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I am a coke addict and I'm pregnant

hopefulmomtobe wrote: Ha - thought that would get your attention. Seriously though....I think I am drinking too much caffeine and I am freaking out but I just cant stop myself. I drink probably 2 a day, but they are the only thing that settles my stomach besides Gingerale, but who really wants gingerale all the time...gets icky sometimes to me.

This is ok right?? I keep reading stuff that says it is ok, then stuff that says it isn't.

Of course I dont want to do anything that will hurt the peanut, but man, I really want a COKE! smile.gif

MyLuvBugs replied: HA HA HA HA HA! laugh.gif You're silly! I read that title and thought....WTH? huh.gif

LOL laugh.gif

Hmmmmm....Well, I'm not a soda-pop fan myself. Can't stand the stuff. I'm a water-a-holic. biggrin.gif But I think that there is too much sodium in regular Coke or something.....maybe the caffine?? Not sure. unsure.gif All the stuff I read when I was PG said only 1 pop a day or less. Sorry. But there is something in it that you're body is craving. Have you tried Cool-aid or Propel Fitness water or juice as a substitute?

MyBlueEyedBabies replied: I craved coke like crazy when I was pregnant with Katy...It also was one of the few things that kinda stayed down. Coke syrup is actually sold as an antinausea

Kirstenmumof3 replied: laugh.gif laugh.gif NICE ONE! I think if you limit yourself and don't go overbored with caffeine it should be okay. I used to drink tea when I was pregnant. Just remember everything in moderation! laugh.gif laugh.gif

lisar replied:
I agree. I drank lots of tea when I pg. I would do non-caffienated at night though. To try and make it easier on the baby.

EvesMom replied: My OB said no more than 2 cups of caffeine beverages per day. (coffee, cola, and so on). I wonder about chocolate though, I know it has caffeine in it, but nobody seems to know how much is ok.

I found this on caffeine and pregnancy.

You could drink caffeine free coke, tastes the same minus the caffeine. thumb.gif

boyohboyohboy replied: Keep in mind also that one soda is actually supposed to be TWO servings..
I had a hard time also, did u try the caffine free coke? I know its not the same, but you might get used to it.
I also used it as an antiemetic.
I would ask your dr what is ok, I did a no no when i was preg and ate a choc pie and had a coke, and the caffine sent the babies heart rate racing up into the 200's and we had to go see a cardiologist for the baby in utero, i felt like an ant when i had to admit it was what i ate that caused the issues...

better to err on the side of caution, you worked to hard to get where you are now! hug.gif

Boo&BugsMom replied: LOL! When I read the title at first I thought "Oh geesh, whose this winner?!"! wacko.gif laugh.gif Then I saw the name of the poster and thought "NOOOO, she must mean Coca Cola!!!". HA HA!

I agree with the others, as long as it's in moderation I wouldn't worry too much. smile.gif

hopefulmomtobe replied: You guys are fun to mess with, now that I know that...look out! smile.gif

Ok - I will limit myself, especially after I read the chocolate pie and coke one...yikes that is scarey! Poor thing! I bet you were a nervous wreck.

I will limit myself and try to find something else to satisfy my crave.

What about the white stuff though? Is that ok? tongue.gif

Haaa - I AM KIDDING!!!! Thank you all for your replies! smile.gif hug.gif

Stephademic replied:
I, too, craved Coke really bad during my pregnancy and never had any problems.

My3LilMonkeys replied: I was a bad mommy and drank pepsi all through my pregnancy with Madison and she came out just the pp said, moderation is the key!

DillsMommy replied: i've always heard 1-2 cups a day is okay, sprite and 7up is caffine free if you like them, it should have the same effect on calming your stomach. that's what i've been drinking.

HuskerMom replied: I'm not sure what would taste like Coke but I like Mountain Dew and really didn't want to drink it while I was pregnant so I got lime flavored water. It wasn't quite the same but pretty close. It got me by anyways smile.gif

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