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Last night's weather

ammommy wrote: Did anyone else get scary storms last night? We had tornado warnings, although the tornado was about 15 miles south of us. Close enough to scare me for awile, though. We lost part of a tree and the basketball goal, but thankfully that was all. Luckily the tree fell about 5 feet away from the house or it could have been bad. Everyone OK, especially in the eastern midwest?

mckayleesmom replied: We had rain..thunder and lightening really bad. The kids slept through all of it...but when I went to check on Russell, his door squeeked and he woke up rolleyes.gif

luvbug00 replied: sad.gif I hate storms but we are expecting to get slammed tonight or tomarrow!

My2Beauties replied: Yeah we had some bad storms, no loss of power or anything though! I heard them all night - I couldnt' sleep because my throat hurts so bad, I took too many Excedrin too and that is like caffeine city there sad.gif

gr33n3y3z replied: we just had rain and a little wind thats all

MissyKay2005 replied: We had a storm come through here in Lititz Pa but nothing bad, just a littel one.

Kaitlin'smom replied: for once I slept right through it rolleyes.gif

MM'sMama replied: I don't think so but I'm not 100% sure I slept like there was no tomorrow laugh.gif. I'll have to ask DH later. But I hate storms they freak me out Brice too I always get lots of cuddles during them wub.gif.

SOUTHERN MOMMY replied: No not here i thought it was cause it sure looked like it but, nothing

ammommy replied:
Doesn't that figure laugh.gif

I'm glad no one got hit by the tornados. We had to reschedule our Children's museum do-over because of the tree that came down. Alec is handling it really well, though.

A&A'smommy replied: I wish we could get some rain it keeps going around us dry.gif Its SOOO freaking HOTT!!

stanleygirl replied: We had a storm like that last Saturday and tornado sightings in the city and everything, it was sooo scary. And then a little boy was electrocuted when when he touched a downed power line! sad.gif
I am glad to hear you are all ok, thats so scary!

kimberley replied: we got a lot of much needed rain that cooled things off last night and today. such a relief on the allergies! thumb.gif

ammommy replied: Hmmm...I wish it had cooled things down. I can't wait to be able to play outside again.

I wish we could get some rain it keeps going around us Its SOOO freaking HOTT!! Sending it your way. We've had so much rain that I have ducks in my back yard. Seriously. I wish I could find my camera to show you guys.

A&A'smommy replied:
rolling_smile.gif thats pretty funny!!!

jacobsmama replied: Yeah we had bad storms in Indiana ft. wayne area with crazy winds and trees down and power outages. Not fun. NO tornados though thank goodness. rolleyes.gif

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