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I finally got Russell a nickname

mckayleesmom wrote: You guys are going to laugh at me...but I always give little kids wacked out nicknames to go with their mom always makes fun of me....for example...My friend had a little boy named Calvin and I always called him Calvina. Mckaylee has a ton....Macky...Mack Attack...Macaroni and cheese...Macinac Island fudge (an ice cream where I use to work)...kaylee baylee.....monkey.....Well part of the reason I didn't like the name Russell was because he didn't have good nickname options...but Ureka..I got it....Russelini...rhymes with Hudini...and if he is anything like his sister....he will be like hudini. LOL

3_call_me_mama replied: you are too funny! laugh.gif

mine are The pumpkin (Cameron), and The Roo or little Roo (kathleen)

mckayleesmom replied: friend would always tell me "don't call my son Calvina..he is a boy"...but I had already said it so much that I could no longer help myself...Plus, when I would say it...he would get this huge grin on his face and get all excited to see me.

MomToMany replied: wub.gif That's cute! Great nickname! I don't have any interesting ones for my kids.

loveydad replied: Awww.
My kids don't have that many nicknames

Vincent - Vinny, Vince Captian (he always gets to be the captian on something when we play) and Alex- which he decided was his name for about a month

Kel - Kelly, Lovey.

Tracy - Tacy - thats what she calls her self - Miss Priss, Princess

Nicky - Nickers Little Nicky. Nicky Gene

Andriana - Dre Dre

Peter - Pete

Carter and Clara - the twibbles (v and k are the twits)


3_call_me_mama replied: my friend has a son that always had a pacifier in his mouth so i used to call him "maggie" or "maggie mae" (simpsons) His mom was not fond of it (neither was his dad) but I was the only one allowed to cal him it and he knew me by calling him that.... (sometimes i still slip even though he's 2 adn no longer has his paci)

A&A'smommy replied: Your right thats funny but I LOVE it its really cute!!! wub.gif

Alyssa is just Monkey

Mommy2Be replied: LOL rolling_smile.gif too cute...I call Gracie Boo-ka not really sure why I have been since she was born lol rolling_smile.gif.

iluvmysweetiepies replied: laugh.gif That's cute!

Kirstenmumof3 replied: laugh.gif You're too funny! I love the nickname. laugh.gif

Emeraldsmom replied: LOL. You are too funny. Your post reminds me of dh's mom. Here are the nicknames she had for her kids. My husband Jason is JC penny. Her son Brandon is Brandon butt cheek-a-boom. And her daughter Kayla is Kay la la la

Des replied: oh lol!! rolling_smile.gif
that's really cute!!

Boys r us replied: Tooo funny Brianne!! I like it!!! Little Russelini!

AmyO replied: laugh.gif thats funny, I thought we were the only weirdos who gave their kids goofy names. Chase is chaser monkey, Brice has tons brice a roni, bricer boy, bricey, and my husband wanted to name Alysen because he calls her ally-gator and I call her Allly-cat although my aunt and everyone else calls her miss piggy because she snorted all the time when she was born and she is chunky, but she calls brice booger boy and she calls me bird legs (I wish) nice to know we arent the only crazy ones. silly.gif

3xsthefun replied: That is so cute!

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