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I got so spoiled for my birthday! - brag about my DH and everyone else

kit_kats_mom wrote: My birthday is today but my family is making a weekend out of it. Yesterday my mom drove down and watched the girls while DH and I went to dinner with 6 of our friends at the nicest Italian place in town. Dinner for just he and I was 120.00 before tip. ohmy.gif But it was delish. The convo was great, and the libations were flowing. I got totally embarassed when the piano guy stopped in the middle of his song, got on the mic and said aaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddd, we are all celebrating the 7th annual 29th birthday with Cary!!!!!!!!!!! then the whole waitstaff clapped and sang (along with half of the patrons) and gave me my cannoli with a candle. rolling_smile.gif It was a lot of fun.

After we got home, DH got out another small cake and we did the birthday song with the girls.

This morning, DH wouldn't let me do any of my morning stuff, he did it all (except fix the girls hair wink.gif )

On to the gifts....this is even better than Christmas laugh.gif
DH got me a GPS for my car and it's a nice one that fits in my purse so I can take it with me when I go to Montreal. He hates that I get lost all the time in Tampa. blush.gif
Mom got me the kitchenaid stand mixer that's been on my wish list for over two years. That's the kind of thing I covet but I'd never buy myself. $200 for a mixer...nahhh. But I got up this morning and made cookies for the superbowl party today and it was sooo nice.
Our friends all chipped in and got me a gift cert to a spa. Now all I have to do is decide what I want. I'm leaning towards massage and facial. Cant wait.
The girls got me a beading kit and we spent some time together making bracelets for each other.

I'm working a bit since he took the girls out of the house to give me some free time, then we are off to a superbowl party this evening. Hopefully, I can play the birthday card one more time and get a nap today. would that be pushing it? We'll see. rolling_smile.gif

I just had to brag. They've made it a great birthday. love2.gif

siblingtooolivia replied: That all sounds fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Your Day to you!!!!!!!!! wub.gif

gr33n3y3z replied: Happy Birthday
It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend so far smile.gif

amynicole21 replied: Nice bday!! That sounds just about perfect... good luck on the nap thing. wink.gif Happy Bday!

amymom replied: jazzband.gif Happy Birthday! jazzband.gif I am glad you got spoiled.

(You share a birthday with my dd.)

cameragirl21 replied: sounds wonderful, Cary, happy birthday!

sparkys2boys replied: Happy b-day!!! Sounds like u got the royal treatment this weekend!! Good for u!!

3xsthefun replied: Sounds like a great weekend! Happy Birthday! party.gif

CantWait replied: Cary that sounds like an amazing birthday.
You're going to need that GPS for Montreal for sure.
Happy Birthday!!!!

Calimama replied: How awesome!! Happy Birthday!! hug.gif hug.gif hug.gif

mom21kid2dogs replied: party.gif Happy Birthday! party.gif

Sounds like it was an extra special one!

HuskerMom replied: That's so sweet! Happy Birthday smile.gif

TANNER'S MOM replied: Happy Birthday.. It sounds like a wonderful weekend... Your family did good.. and I say go for the nap!

Ellie replied: That sounds like the best birthday ever! Congrats smile.gif smile.gif

MyBabeMaddie replied: Sounds like you had an awesome Birthday!!!!

luvmykids replied: Happy Birthday! You deserve every bit of spoiling you got, and great gifts too, you really got it all this year thumb.gif

C&K*s Mommie replied: Sounds like you came out like a champ, congrats!

Happy (belated) birthday!!

jcc64 replied: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOU OLD BAG!!!!!!!!!!
Sounds like a great day, though I would likely want to vaporize during the singing in the restaurant.
Hope you got a nap- that truly does sound like Nirvana- a nap during the day.

DansMom replied: Happy Birthday, Cary!! biggrin.gif hug.gif

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