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My DH is coming home for good - need ideas for special night

PascosGirl wrote: Hopefully for good. lol You never know with the military. However, he has been away off and on for 2 years. In fact, I have only been with him for 47 days out of 2 years, so I am pretty excited to see him. I want to plan something special for us both but I am not sure what. Anyone have any ideas?? I mean, he is not super romantic, but he loves it when I am.

MyBlueEyedBabies replied: I don't have any ideas...I am super unromantic, but very excited for you smile.gif Hopefully someone else can come to the rescue.

amymom replied: I am not very romantic either. But ... how about dinner out and something that the two of you enjoy doing, whether (sp?) it be dancing or bowling.
Some guys like to get flowers too!! Or even just fresh flowers in the house. Ok... not very original but the best I can think of. biggrin.gif

PascosGirl replied: Hey, any little thing helps. I have done so many romantic things for him that I am all out of fresh ideas. I want something awesome that will blow his mind. lol

GavinsMommy replied: I would just rent a cabin somewhere or something and have lots of time with candles and chocolate. ROFL... rolling_smile.gif

mammag replied: I agree with Lauren... if you even had someone watch the kids and stage the house properly and make the evening all about the two of you. I think, since he's been away so much, that all he's going to see is you anyway and I'm guessing he's missing his house and honey so much a romantic evening at home would be great. I'd by something nice (aka naughty wink.gif ) to wear and just take the evening from there....

PascosGirl replied:
ha ha ha - silly girl! lol

amymom replied: I googled romantic ideas and came up with this:

I like the chocolate idea!!! rolling_smile.gif

PascosGirl replied:
Thanks! Those were good ideas. I liked them!

DVFlyer replied: I like the idea of getting away (unless you think he'd rather just sit on the couch "his nice comfy couch").

I'm trying to put myself in his shoes. If I've been out in the dirt and grime for 2 years living under someone else's rules..... I think I'd want a hot shower and a long nap and just get back in to a "normal" life. So, putting something too extravagant together might be too much for him right now.

You know him best, though. Good luck and good for you trying to do something special.

PascosGirl replied:
Well I booked a cabin in Gatlinburg, totally secluded for 7 days. I think that will be a nice get away so he and I can have some alone time. lol We are going to fish and just lay back and....well that should be in the protected forum. ha ha ha biggrin.gif

Mandasmomma replied: Congrats on him coming home!! Have a great get-away!!

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