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I'm bursting so I have to share!!

grapfruit wrote: My good friend Kate told me this morning that her boyfriend (that I fixed her up w/ tongue.gif ) Just asked her to marry him *sigh* biggrin.gif

This is what she said:

I don't have a ring yet, it just sort of happened. He said he's wanted to ask me since the day he met me, and he just can't hold it in anymore, and he's messing it all up cause he doesn't have a ring but doesn't care, and he asked me.

He's a terrific guy and they are so wonderful together (they're the couple in the pictures I posted that Tim took).

I'm SO excited for them! smile.gif I just needed to share the good news!!!!!!

holley79 replied: That's so sweet.

luvmykids replied: Aw, congrats to them and good job to you! thumb.gif

Calimama replied: Ooo yay for weddings! Wanna hook my sister up Ms. Matchmaker? rolling_smile.gif

Kaitlin'smom replied: so what was her answer? laugh.gif

congrats to her

grapfruit replied:
ROFL! Yes of course! smile.gif She is floating! smile.gif

grapfruit replied:
Love to! smile.gif If I knew people in Cali! smile.gif

MoonMama replied: wub.gif That's so sweet! Congrats to them and good job Casey. thumb.gif

CantWait replied: Congrats to them. Nice fix up job!! wub.gif

grapfruit replied: Ok I just got an email from him. It was SO sweet!! Totally made me cry! bawling.gif love2.gif

hey you
i dont know i just couldn't not ask her. i have been wanting to for a while and every time i thought about getting her a ring i didn't have the spare cash. i do know the ring i'm going to get her and it will be a surprise and i'll propose (again) on one knee when she's least expecting it! so hush hush you i just didn't want something as insignificant as a simple ring to stop me from asking her. but dont worry she will get one and hopefully somehow i can give her the wedding of her dreams
but most importantly the life she alway's deserved

thanks casey i do owe you

merry christmas

p.s. hopefully i dont catch too much crap for not having the ring. ahhhhh whatever
let others be mad as long as she's happy that's all that counts!!

Calimama replied:
Awwww what a sweet guy!! wub.gif

grapfruit replied: doesn't he make you cry? bawling.gif I'm so glad I drug him out on that blind date love2.gif

Calimama replied:
I met my hubby through a friend too.. kind of. thumb.gif

Kirstenmumof3 replied: wub.gif Awww that's so sweet!

DillsMommy replied: Aww... what good match making skills you have!

How sweet!! wub.gif

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