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I'm trying to keep my mouth shut.... - HONESTLY I AM!!!

punkeemunkee'smom wrote: I don't know if you all remember I posted a few months ago that we had run into MIL and she had called and promised Tay she would come by... blahblah.gif Well like I thought-she never came by-we were making too many rulesaccording to her( 1. She needed to leave the other grandchild at home.She has not seen Tay in over a year and she needed to be able to see Taylor 2. She was not to tell Taylor to 'come to Grandma's house. We won't go because of health issues with SIL) Anyway that was too much I guess because she never called again. Well Bill's b-day was lastweek and no call or card from his mother for the 2nd year in a row BUT just now my phone rings and it is her #....The message says "Taylor this is Momo...I am just calling to tell you I miss you honey. I love you so much and you are so beautiful. I hope you will remember me when you get bigger and maybe one day I will see you again" wacko.gif OK We told you that you can come here to see her-OUR HOME-and hello It is MY cell phone-like Tay checks the messages... blink.gif I am SOOOO tempted to call her back and tell her enough is enough. We are not going to play these games with our child! That is one of the other reasons we cut contact with them in the first place....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Somebody please tell me to stay calm and NOT hit redial! growl.gif If I did right now I am going to say some stuff that I may regret later.....

mckayleesmom replied: I would just erase it.

punkeemunkee'smom replied:
Oh yeah it is erased...I would have never let Tay listen to it and I think it would hurt Bill's feelings to know she was doing this all again. He was hoping,I was too, that maybe this time they would be grandparents sad.gif Guess that is too much to ask blink.gif

mckayleesmom replied: Well.....its her loss...Taylor will understand when she is older. My grandmother favored my cousin and my parents hated it. They tried talking and talking to her, but it never worked. It created alot of jealousy for the other grandkids and alot of hurt from our grandmother...I think you are doing what is best for your daughters feelings.

punkeemunkee'smom replied:
hug.gif Thanks Bri! We think so too. But it is SOOO HARD not to call her and give her what for! She has hurt the 2 most important people in my life and I have so many not so nice things I would LOVE to get off my chest! growl.gif I won't though because it doesn't make a difference to her and it just gives her more ammo to say we are the trouble makers....I just needed to vent before I exploded! wink.gif

TANNER'S MOM replied: Girl you are so much better than I am. I know we have to think and put our kids first.. but sometimes it's so darn hard!

I am sorry for tay Tay!

JP&KJMOM replied: Aww Abbie I can sympathize. Jason's mom does the same thing with my niece over my kids. The hardest part is that the kids don't see it and want to see her so most of the time I have to bite my tounge and take them to her house. It is hard but I agree with what you are doing to protect Tay. Someday when she is older she will understand and know that you and Bill were only protecting her. hug.gif

And what a nut to call your cell and leave a message like that! I am not sure I would be able to hold back but I am sending you ~hold back vibes~.

BAC'sMom replied: Sorry Abbie hug.gif it's her loss.

I'll leave it at that I don't want to talk about my MIL situation either growl.gif

C&K*s Mommie replied: hug.gif hug.gif hug.gif

holley79 replied: Don't hit redial. hug.gif I wouldn't play into her little game if I were you.

YuMe-n-GavMakes3 replied: Am I the only one thats ever noticed the words 'Mother In Law'
Re-Scramble to spell 'Woman Hitler'??

Boo&BugsMom replied: Wow, this woman seems wacked out if you ask me. It's sad that you can't have a loving relationship with your MIL, but if that is how she is it's probably for the best. hug.gif

mysweetpeasWil&Wes replied: hug.gif

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