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I threw my back out!

Kirstenmumof3 wrote: sad.gif I can't pick Claudia up, I can't even hold the telephone reciever! I'm in so much pain! I was lying on the floor playing with Claudia and I must have gotten up the wrong way and now it hurts so bad. I think I might need to call my DH and have him come home early! sad.gif

shelrae00 replied: You poor thing. I know you must be in some serious pain. I had the sciatic probs when PG and that was bad enough. My mom has been having trouble for 3 months now with hers (buldging disc) and is still miserable. Definitely have hubby come home and help out so you don't over do it. And being babied a little would not hurt either!!! I hope you are up and banana.gif dancing with Claudia soon!!


aspenblue1 replied: I hope you feel better soon.

DansMom replied: That's terrible!! I hope it is just a wrenched muscle and not more serious. If you are still in severe pain tomorrow you should see a doc---back problems should be tended to quickly. I hope things are okay tomorrow! grouphug.gif

Schnoogly replied: Oh I hate that--when it hurts to breathe you know it's bad! Have DH come home early for sure.

Kirstenmumof3 replied: Thanks everyone! DH came home early! I took an extra strength Advil and it still hurts. I'm going to take a hot bath and if I still feel like this in the morning I am going to see the doctor.

A&A'smommy replied: omg im so sorry!!!! You probably should have him come home early so you can rest! My mom did that once when me and my brother were little it was scared us really bad! Anyways you rest and feel better soon!!!! (((((((LOTS OF HUGS))))))

victoire2002 replied: Ugh, back pains. No good. I have a bad c-5 disk, and it hurt like **** when I did it.... was miserable.

One word of advice, though. Unless you think it's muscular, don't go to chiropractor... if it's a slipped disk, more damage can be done. It's best to see an orthopedic surgeon, as they are very likely to prescribe treatment like physical therapy. Physical therapy has returned me to a state where there is no / little pain!

HTH, and I hope you feel better.


kit_kats_mom replied: OWIE! I'm so sorry. Get well soon vibes coming your way.

paradisemommy replied: omg..i feel for you..i threw my back out right before i left for boot camp and was vertical for a good 3 weeks in absolute excrutiating pain..loaded up on tylenol with codeine..not fun..hope you are feeling better soon!!!! rolling_smile.gif

kimberley replied: did you go to the doctor? are you feeling any better today? sorry to hear about that... i know how awful back pains can be.

update when you can!

CantWait replied: ouch, hope you're feeling better soon grouphug.gif

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