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Need some prayers

mckayleesmom wrote: A little about my older brother so you can follow the story. My brother was married before and had 2 sons....Seth 6 and Zach is 4. They divorced and my brother dated a girl named Brittney(most annoying girl on the planet)...they had 2 children..Sierra (died at birth) and Timmy now 3. Him and Brittney broke up ( because Brittney slept with our younger brother blink.gif ) and Brittney decided she didn't want to be a mom. Some of you might remember some of this because Supermom mailed my brother clothes for Timmy when she abandoned him. My brother was in California trying to get his life straight and was getting ready for visitation with Timmy when Brittney called and told him where he could find timmy and thats the last weve seen of her. Fast forward to this year...him and his ex wife decide to work on things and try to raise all the kids together...including their new daughter Josslynn ( who might or might not be my brothers child rolling_smile.gif )....CAN YOU GUYS SEE WHY IM GLAD THAT I LIVE ACCROSS THE WORLD FROM MY FAMILY????

Now my brothers sons from his ex wife are the most horrible children....I hate to say that...but they are the most horrible children. The whole family refuses to watch them or involve them in anything because they are sooo disrespectful. They told my mom that they hoped she died......what kind of kids act like that???

My mom just called and my brother dropped off my nephew Timmy (3) to my mom. He then went and had himself admitted into rehab...Hes an alcoholic. I guess he had a physical when he was there and they said that half his liver is shot and so is his Spleen (sp?). They told him that if he didn't start taking care of himself then he wouldn't last 2 years. Hes only 29 years old, has 4 kids and 1 that he has sole custody of. I guess he called my mom and tried to tell her that the beds were full..bla bla bla...but my mom called his bluff and told him that he had to stay. He was probably going through withdrawls and was trying to escape it. He really needs to do this.

My mom was saying that she is going to make him do a living will when he gets out and try to talk him into giving temporary custody of Timmy to her. Me and Leithan have talked about it and if it comes down to it...we will take him also if need be...He would get all the benefits of being out child if we had custody. I don't want to take my nephew from my brother...I know he loves him, but he has not done anything good as far as Timmy is concerned. Timmy has no stability and my brother is constantly moving around with him. When he dropped Timmy off to my mom...he only had the clothes that were on him. I sent my mom a package of about 20 pairs of clothes I was saving for Russell to clothe Timmy because he didn't take any of his stuff with him.

I need people to not only pray that my brother survives long enough to see his children grow up, but also to stop being stubborn and for once in his life be the father that he should be and grow up and stop this. I also really really hope that he agrees to give up custody of Timmy. It will be the best thing for him until he grows up. That is the only reason Im hesitant on taking Timmy....I would want something in writing. Something guaranteeing that he would be willing to let Timmy be a kid and have his best interest at heart. Don't get me wrong...I would never deprive my brother of being in his life. But Timmy still has a chance to be a good kid....unlike his other two heathens.

mckayleesmom replied: Jacobsmama.....I remember you saying you had a disfunctional family too.....Do you think I got you beat now? rolling_smile.gif

Maddie&EthansMom replied: I don't know about Jacobsmama, but this sounds a lot like MY family! blink.gif

Geez! I'll pray for your brother if you will pray for my 3. wink.gif hug.gif

ETA: the holidays bring out the best in everyone, huh? We are seriously going thru something similar with more than one of my brothers.

mckayleesmom replied: The thing is...he has said he was straigtening up so many times and it NEVER EVER happens...So I have my doubts...I don't want to doubt him, but I do. If he ends up in liver failure and hes still drinking.....he will never get a new one because hes an alcoholic.

Maddie&EthansMom replied: Brianne that is just so typical of an addict. My brothers are the same way. sad.gif It's heartbreaking....especially for the children involved. I just don't get it and I never will.

I truly hope your brother is serious this time. hug.gif (and mine, too) I've got one in rehab right now. He will be there for a year. 6 mos inpatient and 6 mos outpatient. I love my brothers, but I can't be around them. I see them a couple of times a year and I keep my distance the rest of the time. They will take advantage of anyone and everyone. We clearly are from different planets. blink.gif

Didn't mean to hi-jack your post. hug.gif

Insanemomof3 replied: Oh goodness. I will be thinking of them. I really hope that for the kids sake as well as his own he will stop the drinking and be more responsible. bawling.gif hug.gif

mckayleesmom replied:
You didn't....Im glad to know that Im not the only one with a disfunctional family......My family is seriously like a soap opera meets My Name Is Earl.... rolling_smile.gif

gr33n3y3z replied: I will say a prayer for everyone

holley79 replied: I will have all of you in my thoughts and prayers. DH was in a simular situation when he was growing up. It really is bad on the children. I hope for the sake of Timmy that your brother either straightens himself out or allows a loving family (you and DH) to take him in.

adixon24 replied: It's truly amazing when you think you are the only one going through something like this to hear there are others with sim. situations (It has helped me)! It's tough, Im praying for you all..... hug.gif

My2Beauties replied: Girl you need to meet my dad's side of the family as well - all dysfunction there buddy! My uncle just got out of the hospital yesterday because of a meth overdose! I don't post about it because well....I'm sick of it, they do it to themselves time and time again and it gets old, I'm tired of feeling sorry for them. NOw their kids are grown though so in your case the story is harder!

Sorry to hi-jack! Your brother and his children are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that reality smacks him in the face and he realizes that A) this alcoholism is killing him and that he isn't going to be around for long if he continues along this path and cool.gif that he has to do what is right for his children, that it's not fair to move them everywhere, be around different women, and have them living around alcoholism. It's not fair and he needs to step up, be a man, and do what is best for his kids! I hope he finds his way Brianne I really do.

mckayleesmom replied:
Speaking of him moving around....I forgot to add....Leslie (his ex wife) and Brittney are not the only woman he has seen since Timmy was born....There were a few girls inbetween and Timmy calls them all MOMMY....the poor kid is so confused.

AshleyRose replied: Oh trust me, Brianne.... My family is so dysfunctional... I am even embarrassed to talk about it to anyone.

What I dislike most is when people judge you when they know about your family. Like you have "baggage" or something. Just because people in your family have screwed up, doesn't mean you are going to do the same. I know stats say that a lot of people follow in the foot steps of their parents etc.... but I know a lot of people who go in the opposite direction and the last thing I am going to do is make them feel any worse about it!!

jacobsmama replied: Oh Brianne!!! I'm sooo sorry you are going through all this!! You are right you may have me beat but only this time...I might beat you another time..My family is crazy too..... hug.gif Prayers and hugs to you and your family!!! It will all work out.

Maddie&EthansMom replied:

I know what you mean. wink.gif I haven't had this happen...everyone has always had really high expectations of me and are more shocked when they find out I'm related to my brothers. tongue.gif

But, I can see how this would happen. hug.gif

Sarah&Mackenzie replied: My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Brianne! hug.gif

mammag replied: Prayers for you all Brianne! I do pray that he truely stops this time and tries to make a better life for himself and his family. I know what you mean about doubting him though because it's the same with my Dad. And you can add me to the list of dysfunctional families. My parents are all kinds of screwed up. rolleyes.gif Oh well, what can you do.........


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