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Kids Fair:) - pics included...

mummy2girls wrote: I decided to take jenna to the mom, pop and tots fair today:) Jenna had a blast... she went in the petting zoo and loved the bunnies the best! She had a pony ride which she loved... happy.gif Then she had her face painted as well:) They had alot of exibits as well!

Here are some pics...

mummy2girls replied: in the petting zoo

mummy2girls replied: wub.gif

mummy2girls replied: holding a bunny

mummy2girls replied: baby goats wub.gif

mummy2girls replied: looking for a ball:) rolling_smile.gif

mummy2girls replied: on a pony!

mummy2girls replied: playing the drum!

mummy2girls replied: this pic cracks me up! She is in one of those bouncy houses and she ran up tot he side as i snapped the pic rolling_smile.gif

mummy2girls replied: hugging a goats butt emlaugh.gif

mummy2girls replied: my little kitty!

MM'sMama replied: Awe it looks like she had a blast glad you both enjoyed. Adorable pics! wub.gif

Kaitlin'smom replied: looks like fun. She is such a cutie. wub.gif

~~*Missi*~~ replied: omg i love the painted like a kitty one that is a really good job..... thats so cute..

she looks like she had a blast. i can't wait til beanie is older and we do those things

MyBrownEyedBoy replied: She looks so surprised riding the pony. Jenna is such a cutie pie.

mummy2girls replied: wub.gif

kimberley replied: wub.gif she's so cute! when did she grow so tall?!

mummy2girls replied:
i know... my baby is getting so big! I always thought her as small for her age (which she is) but after seeign that pic i realized its not all right. She is small but not that small:)

Crystalina replied: She is just user posted image

It looks like she really had some fun.

kayla's mama replied: She looks like she had some fun!!!

She's a cutie pie wub.gif

CantWait replied: Looks like a lot of fun, wish I had the money to go this weekend.

mummy2girls replied:
it only cost me 8 top get in and jenna was free because of her age. the zoo was free and the face painting as well. The pony ride was only 2 bucks. So all in all i spent 10 bucks..

I think it would be more with you because your kids are at a age where you have to pay.. well your oldest for sure.

My3LilMonkeys replied: It looks so fun! And Jenna is such a cutie. wub.gif

3xsthefun replied: Looks like she had lots of fun! She is a cutie! wub.gif

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