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I think there is a teenager in my 5-yr old's body

MommyToAshley wrote: Ashley is in her room... she is "supposed" to be cleaning it. I just checked in on her to see how she's doing and she's got the High School musical CD blarring while she is playing a video game (Vsmile). rolleyes.gif

grandma replied:
YOU are in so much

Calimama replied: rolling_smile.gif She's starting early.

A&A'smommy replied: emlaugh.gif emlaugh.gif wow already!!!

gr33n3y3z replied: LOL
Oh My
What a cutie

lisar replied:
OMG......Lexi does the exact same thing to me. Same CD and same video system. I will normally take the control out to make her clean the room

austins mom replied: Hey that sounds like my child..

mom21kid2dogs replied: rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif

MommyToAshley replied:
LOL! That's funny.

Well, at least the video games for the Vsmile are educational. laugh.gif

punkeemunkee'smom replied: They are the same kid! I swear it sometimes! laugh.gif When they are 16 do you think we will be wishing for the Highschool Musical Hannah Montanna days? blink.gif

3xsthefun replied: laugh.gif Sound like my girls!

redchief replied: It's true, all children have a teenager waiting to bust out of them. Don't let it happen! Ground her for life now, while you still have some control over the situation!

MommyToAshley replied:
rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif

holley79 replied: emlaugh.gif emlaugh.gif

That is too funny.

mysweetpeasWil&Wes replied: rolling_smile.gif laugh.gif

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