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Im so proud of her

mckayleesmom wrote: I mentioned earlier that Mckaylee kept getting out of her crib. So I took the mattress out and put it on the floor. We are waiting to get her a big girl bed when we move. Anyways...nap time didn't go so well...but she doesn't like naps that well anyways. Tonight I gave her dinner,,,cleaned her up...told her I was going to go get her night night sippy cup and when I came back she was in her bed and ready to go...all by herself. I red her Dora The Explorer...the valentines book and Old MacDonald and then I kissed her night night and she went right to sleep...she has been asleep ever since...I did go in once and she was laying on the floor..I picked her up and put her back in bed. Since dh isn't home..I took his pillow and put it next to her mattress so she wouldn't fall out again....Im so proud of her...I really didn't think she would understand the big girl bed thing......NEXT UP>>>POTTY TRAINING blink.gif

loveydad replied: yay! is she in a bed or just the mattress?

Ask her to come teach Tracy. Tracy just got up, came out here, smiled at me and said "Hi Viddo." and went and sat down in front of the tv.

Mommy2Be replied: Aww wub.gif WTG mckaylee thumb.gif

Josie83 replied: Well done McKaylee! thumb.gif xx

ediep replied: thats great!!! What a big girl!!!

Kirstenmumof3 replied: thumb.gif That's great! WTG McKaylee!

mckayleesmom replied: Just the mattress right now....I was just testing her on it to see if she would do good...she did roll out of bed a couple times...and one time she was on the floor at the end sleeping...Do they make rails for the end of the bed?...If not, then Im going to have to keep the mattress on the floor for a while until she gets use to it.

Alice replied:
You can buy a guard rail-- I think they're made by Safety First- for about $20. They hook under the mattress and the weight of the child keeps the rail in place. They're lightweight and incredibly portable.

I'm planning to tackle the potty with Kira this summer-- as soon as it gets warm enough to dress her in a sundress and nothing else ohmy.gif

iluvmysweetiepies replied: That's great! thumb.gif Good job McKaylee!! wub.gif

JessC replied: thumb.gif WOW!! Cool! Way to go Mckaylee! cool.gif biggrin.gif

kimberley replied: what a big girl! WTG Mckaylee! thumb.gif good luck with the potty training. hope it is as easy! smile.gif

kit_kats_mom replied:
Good job kiddo.
FYI, we did this with K and it worked great. She actually slept on her crib mattress on the floor for months until we found red ants in her bed...then I got a toddler bed that day. LOL soooo, as long as you guys don't have bugs, you can keep her there as long as you want. If we didn't have the cracks in our foundation where those dang ants get in when it rains, she'd probably still be on the floor. rolling_smile.gif

Mommy2BAK replied: Wow, what a big girl! WTG!! thumb.gif

Des replied: aw! big girl!!!
they just grow up waaaay too fast! smile.gif

ammommy replied: thumb.gif WTG!!!

3xsthefun replied: That is great!

mckayleesmom replied: She is still doing really good....not one night has she gotten out of her bed even once....she does during naps though...but she just plays in her room. I don't really care long as I get a little break. Yesterday I peeked in on her during nap time and she was sitting in the laundry hamper reading a book. I think the fact that she doesn't take her nap..makes her more willing to go to bed at night..shes tired.

Kaitlin'smom replied: thats great. I am not ready to change Kaitlin to a toddler bed I fear her falling out, her crib converts to a toddler bed, but I guess we could try the matress on the floor thing. I dunno I am just not ready. She cant climb out yet, unless the rail is down but then she will usually yell for help to get out, but she does LOVE to climb in.

DansMom replied: Woo hoo!! What a big girl! thumb.gif

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