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My house stinks or something

CantWait wrote: It smells like cigarettes in here, and my eyes are watering and my chest is kinda tight and I'm nautious.

Thing is, WE DON'T SMOKE.

I had someone over earlier, but I didn't smell it on them then, but it's killing me now. dry.gif

C&K*s Mommie replied: Got any Oust? Or odor neutralizing spray?

Our Lil' Family replied: If you live in an apartment it could be coming through the walls. Or is someone burning trash or a fire outdoors?

sparkys2boys replied: Hmm. it's weird that that smell is that strong and you don't know what it is. Open the windows abit the cold air may freshen things up.

Calimama replied: Yuck, I hate the smell of smoke. Try fabreeze or something?

CantWait replied: No, we live in a house. I don't know, but I will have to try febreeze, I forgot about that. Thanks. It's still bugging me.

cameragirl21 replied: light a candle, the flame will eliminate other odors. i hate to ask this but are you sure your oldest hasn't brought any cigarettes home? he's at the age where he may get some from someone at school.
i know how you feel, i deplore the smell of cigarettes and never let anyone smoke inside my house.

CantWait replied:
I had a candle burning. I am 100% that my oldest hasn't brought cigarettes home. He also hates the smell and it makes him just as sick. He wasn't home at the time anyway. tongue.gif

cameragirl21 replied:
Marie, if you were burning a candle that was made in China there is likely to be lead in your candle which may be causing that smell...i mean i don't think lead smells like nicotine but in principle, chinese candles have lead in them and that is dangerous to inhale and may smell bad.
maybe get a soy candle, they're more expensive but perfectly safe as far as breathing in the fumes.

CantWait replied:
China eh. I'll have to check that out. Interesting.

cameragirl21 replied:
i'm a huge candle fanatic because i don't like too much light at night, i like a little bit of ambient light, like from candles so i learned that candles made in china, mexico and a handful of other nations put lead in their candles which is dangerous and toxic.
you never know if that isn't what's causing the smell. tongue.gif

gr33n3y3z replied: Do you have a gas stove?
If so check everything and make sure the burners didnt blow out and the pilots are lit

redplaydoh replied: I smelled cigarette smells in my house once that was so strong too, until I discovered that I'd stepped on a cigarette butt and dragged it in with my shoe. It's amazing how strong only one of those can smell.

MoonMama replied: Oust or put some lemon or orange peel or both down your garbage disposal, that always freshens thing up for me. Or for a bigger impact boil orange peal and cinnamon sticks in some water on the stove. Good luck. YUCK! ohmy.gif

grapfruit replied:
oOo! You're so handy. happy.gif I would have NEVER thought of something like that! LoL!

O BTW, My assistant said your baby is beautiful! biggrin.gif

redchief replied:
As of February 14, 2001, it was illegal for any company to import candles with lead containing wicks. By the end of 2001 all candle shipments in the United States were supposed to be lead free.

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