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KIDDIE POOL - pictures...from today

mckayleesmom wrote: Mckaylee going down the slide
user posted image

Both kids going down together...they tried to hold hands
user posted image

Russell gotta clap after your done.

user posted image
user posted image

Russell taking a turn
user posted image
Going down
user posted image
The landing....Mckaylee didn't move out of the way in time
user posted image

moped replied: OMG that looks like fun - you are way better than me, cause I would be freaking if Jack did that alone - LOL

Too cute!

mckayleesmom replied: more

another trip down
user posted image

Mckaylee landing
user posted image

another landing
user posted image

Russell comming to see what Mommy is up to
user posted image

Thinks he has to be close to get his picture taken
user posted image

mckayleesmom replied:
Well, the water is only like 1ft there is no harm. He loves it. Most of the parents ask me how old he is because he is usually the littlest there that is willing to go down and risk dunking. rolleyes.gif

mckayleesmom replied: Also, the slide part...the red made out of soft material, its like what wrestlers use to fight on...or gymnastic mats.

Our Lil' Family replied: Wow Brianne your camera takes AWESOME pics! That first one of McKaylee looks professional!

It looks like they are having SO much fun!!

BAC'sMom replied: I thought for sure when I saw this post that it would have pictures of the obese 4 year old in that 3T bathing suit. wink.gif No such luck. rolling_smile.gif Looks like your babies had a ball. wub.gif

mckayleesmom replied:
Its actually a professional type camera.....Its a Nikkon something or other....Leithan got it for me for xmas. Before I took that picture of Mckaylee on top of the slide, it took me 20 minutes to change the lense to the one that does close up pictures......Shows how much I know... laugh.gif

mckayleesmom replied:, I try not to get other peoples kids in my pictures. Also...that little girl didn't show up till well after I took these pics...I had already taken like 100 pics by the time they got here.

3xsthefun replied: Looks like so much fun!

AlexsPajamaMama replied: Alex just asked if he could go down the froggy tongue tomorrow!!
wub.gif Great pics Brianne, you're kids are adorable!
Looks like alot of fun!

CantWait replied: Fun Fun, what a couple of cuties wub.gif wub.gif

mom21kid2dogs replied: Those are GREAT pics!! The ones of Russell clapping are adorable!! wub.gif Is this pool in your complex? It is too cool!! I love our pool but I'd love to come play in this one!!

My3LilMonkeys replied: That pool looks great! And you are a good photographer!

Brooke wants to know why the froggy is spitting out the boy - didn't he taste good? rolling_smile.gif

mckayleesmom replied:
We live on an Army post.....its the on post pool.

C&K*s Mommie replied: They are simply adorable kids! wub.gif Glad they had a blast there, that looked like it would be much fun. rolling_smile.gif Great pics, btw.

A&A'smommy replied: awwww honey THEY are SOOO cute!!! Russel is such a little man!! love2.gif

ashtonsmama replied:
What wonderful pics! TFS!

Brias3 replied: What gorgeous kids...they're really growing up. Very fun and cute pics...TFS!

mammag replied: Those pics are amazing! They are soooo cute. wub.gif Your kids have such wonderful smiles! You can't help but smile yourself when you see them. They just look so happy...not a care in the world. Love it!!!!

lisar replied: Looks like they had alot of fun.

KingMom replied: Wow Brianne, Russell is getting so big. he and Colin are close in age and I don't think Colin would be brave enough to do that, even with me or my DH holding him. Looks like so much fun for both. I can't wait till I have this baby and can enjoy the summer in August (I hope).

We took Colin to the lake on Memorial Day and it took him so long to get used to the water and the fear that we were leaving by the time he was willing to walk in the shallow area without clutching us or ride in his float.

I plan to try and take him again in the coming weekends when my DH will be off again.

TFS your pics wink.gif

mckayleesmom replied:
Russ and Mckaylee are totally the opposite. If they see water...they want it....I don't know how many times we have walked out the door to go to the grocery store or to a doctors appointment and Russell runs from me and jumps into the kiddie pool fully clothed. rolleyes.gif

JP&KJMOM replied: Great pics and they are so darn cute. wub.gif

TANNER'S MOM replied: Wow Russell is really growing.. McKaylee looks so awesome in the pics. It's great to see them playing!

I love the pics..and you are a great photographer..Maybe a job there for you girl!


TheOaf66 replied: well someone had fun biggrin.gif thumb.gif

luvmykids replied: thumb.gif Looks like so much fun! We haven't even hit the pool yet, I'm nervous. I wish we had one like that around here!

Great pics too, good job Mom!

MyLuvBugs replied: Too cute!! wub.gif They look like they had so much fun. smile.gif

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