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Just wanted to say...

GavinsMommy wrote: that I really appreciate this board. seriously. there is so much drama on other boards and this one does a good job of keeping it laid back. I have been a part of another board since I was four months pregnant and from the beginning I didn't feel welcome. certain people were always rude no matter what, and it wasn't just w/ me... dry.gif

i posted a simple question tonight asking about skydiving and whether they would go or not bc hubbie wants to go and we plan to. lots responded but one person was totally out of line and told me i should spend that money on gavin and how i should think before i even buy a hamburger about spending money on him. we really got into it because she said she worries about gavin's safety and that i might hurt him...what the heck, i could never hurt gavin! gavin is my life!! ohmy.gif and supposedly i'm a bad parent bc skydiving could kill me and gavin would be all alone. i'm more likely to die in a car accident! i left that board and i should have done it a long time ago. i'm in the process of getting my account deleted. it was special to me bc it was specific to my pregnancy w/ gavin and i had been there so long...but i am so hurt and angry... bawling.gif bawling.gif

anyway it just really made me appreciate the group of people we have here and how nice and cordial and respectful we are even when we disagree. it's the nicest board i have found yet and i just wanted to say thanks...

MommyToAshley replied: grouphug.gif That really means a lot! Thank you for saying that!!! There are a lot of really special people here.

I am sorry you were made to feel bad about going skydiving. But, I have to say, WOW, and how neat. I am terrified of heights so I could never do it, so just wondering, have you gone before? What's it like?

GavinsMommy replied: I haven't gone before, but it's something I've always wanted to do sometime during my life. It's a really safe sport and you never hear of a skydiving accident or death. I've never flown and I'm terrified of flying, but not jumping because I'll be tandem jumping and they'll have plenty of experience. Not sure when we're going, but sometime before the end of summer I guess.

You're welcome btw. I have to admit, I have spent more time on that board and I regret it now because you guys are a lot more wonderful and caring and obviously do a great job at monitoring things. I know I've had my times when I've been stressed, but I like everyone here and hopefully I won't get kicked someday for giving TMI laugh.gif

Josie83 replied: That ost made me smile.gif Lauren, especially with all the bad feeling that's been ging around here reently ; I'm sorry that you felt you had to leave your old board. How dare people say things like that! You're right, you're more likely to be hurt in a car accident than an extreme sport. Gosh! How rude. I'm glad that you feel so at home here . . . I'm so glad that you decided to come back to us after you left for a while wink.gif xx

DVFlyer replied: What a nice post! Thanks for posting.

I've never understood the "don't do that" mentality. You're right, you have a MUCH higher risk of getting killed in a car accident. I hope the people who are worried for you wink.gif are having fun in their foam coated rooms breathing filtered air.

GavinsMommy replied:
thanks smile.gif it's actually kinda funny because I used to be so adventurous and daring and now I'm extremely paranoid about everything...I won't fly to California to visit family but I'm willing to skydive??? laugh.gif Now THAT'S crazy, lol! rolleyes.gif

mammag replied: Yes, we're all glad you are here!! wub.gif

That sounds so exciting! I would love to do it but I'm afraid I'd chicken out when I got up there. I bet it would be fun!

Let us know when and if you go....and how it is.

A&A'smommy replied: awwww hun I'm so sorry they were mean to you!!! I would LOVE to go skydiving and if we didn't spend a little bit of money on ourselves we would forgot that we aren't just parents that person is obviously jealous that you will get to do something like that and I KNOW you would never hurt Gavin I can't believe she even suggested something so IDIOTIC (((((HUGS)))))

JessC replied: WOW ohmy.gif I cannot believe someone told you that. Why would you ever want to hurt your own child. mad.gif

Maybe it was good timing you left. I am glad that you decided to stay here as well, I think skydiving would be fun. I am kinda scared of hights ohmy.gif

But if you decide to go definitly tell us how it went!!! thumb.gif


5littleladies replied: I agree-we do have wonderful board here. wub.gif

As for the skydiving-I'm with Dee Dee, I'm not good with heights, plus my dad broke his arm when he went and while I know the chances are low for that happening, I think I'll just keep my feet on the ground and my limbs intact thank you! happy.gif

ammommy replied:
Good heaven's! You could get killed driving down the street too rolleyes.gif

I also really appreciate everyone here. Nice, calm, and supportive even when people disagree.

GavinsMommy replied: Yea, it's just the truth...every other board I have visited, lurked on, or posted on always has a select few that think themselves to be perfect. A lot of women are defending me over there on the other board and honestly there's only a couple that are being cats about it, but what they said is enough to keep me away and realize the BETTER (LOL rolling_smile.gif ) group we have here. Hugs everyone! grouphug.gif

My2Beauties replied: Thanks for your post! I like it here too, I like the fact that we can debate in one post and disagree on our views then go to another post and console each other! I love this place!

As for skydiving that sounds awesome - I'm chicken so I owuld never do it, but my best friend has and she said it is the most awesome experience she has ever had! thumb.gif

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