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I need some advice - this is about AF and maybe TMI

momof2girls wrote: When I had Kiley I had my tubes tied, since then my AF has been really heavy, I mean bad!!! I have headaches too and bad leg pain, I went to my ob gyn and he says its not related to the tubal but you know how they wont admit these things, anyways he said that he can do a procedure where Id have to be put under and they go in and do like a major D&C and do some type of catheter thing in some main veins...
I really cant deal with these periods but Im scared to death to go under I have major anxiety about it.

Have any of you gone thru this? I mean really bad AF??
I mean bad where I have had lots of accidents and Im using all the protection that I can.....

Im anemic too and this does not help!!!!

Ive researched alot but wanted to know if you or anyone has had this done?


kit_kats_mom replied: I can't say for sure but I do know one lady who I used to work with who had her tubes tied. She had such awful periods that she had to wear Depends to keep from leaking all over. It was sad really.

momof2girls replied:
Well Im not to that point yet but Im in the bathroom all the time replacing stuff....
I know several people that had tubes tied and NO problems......
Im just scared of surgery, I had two c sections but I was awake during them
I just dont know what to do!!!!

mama3x replied: Before I started taking the Pill when I hit about 18, AF was always horribly crampy and VERY heavy. To the point if I sneezed, I needed to head for the bathroom to change or make sure I didn't stain anything. I've done the 2 super-sized pads from front to back to protect myself and still leaked over. Sorry if tmi... There were times I had to miss school and work because the cramps were so bad I couldn't stand. Headaches and back pain too. Always wore black pants or skirt.

The people I know who have had their tubes tied didn't go through what you're experiencing so maybe it's a change in your hormone levels?

I hope that you find a solution that you are comfortable with. Maybe an ultrasound would be able to detect something? Good luck and take care...

ediep replied: ugh! That sounds terrible!! I have never heared of the being related to getting tubes tied, but what do I know....

I was going to suggest maybe asking your doc for BC pills??? Not sure what you doc would think since you wouldn't be needing the birth control but it has helped my AF to becme lighter and painless

Boys r us replied: Oh that sounds totally nightmarish!
I have never heard of anyone having issues like that after getting their tubes tied!
If you're not comfortable with your dr's answers, maybe you should seek a second opinion. You could even do some research online to see if there are any other stories like yours out there!

My2Beauties replied: My mother had terrible AF her whole entire life after she had her tubes tied and so have several other women that I know. My mom had them so bad that she would go through 15-20 Super Plus Tampons a day with a thick pad and still bleed through her pants. Hon, I think there is a chance in some women that tubes being tied can do this. What helped her was getting on BC pills. Also my mother found 18 cysts on her ovaries her last pap, something she never had before her tubes were tied and she has to have an outpatient procedure done to have them frozen, or she can choose to do a total hysterectomy! At her age she is going for the hysterectomy, I don't know your thoughts on that but the doc said that her cysts are going to keep coming back eventually! Sorry you're going throught his but I have heard of women having these problems after their tubes being tied!

momof2girls replied: Thanks for the info ladies
They did an ultrasound a few mo ago and found nothing... which is good...
I go to see the Dr tomorrow so will find out what to do
they did want me to go on the pill but I really dont want to, Ive been on it since I was 15 to reg AF... plus I hate having to take a pill everyday and when I was on it my af was bad too
not bad like now..
I will keep yall posted!

Elle replied: I had no idea it could be related to tied tubes! ohmy.gif Please keep us updated, Shannon, I'm truly interested since I'm thinking of having my tubes tied after the babies are born. I might reconsider! unsure.gif

A&A'smommy replied: ((((HUGS)))) that totally sucks for you, have you thought about getting a second opinion maybe? I hope that they can fix this for you soon I would go nuts!

momof2girls replied: I went to my ob gyn today and talked to him, he says this is not related to getting tubes tied more of something that can happen after having babies.
I have to beleive him because I know people that have had their tubes tied and no problems...
Im going to be having a small out patient surgery to correct it, its like a d&d and they also do something with a balloon catheter to correct it.

I have always had bad AF but this is unbearable.
Im anemic so during this time of month I am SOOO tired!!!

momof2girls replied:
I would talk to your dr, and ask around honestly other then me I dont know of women that have had this problem.
I have 3 women I work with and none of them have awful periods.

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