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New Room...need help deciding!

MommyToAshley wrote: We are going to switch Ashley to a toddler bed finally. I want to redo her room... and add more color. The problem is that her room was just redecorated for an office before we got PG. It has new hunter green carpet and hunter green marbled wallpaper half way up, then there is white chair rail and the top of the wall is white. When we set up her nursery, we left the white walls, but did her room in a pink ballerina bear theme by hanging some stuff on the walls and getting matching bedding. It looks cute, but I would like to do something really neat with more color. Getting new carpet is not an option right now, and I think I am going to keep the hunter green marbled wallpaper as well.

Now, here's what I thinking:

Option 1: After the chair rail on the top part of the wall, I thought about stenciling in what looks like grass....I thought the grass blades would look like an extension of the green marbled wall paper. Then paint either a purple or yellow sky and stencil in big flowers, butterflies, etc all around her room. I could get any kind of bedding... butterflies, daiseys, etc.

Option 2: Strawberry Shortcake Theme. Paint the top part of the wall a light pink, add strawberry shortcake border right above the chair rail. Then stencil some strawberry shortcake scenes on the wall. I thought strawberry shortcake might be cute because she has green, pink and red as her color theme and that would match the green already in the room. I'd probably get Strawberry Shortcake bedding to match.

Option 3: Do some sort of ballerina theme so we can keep some of the stuff she already has. I am still looking for ideas on this... maybe stencil a pink border at the top of the wall with ballerina shoes and ribbon and then do a mural or silhouette of a ballerina. I'd get either pink or ballerina themed bedding.

I can't decide what to do and I want to get the paint and stuff this weekend or next. What do you think????

Mom2Boyz replied: I like option #1 with the grass and butterflies etc.... You could also add LadyBugs!!
That would be really cute wub.gif

Kirstenmumof3 replied: I like option number 1, this way as she grows you can just add a coat of paint to the wall to updated the look and you could get a bedding set in a solid colour and get flower and butterfly pillows and lamps as an accent. If you went with Strawberry Shortcake the fad might be over quickly. DH and I learned the hard way about fads and we did Emily's room in powerpuff girls, now she is too old for the powerpuff girls and wants something more "grown-up".

MomToMany replied: I like #1 with the flowers and butterflies. And ITA with Kirsten about a themed room; the fad might pass quick and then you'd hate it, although it WOULD look really cute!

ediep replied: I kind of like option three best, although they all sound great. I think the ballerina thing is really cute

amynicole21 replied: I think I like #3 best, too wink.gif You could stencil ballerina slippers and dancers around the top in pink... it would be really cute, and would be appropriate for her for a while.

kimberley replied: i like option 1 the best too smile.gif you could even do a jungle theme too.

jem0622 replied: I favor butterflies and ladybugs myself.


Boys r us replied: I like the butterlfies and flower options!!! I also really like dragonflies for girl rooms!!

jcc64 replied: Well, ita about the STrawberry Shortcake thing- will get old very fast. Only you can decide if Ashley is more of a bug/nature type or a ballerina girly girl. If you decide to go with option 3, a fun idea might be to combine animals and ballet- like hippos in tutus- could be really fun for A. Definitely requires a little more ingenuity, and I don't know how artistic you are feeling. Probably a lot harder to find stock stencils, but with computers, anyone can be an artist, kwim?
In Corey's room, I colorwashed the walls and then painted hanging wisteria vines with dragonflies and butterflies intermittenly all over the room. I'm still not done, however. I figured that sort of material will grow with her for awhile.

coasterqueen replied: I like option #1 too. wub.gif

We did Kylie's room is the Whirligig theme with butterflies, turtles, bees, etc before she was born. I still love that theme, though and it's neutral so if she isn't a girly girl as she gets a bit older, this will work for both, kwim? wink.gif. Now that she is in a full size bed and we bought her a furniture outfit I'm not ready to take that border down and her wall decor, so we are going to find a butterfly, bird, turtle, type bedspread to match it. I've found some just not in my price range, lol. So I'm still on the hunt.

Kaitlin'smom replied: hummm I read this last night and was thinking about it, I like option one. I have been thinking about how I want to do Kaitlin's room when we move next year. I plan on going with some simple bright colors for walls and carpet something that can go with alot of things, that way I can just add a few fad items here and there so it wont be bad when she does not like it anymore, we just take them out and go with something different. I can waite to see what it looks like when its done with what you decided to do

alice&arik replied: I would so go with the Strawberry Shortcake theme. I love all the stuff they have to decorate with. wub.gif And if the fad gets old, you don't have to worry because it will come back in 15 years anyway. I used to LOVE Strawberry Shortcake when I was little. But I also like the old style S.S. Better. LOL!! But if she is a bug/nature fan then option #1 is good.

Some day when I have a girl I want to something like Strawberry Shortcake. bawling.gif But I don't think it will ever happen. But I am not trying either. rolling_smile.gif

chloe&tysmommy replied: I like option #1 and #2 smile.gif

I like the first one a lot b/c you could do sooo much with that. And it would last a long time too. That would look very cute!!

I also like the Strawberry Shortcake theme too smile.gif I seen the cutest s.s bedding!!! I was thinking about doing this for Chloe even though she will outgrow it, it would still be sooo cute.

You have some great ideas! Let us know what you decide smile.gif
Good Luck thumb.gif

momof2girls replied: I like them all but Id have to say I like option 1 the best.
I did Kiley's room in butterflies and its so cute!

Maddie&EthansMom replied: I like #1, but mainly b/c Maddie's room is flowers and butterflies! LOL! I made her bedding and curtains, though. I did this theme b/c a lot of it was her nursery...I just added the coordinating flower fabric. wink.gif It is real bright and colorful. Her walls are yellow. We are about to change everything b/c she is ready for PINK!! She wants something REALLY feminine and girly. Her room is, but she is ready for a change. I'm thinking NEXT YEAR!!! Give momma a break!!

MomToJade&Jordan replied: I really like option #1. I would probably do this theme in Jade's room if we were allowed to mess with our walls.

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