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I failed my glucose test.

skinkybaby wrote: So now I get to go in next week and take the second test. dry.gif

hopefulmomtobe replied: Isnt that where you dont eat or drink anything until after the test? I failed it one time because I just had to have a little I ate something sweet (duh) and failed it.

DansMom replied: Oh, so sorry to hear this! Good luck with the second test. If you turn out to have gestational diabetes, it sucks but it is manageable---been there. I hope you get good news next test! hug.gif

3xsthefun replied: Oh, man that sucks. sad.gif I dred having to take that test.

boyohboyohboy replied: I always fail those tests, both sets. the last time I was even on insulin with jake. so this time my dr says we are not even going to take the tests, just start checking bs at home at 21 weeks.....
I am so hoping for an insulin free pregnancy.
but it is managable, good luck and hope you pass

Swood75 replied: I have one word of advice..DON'T drink ANY fruit juice (apple,grape etc) within a few days of having the test done..I DID with DD and it made my BS skyrocket when I had it checked a few days later..Good luck..I was borderline both times and wanting one more so will see what the good Lord has planned for us..

CantWait replied: Sorry. Hope the second goes well. hug.gif

EvesMom replied: I failed the first test with my DD but passed the second (the second test is the obe that sucks). The first test you can eat and drink beforehand, but the second you can't. Good luck dear! Hopeing everything comes back perfect! hug.gif

hopefulmomtobe replied: Do you take this test at 16 weeks? I cant remember. If so, that means I am coming up on it.

Question - Are you more prone to gestational diabetes during pregnancy if you are overweight? When I was pregnant with my other children I was never over weight, but this time.....uuuhhhh, mama is tipping the scales bigtime (haven't gained any weight but started off over weight) So I am scared that I might fail too. sad.gif Do you guys know??

skinkybaby replied: Thanks guys!
I don't mind giving blood or anything, but 4 times in 3 hours is a little much! blink.gif

I read somewhere that being overweight can up your chances, but I don't know for sure.

Boo&BugsMom replied:
That happend to me with Tanner. Hang in there. I am awaiting the results of mine for this time around right now too.

Boo&BugsMom replied:
I didn't take mine until this last Monday and I am 6 months along. Im' sure every doctor is different though. Both docs (this one and my previous OB) I have had wait that long and I'm not sure why. Probably something I should ask, esp. since diabetes runs in my family, which increases the chances of GD.

If you Google GD, you will get lots of info. on it. smile.gif From what I've read you shouldn't worry about your weight being the main issue. There are a lot of other factors. Plus, if you do have GD, it doesn't automatically mean you will need insulin. Mine I was able to control with diet, thank God. smile.gif

hopefulmomtobe replied: Ok, I looked it up and found a great website if anyone is interested..

Looks like they normallycheck between 24 - 28 weeks. I bet I am high risk because I do everything that I shouldn't. I better start changing my diet now! My first baby was 10 lbs and I had failed my first test but past my second so having a big baby the doctor says I probably had some GD, I do not want another big baby! NOOOOOO!!!! OOOUUUCCHHH!!!! smile.gif

Good luck skinkybaby and let us know how your next test goes.

What is the test were you drink the orange stuff? (yuck!) Is that this test or is this just blood being drawn?

~Roo'sMama~ replied: Sorry you have to do the second test! hug.gif I failed the first one when I was pg with Andrew but passed the second one. I didn't eat anything before the first test - I had it early in the morning and they told me not to eat anything within a couple hours of the test - but I'd had a Coke the night before and probably some other sweet stuff. rolleyes.gif My bro-in-law is diabetic and he said that eating or drinking something with a lot of sugar in it the day before can mess up his blood sugar. So when you do the three hour test watch what you eat the day before!! happy.gif

sweetgirl replied: Hey I failed mine when I was prego in 2005 and had to drink that gross stuff, and my test came back neg. for diabetes, so it's not totally accurate until you have the 1/2 day test done. Goodluck, Hope everythings ok!! I have a boy named Landon, he's 18 mo.'s!!

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