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Lost her binky in Wal-Mart, uh oh?

Mommieto2Girls wrote: Well it's gone now but I think it might be the beginning of a bad night. I have decided not to get her another one and she will be binkyless. Has anyone done this? Anything in particular I should do if she starts flipping out and wants her binky?

catou_98 replied: I've got no advice as camille sucks her thumb, but lots of hugs to you, I hope tonight goes smoothly! grouphug.gif

MomofTay&Sam replied: ohmy.gif I say you are a brave soul! (hurry run to 7-11 and get one just incase) LOL Sammy ONLY uses it to fall asleep and then he is done with it. But I have about 30 of them. LOL

MommyToAshley replied: Ashley would never take one, but good luck. Let us know how it goes.

Kaitlin'smom replied: I would probably get a back up one just incase. Kaitlin is a thum sucker so I dont have to worry about it. Let us know how it goes.

Mommieto2Girls replied: It's been a little over 6 hours and so far so good. lol

Hillbilly Housewife replied: So how is she this morning? How did it go for sleeping?

Kirstenmumof3 replied: ohmy.gif OMG I don't know what we would do without Claudia's pacifier! She won't sleep without it! We've never lost it but we have had to replace them a few times! I don't know what to suggest! But I hope it all works out for you! ohmy.gif grouphug.gif grouphug.gif

mckayleesmom replied: My sister tried that with my niece who is now 2, but she won't fall for it,,,and when she goes to sleep she has to have more then 1, she has to have 1 in her mouth and like 5 on her little fingers to go to sleep...she even tried to steal Mckaylees for her collection. But she is starting to get better cause once she started in a new section of preschool she had to start giving it up a little cause they don't allow them to bring them.

Mommieto2Girls replied: Well all was good till about 5 this morning and she woke up screaming. Then DH searched the whole house till he found the spare which was under the crib. I kept telling him it probley her teeth and it's probley not the binky. But he insisted and gave it to her, she still wouldn't go to sleep though. So she slept with me in bed and when she completly knocked out I put her back in her crib. So much for taking the binky from her.

It was funny though when DH got home from work and I told him I lost the binky in Wal-Mart he acted like it was his and he needed it, he started searching the diaper bags, and the whole house and couldn't find it. Till this morning he finally found it. lol It was funny. laugh.gif

KatieLeigh79 replied: At least DH cares smile.gif Thats really cute of him to do though - the other night John wouldn't sleep and just cried so i ended up sitting on the couch with him all night asleep on my tummy so that he was comfortable (amazing how you learn to go without sleep) and DH went to put him back in bed at 6am when he got up for work and couldnt find the pacifier either and proceeded to freak out and get the "spare" we keep hidden (rather sad when you have to pretend to loose the first hospital one so you can get a double for just in case later..) - the whole time it was snuggled up in the blanket beside him wink.gif when i got him out of his bed a few minutes later it fell out on the floor and all i could do was laugh - my cousin actually kept hers until she was 6 - im not sure i will let it go that long *laugh* im having my doubts at him keeping it a year ! smile.gif

Mommieto2Girls replied: I wanted to take it away a.s.a.p. but DH feels so sorry for her and said thats her comfort item, oh well what can you do. I think it will go soon though, as soon as this ones disappears then no more.

Hillbilly Housewife replied: Heh....Even if I were to lose one of Zach's...he has like 20 million others..... lol

We're trying to wean him off of them. He ONLY gets one when he's cranky about taking a nap, or going to bed for the night. My dad's family is VERY critical, and why give them any extras to criticize him about? They've never even seen him, and the first tiem they do, he'll be 11 months and still with a paci? No thanks, I'm not setting mysefl up for that slap in the face... heh heh

But hopefully he won't really nee dit anymore by the time he's 1...although lately (in the last week) he's taken to sucking his thumb...probably because the other baby he's babysat with sucks her thumb..... eesh. That's even worse than the paci...(in my family's eyes - I couldn,t care less, until he's like 4)

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