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MIMommy99 wrote: I get along with my mother-in-law, but I don't get along with my brother-in-laws or my father-in-law. They don't even speak to me, it's like their scared of me or something. I told my husband I'd take this poll. wacko.gif

mammag replied: I get along with my inlaws on the service but there are some that I don't like.

I get along great with my mil even though she makes me nutty sometimes.

MIMommy99 replied: LOL laugh.gif My poll isn't doing good sad.gif laugh.gif

~Roo'sMama~ replied: I get along with my in-laws ok - especially dh's parents. Some of the uncles and aunts I could do without but I don't see them very often anyways. wink.gif

taylor&zachsmom replied: As of today I am not getting along with them. They haven't seen my children since Christmas. They live only 3-5 miles away from us. I invited them to my dd's birthday party last Saturday and they called the rest of my in-laws and told them that my ds has had a high fever and throwing up all week and that I took him to the ER. None of that happened. To make a long story short. HE threw up 3 months ago. He had a small fever a week before this all happend and was treated with tylenol that day. And I CALLED the insta care clinic to find out what the dose of tylenol for a 2 yr old is. My MIL twisted it into knots so bad to scare the rest of the family into not coming to my dd's bday. And then dropped the bday gifts to my dh's work with a note saying that she was "AFRAID" to come over to the house. In fear that she would get sick. And now with Easter this Sunday she has done the same thing. She dropped an Easter gift for my dc at my dh's work today. Because we are not welcome at their house for Easter Sunday b/c she is AFRAID of getting sick still. mad.gif

Sorry for the vent... I have been holding it in for some time...

5littleladies replied: I get along with my in-laws. Jason's mom is pretty quiet so we aren't close or anything but we get along fine. Jason's dad actually drives me crazy but I wouldn't say that I don't get along with him-he's just a bit senile. rolleyes.gif

MyBlueEyedBabies replied: My in laws are great smile.gif sometimes i think about trading my parents

mammag replied:

I'm sorry this is happening to you. Is this new behavior?

My parents also live very close (about 5 mins away) and have seen Keegan only 4 times. Now for Easter they want to just meet at a restaurant because "it's easier than visiting at someones house". I've just had to try to accept them being this way but it still hurts sometimes.

grouphug.gif .

mckayleesmom replied: I get along great with my mother in law. Usually when I am browsing around on parentingclub I am talking to her on yahoo instant ex's mom is another story. I don't think I have felt such annoyance about 1 person in my entire life. I liked her at first,,,but then I found out she was talking about me behind my back to people...then I started noticing her sarcasm and stuff towards me...towards the end of that relationship I was about ready to tell her to take a walk on the highway.

A&A'smommy replied: well lets put it this way I get along with my FIL and my SIL's and BIL's but my MIL I don't "love" but I don't voice my opinions because I don't want to start up more trouble wink.gif

aspenblue1 replied: for the most part I can get along with my MIL, but she has a tendency to drive everyone around her crazy.

MIMommy99 replied: Wow, I can't believe your mil won't come over to the house and now Easter!
I'm really sorry and its good to vent out than to keep it inside. Trust me.

HollyJo replied: I get along with my inlaws. I actually feel like one of the family instead of an "inlaw". We live extremely close too so, it's best that we maintain a good relationship (a 2 minute walk through the woods).

Holly biggrin.gif

0-10andbackagain replied: I hate the women more then anything! I SWEAR SHES EVIL! rolling_smile.gif

Josie83 replied: I LOVE my in-laws! They're here right at this moment in time actually for Easter weekend. They are absolutely lovely. I get along with Jason's mother far beter than my own, and Cassie loves them to death. If I had to choose bewteen my own mother and Jason's, there would be no compettion wink.gif They're fantastic! xx

mom21kid2dogs replied: My MIL can be a controlling witch or very nice~just depends on how the mood strikes her. She's still mad that I didn't ask her to go with my mother and I to buy my wedding dress! (Umm . . . .I got married almost 22 years ago. Time to get over that one, sweetie! happy.gif ) She has been infinately better since I had Olivia, though. She is very jealous of my relationship with my parents, especially my mom. Love my SIL, though~she & I get along great!

Celestrina replied: Generally speaking I get along with my in-laws. Every once in awhile my mil and I butt heads. Steve tends to give in to her and she knows it. It was at its worst when we were living with her.

PascosGirl replied: At first I didn't get care for several people in my DH's family. They were gossips and liked to talk about everyone behind their backs. I am a matter of fact, in your face kind of person and if I have a problem with you, I tell you, not your friend. That's just me. I finally had to put it all on the table one day and tell everyone how I felt about what they said about me and after that, they have been nice as ever.

3xsthefun replied: I get along with my mother in law pretty well she is a sweet and caring woman. Sometimes she does bug me when she tries to tell how to parent my girls. rolleyes.gif I know she means well most times I just over look it.

As for my father in law and sister in law they hardly talk to me. I'm not sure if they just don't care for me that well or what. Everyonce in a blue moon his sister when get in the mood to talk to me but rarely.

I also try to think they are VERY different from my family. My family is very layed back and relaxed and his is up tight in a way. LOL I don't know how else to explain them.

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