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I've been hiding out - Update, Pic

loveydad wrote: I've been staying away from the board for the most part lately because I've been so depressed. Also I've got the worst tooth ache in the world, it aches and I've been taking 3 advil (the doc reccomended) every 4-5 hours which CAN'T be good on my liver. Also I've got codiene that's not really helping. (in fact I had to leave in thie middle of this post to take another)

I've been feeling kind of ignored here (I'm sorry to say it). I know everyones busy with Christmas. I think it's just that a lot of my posts only get 1 reply. Sorry but it really helps to get that out. I still luv you guys! (ahhh I shouldn't be sweet! It's so hard on me. LMAO)

The kids are all doing well. They had a good time playing with their toys today. I took back quite a bit of their stuff instead of giving it to them, and they were just as happy that way.

Anyway I hope to be feeling better and get back here! Here's Carter and Clara today. I've already uploaded them cause I sent them to their mother today.

First- Carter about to crawl

loveydad replied: The twins in front of the tree

loveydad replied: Carter the reindeer

ctymom replied: awww...what little cuties wub.gif Thanks for sharing the pictures.

We try really hard to not go overboard with gifts. We just dont have the room for it anyway. And they are always happy with whatever they get.

Hope you feel better soon. I know it's hard to deal with mouth pain.


loveydad replied: Clara the reindeer. I forgot to add that the pics in front of the tree were at my ex's mom's house. She wanted to see the kids though her daughter didn't apparently. I knew that I wouldn't be very nice so Henry took em for me wacko.gif

Boys r us replied: Those pics are TOOOOOOO CUTE! I love the one of them in front of the tree!
Sorry your tooth is aching! I think that's got to be the worst pain ever! I hope you can get some relief soon!

I think we've all just been so busy with the holidays and so forth that no one has been on very much or been able to stay on long when we are that the christmas rush is over, I'm sure things will get back to normal!!
Sorry you were feeling neglected!!

kimberley replied: what cutiepies! wub.gif wub.gif

i am sorry you feel ignored but depression does have a way of amplifying that. i think all of us feel somewhat ignored around here at one point or another, but like any other family, we still love each other wink.gif hope you are feeling better and that you enjoyed your christmas. grouphug.gif

momof2girls replied: I am sorry you are feeling bad! I hope that you start feeling better!

I wish I could visit and post on the board more, I would love to feel more part of it here, but I just dont have the time.
Im sure you are not being neglected on purpose! I always find your posts fun, interesting to read!

And I love all the pictues, all the kids are beautiful!

take care

Josie83 replied: sad.gif Loveydad I'm realy sorry that you feel like this. I'm sure I'm guilty of making you feel neglected blush.gif and if I am, I'm really sorry! unsure.gif noone has done it intentionally. Everyone's just been realy busy recently. But we have missed you around here! I presumed you weren't on because you were busy with your friends and getting ready for Christmas. I'm so sorry that you're feeling depressed. Don't forget we're here for you to unload some of your toubles! Pease feel better soon and know that you are appreciated and loved on hee. i always love reading your posts, you always have such good advice and make me laugh! Merry Christmas xxxxx

ediep replied: sorry you aren't feeling well! Hope you are better soon. we've missed you

ADORABLE pics!!!! wub.gif wub.gif

gr33n3y3z replied: It looks like Carter is doing a one handed push up lol
Those Pics are so cute
Merry Christmas

jdkjd replied: Cute pics!! Can't resist the reindeer antlers!

MommyToAshley replied: OMG!!!! All the pictures are adorable, but I especially love the pictures of the twins in front of the tree in the matching outfits.... TOOO CUTE!

I hope you are feeling better, and that you had a good Christmas. I've been really busy myself and have only had time to reply to a message here and there. In fact, I am getting ready to leave in about 30 minutes or so.

Hope your tooth is better, there is nothing worse than a toothache!

loveydad replied:
Thats my boy. A little stud! Thanks you all. My little whiney brat stage is over LOL.

THanks for the compliments. I didn't make these kids but I sure admire the craftmanship. LOL

Mommy2BAK replied: they are such cuties!!

redchief replied: Merry Christmas Viggo and family. Sorry I haven't been on much. Had to work through Christmas and it didn't leave much time for perusing the board. Hope everything's looking up from here and the new year brings you good health and peace.

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