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I am so nervous

lisar wrote: I am just so nervous about court tomorrow. Its all I can think about. What if he asks for visitation? What all is gona be said? Am I gona be allowed to give my input? What should I wear? I am just so nervous..... And I am jittery because of it and I HATE being jittery.

momofone replied: I'm sorry I hope everything goes well for you . hug.gif

Danalana replied: hug.gif I'm sure it's gonna go great!

sparkys2boys replied: Aww Lisa it will be ok. Try and relax and remember that you have a laywer and its there job to make this go smoothly as possible. You will get a chance to say what you have to just try and stay calm because you dont want to freak out in front of the judge and end up looking like your some crazy mother right. And the past will speak for its self, he doesnt pay child support right, and does he ever make any effort to see the kids at all? I think it will all work out hun hug.gif hug.gif

lisar replied:
I have tried to let him see Lexi but I refuse to beg him. He has never tried or anything. And yes the past will speak for itself. Ever since he found out I was taking him to court he has been paying almost double what the court order calls for just to try and make himself look good.

sparkys2boys replied:
BUt in court that will not help him any. He should have been doing this willingly all along. As for seeing Lexi if he hasn't put any effort into seeing her then that says volumes to the judge I am sure. If he couldn't be bothered to see her before why would he want to now right? Does he work Lisa or is married now with other kids?

MoonMama replied: Hang in there Lisa. hug.gif hug.gif

redchief replied: Lisa, I think you should bring all of your concerns to your attorney's attention before the hearing. I don't know if all will go as you wish, but at least your lawyer would be able to give you an idea of what to expect. Good luck!

holley79 replied:

Calimama replied:
I agree.

Anyway good luck, you're going to do great! hug.gif hug.gif

austins mom replied: dont be nervous i will be with you. i will protect u love2.gif

amymom replied: Good Luck today Lisa. I am glad your sister will be with you. let us know how it goes. My prayers go with you.

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