saying she could have covered up with something blink.gif . I don't BFIP too often; mostly because DH keeps giving me dirty looks, and it just makes me SO uncomfortable. I'll feed Hannah in the van while we're out and about before we go into the stores so she doesn't have a meltdown or anything. Lately I haven't had to feed her while we're gone (which can be 4 hours or more; it's at least a 2 hour drive time, an hour each way), so maybe I can actually leave her with DH and go by myself for once!

I also agree with the attitudes about breasts in this country. They can get all the attention regarding sex without a problem, but get all kinds of negative remarks when they're used for the way they were meant for. I hope I can raise my kids with the right attitudes so at least they won't consider it *shocking* to see someone breastfeeding. If we all did this more, it wouldn't be much of an issue anymore.

Julie (jem0622) replied: First, I think it is a shame that we have to talk about a woman nuturing her child. It comes with the territory.

I try to be discreet, but at the same time...when Gabe is latching on...whatever you see you see.

It just shows that husbands, family, and society does not support the nursing mother. Because if they did then it would not even be discussed here.



Hillbilly Housewife replied: I never breastfed in public...heck I barely even breastfed. But.... I still don't see a problme with breastfeeding. The next few sentences is NOT ment to belittle anyone who doesn't breasteed.....cuz I don't....

I thin kthat if a mother has enough love for her child to feed him/her...she should. A mother doesn't hesitate to feed her child from a bottle. Why would she hesitate to feed a child from her breast? You see a bitch feeding her pups, and you think it's cute. Or a calf suckling his mother's teats, and you think it's what's up with the boobie boycott? When I see a woman breastfeeding, I just want to sit and watch...not because I'm a perv, but because I wasn't able to do it myself, and I watch in amazement that it can be so beautiful.

I am by no means homosexual woman, but when I see a naked woman, or a picture of a naked woman, I think that she is beautiful Not in a sexual way - but that the human body is so capable of producing such wonderful things. I find it sad that due to the sexual naturew of humans...that something as wonderful and as life-enriching as breasts are...can be seen as so vulgar in society. can walk around shirtless. It has only been "decriminalized" in the last few years that a woman can go topless on the beach if they choose to. It is pretty much only in the Americas that bodies are seen as objects. Look at all the nude beaches all over the world - nobody thinks twice about seeing a boob or a cheek...or a crotch. If they can accept a crotch on the beach, where it is not serving a purpose....why can't they accept a glimpse of a boob in a child's mouth, where it's meant to be?

Society makes me sick. People will allow their female toddler to run around in a diaper...but as soon as they are out of the diaper, there HAS to be a shirt. We are taught as children to keep our bodies to ourselves, and to cover up. But then you look in malls...and all you see are kids thongs, kids halter tops, kids bikinis. Come on. What parent, in their righnt mind, would buy a 10 year old girl a THONG? Underwear lines? Please. A child that age shouldn't be wearing skin tight pants in the first place. THen it's so shocking to see that there are so many teenage pregnancies.... DUH.

I think that if society could accept what is natural, and didn't place such a taboo on the very nature of sexual behaviour, and of "sexual body parts", there wouldn,t be such an influx of misbehaving teens. Think about it. If they are taught that breasts are primarily for feeding, as opposed to "playing with", there wouldn't be such a need to show off the cleavage to attract the opposite (or same) sex, maybe people wouldn,t care as much.

Sorry for the ramble...but sociuety as a whole makes me sick. Individuals who take positions of power and impose their sociological lifestyles on others makes me want to puke. I like the way I think, and I'd love to see anyone try to tell me NOT to breastfeed, at home or in public... if that's what I choose to do. TO HECK with everyone else... I'm feeding my child.


However...playing with my nips is a whole different story! smile.gif

Kaitlin'smom replied: I have BF in public may times and will continue to do so where and when ever nessary. But I am much more discrete than that! Until I got used to it I would cover up while she latched on then usualy I would take it off, it just go to hot for me. I love BF my daughter, and I am not gonna let anyone tell me to stop! I really dont mind people watching or looking, I think its nautral and its a shame that society makes such a big deal out of it, and its good to knwo it is starting to change!

For all you BF mommies Keep it up maybe we can help change society! thumb.gif

aspenblue1 replied: I usually use a cover or wear a big shirt, but my Isabella doesn't just latch on and stay latched on she is constantly letting go to see what is going on around her so if I didn't use a blanket everyone would see everything.l

supermom replied: Well, quite the debate - laugh.gif -

I will have to say that I am not very modest in when I do BFIP, I try, but mainly for others comfort level, not for mine - lol -

I am like Steph, go around without a top in the privacy of my own home, and Anders doesn't think too much about it, at all.......I do hope that he continues with that attitude and hope that it carries over to his adult life!

None of my kids are very modest either, so.....maybe we're raising the generation that will elicit some change about how we view women. I sure hope so!

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