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I told my husband I would take a poll - Is my husband a nerd?

mckayleesmom wrote: Ok..the other day we were watching the discovery channel (dh's favorite channel). A show came on about professional KITE FLYERS (yep you read that right)...anyways..I started laughing and chanting "nerds, nerds, nerds". Dh thought it was pretty funny too. Then the other day he came in and said he wants to build a replica of a civil war canon. I again started chanting "nerds, nerds, nerds". He is always coming up with weird stuff to build...and he doesn't understand why I am so not interested. I just think its So far we have a trebashay (sp?)..the thing they used in the old days to throw rocks and stuff over castle walls....He built it in out kitchen in our old apartment... wacko.gif . A potato shooting gun blink.gif ....and almost a pumpking chucker.......He also thinks that I should dress up like a wench and go on one of those civil war reinactments with him. When I tell him no,,he says, "but can go and hang out with the other woman and cook and clean while we have a war"......and I say " I already do that everyday and I am nobody's wench"......He tries to talk me into them all the time. I refuse to become a nerd... rolling_smile.gif Is my husband the only one like this? Please someone say it isn't so.

Sunflower04 replied: That is something my DH would want to build. What is it with men and the Discovery Channels? I would call my DH a nerd so I have to go with you on this.

TANNER'S MOM replied: Well, I don't think he is a nerd. I think he is a The have the need to blow things

My DH couldn't live w/ out a shop. Some place to do his MAN stuff and teach our BOYS to be MEN...the boys go out there with a hammer and a stick of wood, and dont come back for hours.

Randy is also modifying stuff that doesn't need fixed. Look how much better it is now he says...I put a new handle on the ???? you feel in the blank..

And No I am not interested per say..but he don't care about my shoes either..but he is nice enuff to look....


texasp3 replied: Ahhhhhhhh... that would be a "trebuchet." My 15 year old DS and my DH can have lengthy, serious discussions about the merits of various designs. They've never built a physical one - but they build plantoons of them to use in various online games.

I don't know if that alone makes them "nerds" although they are both clearly "geeks."

mom21kid2dogs replied: My husband is a HUGE Civil War buff. I could honestly tell you just about anything you need to know about it by osmosis!! cool.gif

Almost every vacation we've taken in our 22 yr marriage has some link to the Civil War. Luckily, I'm an antique and architecture freak so it worked for me also! Olivia has been to Gettysburg (twice), Antietam and Harper's Ferry and she's only 4!! Our library has over 300 Civil War books and that's only because he just sold about 50 of the ones he didn't want anymore on EBay.

I did, however, break him from the Civil War encampment thing, albeit quit by accident. We had gone to an encampment earlier in the day and Stephen was going on and on about how fun it looked, wouldn't that be cool to do, etc. Later that evening a hideous thunderstorm hit our area. I looked at him and said "Gee honey, wouldn't you love to be in one of those tarps about now?" It was the last I ever heard about it! laugh.gif

mckayleesmom replied: My husband wants to build a pumpkin chucker so he can travel to that pumpkin chucking contest they hold every year...... rolleyes.gif

mammag replied: rolling_smile.gif

I agree with Mel....not a nerd, just a man.

Now the dressing up thing................that's a little over the top to me but my dh wants to go watch them (probably secretly wants to join rolleyes.gif ).

A&A'smommy replied: I'm not really sure how to vote for that because my husband IS a nerd lol I'm j/k anyway my dh would LOVE that stuff! tongue.gif

mckayleesmom replied: Hes never actually did the dressing up part...but he wants to biggrin.gif

mckayleesmom replied: If it can be husband could build it......I forgot to mention the civil war musket he made by hand and the ak47 he built from scratch....I just wish he would build the shelves and bed frame I asked for....he still hasn't started on McKaylees Rocking boat either.

PascosGirl replied: If your hubby is a nerd, then mine is a super nerd. lol He is always coming up with off the wall things as well. I don't think my husband is a nerd though, I just think he is funny and smart. I like it. biggrin.gif

MIMommy99 replied: MY husband is a Huge nerd! His favorite movie is "Lord of the rings"
He knows every line in that movie and one time he went to the movies and they had some special thing we're you can watch all three of them. The movie is 3 hours long and he watched all three of them! He also watches the discovery channel. He likes wrestling, which I watch with him sometimes wink.gif
He likes to play the card game of lord of the rings. I think my husband is the biggest nerd ever. lol But, I still love him

mammag replied:

Yes, I think sometimes it is the goofy off the wall things they do that make them the most endearing!

GavinsMommy replied: J likes the history channel but he'd never want to go to a reinactment!! LOL!! You married a total nerd! laugh.gif

DVFlyer replied: The only thing more cool than one civil war cannon, would be TWO civil war cannons........ and wenches!!!!! wacko.gif

5littleladies replied: I voted nerd, but I have to say it really is just a guy thing. tongue.gif Some of our guy friends (Sara's hubby included) built a trebuchet a couple of summers ago just because they thought it would be cool. tongue.gif I don't recall if it ever worked but it is at this very moment sitting in my backyard. rolleyes.gif

Kaitlin'smom replied: a bit of a nerd, but then again we all have some part of us that is a nerd or a geek tongue.gif

kimberley replied: NERD! tongue.gif rolling_smile.gif

5littleladies replied:
Lol!! If that is what defines a nerd, then count me in!! biggrin.gif

gr33n3y3z replied: his weird stuff could make you rich one day
ever thought about that smile.gif

coasterqueen replied: I'm not sure I could vote either, my Dh is a nerd or as the call in the engineering husband is a DILBERT. tongue.gif

CCTandME replied: I'd say you are lucky. My BF has NO interest whatsoever in building anything. NO, wait, that's not true. If it's for him, he will. dry.gif Like his snowmobile trailer. O'well! Don't think I could do the reenactment thing. Not sober anyway. beer.gif

3_call_me_mama replied:
AAAHHHHH ..... So you have one too!! smile.gif laugh.gif rolling_smile.gif

MIMommy99 replied: You know I really used to like the lord of the rings movie, until I had to watch it It was like my favorite movie and than he ruined
tongue.gif [QUOTE]Lol!! If that is what defines a nerd, then count me in!!

Mommy2Be replied: Whoa sounds like something DH would love to come over and help build if he could. I don't get men and this kind of thing ether but then again I'm completely entertained making playdoh elephants lol (even without Gracie lol) okay I really need to get out of the house more rolling_smile.gifrolling_smile.gifrolling_smile.gif.

maestra replied: My dh would do it too if I would let him- but I also think he would like to be on mythbusters on discovery channel just so he could blow things up! rolleyes.gif

MommyToAshley replied: I voted nerd, but I think it is cute! wink.gif

kel replied: oh no not another one! rolleyes.gif my dh just bought around 300 dollars worth of geek t-shirts!!
with stupid slogans like "staff:network security" and "i am root" i mean what the hell does that mean?
also he bought hundreds of these littlle "role playing" fuigurines that look like lord of the rings characters,littlel paintbrushes to paint them with and expensive paints in little tiiiiny
containers..he said he wants to paint them ..for what? like im going to have little figurines all over my house?? i dont think so.. rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif
totally silly..i say the cannon idea is dumb but hey ! he might find it super exciting..
just let him let his inner geek out:)

ammommy replied: My GOd! Did you marry my husband? He was talking about that a few months ago and I just gave him a dry.gif and walked out of the room.

3_call_me_mama replied:
DITTO! We have a DVR and DH has Mythbusters programmed to record DAILY!! rolling_smile.gif

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