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Mommy2Isabella wrote: HOW IRRITATING!!!

We are getting a new glider, the one I want is 30% off when you buy the glider and ottoman, well, I call my friendly local store this morning and they tell me oh come on in we can order that for you.

I get there, and they can't order it. My only option is to order it online and pay $114 in shipping, yes you read that right $114.

So I get home and call BRU online and they say, oh if your local store participates in the SOS program then they can order it for you and it will be free shipping. So I call my once again FRIENDLY LOCAL STORE. Lo and behold they participate, HOWEVER they will charge me shipping. WTHeck BOBBY!! I am PISSED!

SO I am red in the face I am so mad. I tell the lady at the local store what the online guy said, she says she will call them and let me know. SHE DOESN'T CALL BACK. An hour goes by and I call her back, she said. " Its a heavy item so you have to pay shipping."

So, my WONDERFUL hubby is on the phone with BRU online now and he is much better at CS than I, I get too mad too easily.

URG ...

maestra replied: We want a new glider.....what was the end result?

Mommy2Isabella replied: The end result isn't here yet. We ordered one online last night and the lady from our local store called me about 30mins. ago and said she is trying to figure something out for me. So I am holding the phone waiting for her to call back with good news.

When we ordered online last night the guy gave us a $25 credit but we are fully willing to cancel that ... haha!!

moped replied: I have had many problems with them myself - UGH......sorry.

Calimama replied: I don't like Babies R Us! They need hold some customer service workshops!!

Mommy2Isabella replied: Denise I totally agree with that statement. Because after all of my hassels and the run around the people were RUDE TO ME.

** The end result, I ordered it online and the 25 bucks off. Making it 500$ instead of 400$ BOO!! But it was my only option or I could wait until after the sale and pay a little more than 600$ ...

luvmykids replied: There wasn't anyone else who had one you like? After all that runaround, no way would I give them $500 of my dollars!

Calimama replied: Wow $500 for a glider??? That's insane! Although as I said that I did find a super comfy one for $399 I like. rolling_smile.gif

Mommy2Isabella replied: THey are the only place that sells it unfortunately and other stores that having something similar are talking in the $600 JUST FOR THE CHAIR.

This will be the last time we use babies r us though.

AlexsPajamaMama replied: Kmart here just had them onsale

Mommy2Isabella replied: Michelle,
The Rock A Bye glider and ottoman from Hawthorn Kids? They had on sale? I was trying to find someone else that sold it?

Kaitlin'smom replied: no way would I have gave them so much $$ for that hassel. I would have found it another place or something different all together.

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