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Look what I found today

kit_kats_mom wrote: In our lizard cage.

This is actually the third baby they've had. Dad ate the first one while I was watching, the second was released on Sunday and we let this guy out this morning. Apparently, they hatch over the course of a few weeks. Guess I need to keep a closer eye on that cage.

luvmykids replied: How teeny! Cute though! laugh.gif

lovemy2 replied: EEEW - ate it? What's wrong with men tongue.gif

punkeemunkee'smom replied: Are they geckos? We have had TONS of them this year because off all the rain-I had one in the laundry a couple of days ago ohmy.gif It scared the bejeepers out of me! rolling_smile.gif

gr33n3y3z replied: awww its cute
I think Mike said those things are all over in Florida and to keep something on your feet bc you step on them ohmy.gif

Boo&BugsMom replied: Whatever it is it is cute! wub.gif

My parents use to breed guinea pigs a long time ago and the same thing happend to a litter of them...they came home to a couple of half-eaten guinea's one day. Very odd. Blecky!

Sam & Abby's Mom replied: how cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I absolutely LOVE lizards. Frogs are a close 2nd but lizards are my number one.

5littleladies replied: Aww cute!!! I would love to have a lizard but unfortunately my girls are definitely girls in this area. Anything that creeps, crawls, or slithers brings forth a very definite scream. rolleyes.gif

kit_kats_mom replied: they are Brown Anoles.

Calimama replied: He's so teeny tiny! So cute!

A&A'smommy replied: awwwwwww soooo cute!!!! love2.gif

cameragirl21 replied: what do you feed them, iguana food or something? I've seen them eat bugs IRL and butterflies, MY butterflies. dry.gif mad.gif sad.gif
how did you know one was a boy and the other a girl when you caught them? And how come you don't keep the babies?
They are cool, the girls must love them, how did you catch them? My cat catches them sometimes if they get in the house but I won't let her eat them, I always take them from her and release them. I've never been too good at catching them but one of my little models just picks them up, literally, idk how she does it so quickly. blink.gif
Are you keeping them as pets, like forever, or is this a science/learning project for the girls?
Cool idea, btw, I really like the Florida Anoles, the green ones, but idk why they call them Florida anoles because rumor has it they are stowaways from Cuba! laugh.gif
I also really like geckos and iguanas but I don't know what I'd do with an iguana once it got really big and idk how big a gecko gets.
I can't stand the Geico gecko though, I think he's annoying, almost as bad as the cavemen.... biggrin.gif

kit_kats_mom replied: They only eat live food so they get crickets. I have a cricket farm too. LOL Those guys STINK! It's probably pretty comical to watch me transfer newbies into the cricket cage too. They give me the heebies and at least one almost always escapes so watching me try to catch the little buggers is probably just grand. tongue.gif

The females have more distinct markings on their back (diamond pattern) than the males and the males have the dewlap (the little throat thingy that the females find attractive for some reason) We don't keep the babies for two reasons. One, the parents may eat them if they get hungry and two, our terraium is pretty small. They were really easy to catch and they are all over our porch. We caugh spot and louie in May. I held the bug catcher under them and blocked their escape with my hand. They just turned around and jumped right into the cage. We are keeping them as pets but their terraium is outside on the porch. It's a good responsibility lesson for the girls since they need to be fed every day and sprayed at least once a day. That's the girls favorite part. Plus, whenever something new happens (like the babies) we research it together and learn about it. Plus they are learning about the plants in the cage and watching them grow.

holley79 replied: Oh s/he's wittle.

cameragirl21 replied: do you buy crickets at the reptile store or do you catch them?
I go to the reptile store sometimes because I have turtles...I can deal with the crickets but the mice...they pull them out by their tails and some are just tiny babies (pinkies) and they are all kept in this box, just one atop the other...I can't deal and they know it, they don't feed the snakes while I'm there because they know I can't take it, I nearly fainted there once.
Lol, once when I went there to buy a baby turtle, one guy was showing me the turtles and another worked the register. I let it be known how much I can't deal with feeding the poor mice to the snakes and lol, even told the guy I would be buying a pet mongoose and coming to his store to get snakes to feed it...he didn't seem to mind, they just want to sell the snakes. wink.gif
Well, by the time I got my turtle, he told me to go right to the checkout and pay, like ahead of everyone in line and by this time the line got long and of course, they all seemed to be buying mice for their snakes. dry.gif
So I waited but he kept pulling out the mice so I finally went back to the guy that showed me the turtle and said, "I want to pay but the guy won't take my money." and then as an afterthought, I added, "And he keeps showing me mice." with this horrified look on my face to boot.
So the guy said, "Well, he's not trying to show YOU the mice." And I said, "But I still have to see them!"
That got me bumped up in line so I could pay and finally get out of there. I rarely go there now for that very reason, I just can't deal with those poor mice.
I have always like snakes but I like them a lot less now, they are nasty and sometimes they take their sweet time killing those poor mice.
I told a friend of mine recently that if only snakes were vegetarians I would for sure like to have one and she was like, "have you ever SEEN a snake's face?! Does that look like it could possibly be a vegetarian?!"
Yeah, I never thought about it before but they do look like some nasty biblical serpentine. wacko.gif

kit_kats_mom replied:
ROFL Jenn, you are funny. rolling_smile.gif
The mice feeding grosses me out too though.

I buy the crickets at the pet store. Since I have a habitat for them, as long as I keep them fed and watered, a pack of 25 lasts about two weeks.

Anthony275 replied:
were they touched? if you touch the babies, the mother won't recognize the scent on them, and either neglect them or eat them.

Calimama replied:
That's a myth for baby birds, so I bet it is for guniea pigs too.

Boo&BugsMom replied:
unsure.gif I'm not sure what is fact or fiction. I was told that about bunnies too. We had a nest outside once when I was little, of bunnies, and the mom neglected them, but I am not certain if it was because someone touched them. Hum... And since GP's are domesticated animals, that makes me wonder even more since they are already use to human scent. unsure.gif

As far as touching the GP's, I am unsure. I was very small at the time and do not remember all the details. I just remember having the pigs and my mom and dad looking really grossed out.

Anthony275 replied: no no, my friend had a hamster and then 1 week later after getting it it had babies. he touched one and that one was eaten. you're supposed to pick them up with a plastic spoon with the bedding all on it

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