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M.O.P.S - Mothers of Pre-schoolers

Our Lil' Family wrote: Anyone else a member of M.O.P.S??

ions_momma replied: Im not a member, but I have heard of it. A friend of mine that lives down in my hometown goes to it and she told me she really enjoys it.

b&bsmom replied: I have a friend who does it too. It is a fun club to be in. She does a lot of neat stuff.

Celestrina replied: Not familiar with it.

Debra replied: I've been a member of MOPS for about 2 years now. smile.gif

~KARA~ replied: I was but they closed the group down. It was nice to get out o fteh house but they pushed religion way to much for me.

MommyToAshley replied: I checked into it, but heard a lot of negative comments about the group in this area. Too bad, it sounded like an interesting and fun group when I read about it on the net.

Our Lil' Family replied:
Awesome! We are in our first year here and have really enjoyed it so far.

PrairieMom replied: What is it?

Our Lil' Family replied: It's a faith (Christian) based international group with chapters throughout US, Canada and other countries, for Mothers of Pre-schoolers to get together and form relationships, and have fun!


PrairieMom replied: I just learned that there is a group where The Boy goes to preschool. I was thinking about joining. What do y-all do at these meetings?

Our Lil' Family replied: For our group we have guest speakers (Friday we had my personal trainer talk to us about nutrition) we do a related craft (we ran out of time but we were going to make cute shopping pads). Sometimes we choose a topic and break up into groups to's a great way to minister to other Moms in whatever way they need. I've enjoyed it a lot. I hope you get a chance to visit your area's group...and I hope you enjoy it.

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