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How'd we do - First day of quitting smoking

luvmykids wrote: OK now I don't mean to insult anybody, but I didn't hear anybody say they threw a pack away or were sticking to it or any of that rah rah stuff ..... OTHER than from all the non-smokers supporting us!

Hello? Anyone out there quitting?

Well anyway here was my first day ....

I finished the pack I had around 2am, I know it was techincally already quit day but I couldn't throw them out! I did ok until about 11 this morning, then I was dying and looking for butts anywhere I could think of (I know how disgusting that is!) .... found 2 good ones that satisfied the urge.

The real problem came when I took my mom to lunch for her bday and she smokes. She wasn't doing it around me but I knew she had some and I wanted to ask her for one sooooo bad. Managed to hold off until about 2pm and she gave me one and boy was it good. But then my crisis kicked in and I bought a pack. ohmy.gif I've smoked 4 out of it, which is a total of 6 (including the butts). I'd like to think I can wean off but I know cold turkey is the only way for me, so tomorrow is a new day.

Anyone else?

ashtonsmama replied: Nope-but I didn't even know you smoked!!! I'm glad to hear you're trying to quit, good luck and keep us updated on how you're doing ok?
2 hug.gif

BAC'sMom replied: Ok I know it might sound stupid but I thought I had to more days (I know I am [U]the one that set the date)[/U] Anyway I thought the 17th was Tuesday turns out that I was looking at the month of May KWIM. So I blew it! But come Tuesday (the 19th) at 12:00 I am quitting, ok I am going to try too. Sorry Monica that I did not check on you today, but I felt like a fool when I discovered that today was the 17th. And that didnít happen till about 2:30. Letís just call it a blonde moment. But I am proud of you for what you accomplished today though.

CAMSMOM1 replied: Monica you get a "A" for effort in my book! bigtup.gif I know how hard it is quiting, as a smoker myself. But I think going cold turkey is pretty difficult. So it's ok you smoked a lot less than you usually do. Each day, just try to elimate one more cig., and as soon as you know it, you'll be done. wink.gif

I'm proud of you. Keep it up girl! hug.gif

mckayleesmom replied: cheerleader.gif cheerleader.gif

NEWMOM05 replied: One day at atime Monica. ?????You'll do it, I know it!!! cheerleader.gif cheerleader.gif

My3LilMonkeys replied: Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thumb.gif

CosmetologyMommy replied: I think weaning will work a lot better,jmo

luvmykids replied:
Its ok, I ended up smoking like a train last night .... still better than usual but definitely not few enough to feel like I'm making progress! sad.gif

I was mad at myself all night for even buying that stupid pack, I know I can't just have one ...

JP&KJMOM replied: Uh I did not forget but I just chose to forget! laugh.gif I really did try but I will not even admit how many I smoked yesterday. growl.gif

Uh Jimmie Tuesday is the 18th and Wednesday is the 19th. Do I need to buy you a new calendar? emlaugh.gif
OK I am gonna try again tomorrow, Wendesday the 19th.

Monica I am proud of you. thumb.gif You did a heck of alt better than me.

lesliesmom replied: Monica, you deserve a blue ribbon... I didn't do very well at all, but I am in agreement with you, I think weaning is the way to go. It's noon here and I've only had 4 cigarettes so far today (usually be up to about 6 or 7??) so, I think that's pretty good. Helps that I'm out and too lazy to run and buy a new pack. I was just going to go but then I saw this post, maybe I'll try and wait a little longer. Can't smoke them if you don't have them, right? I figure if I can get down to a pack every few day sto start with I'll be doing pretty well...

Good luck all you "quitters"... and thanks for the support for us quitters!!!!!!!!

BAC'sMom replied:

Crap, I messed up again. Ok I'll quit sometimes this week. rolling_smile.gif

JAYMESMOM replied: Hang in there you can do it. Some peopel do better by weaning but for me I had to go cold turkery. It has been 2 months without a cigarette. The good thing is my house and van are now smoke free so my DH is outside so I don't get tempted as easy. But it became a frame of mind for me i was in the hospital so much in february that I realized I dont want to be there in several years not able to breathe. Remember every cigarette you dont smoke is giving you longer to live. Also once you are done smoking compltely withing 24 hours your lungs are starting to heal themselves.

I know it can be gross to think about but think of the damage you are doing to your lungs even if you have to go look at pics. and then look at your kids.

It helps-trust me.

coasterqueen replied: Keep trying everyone! hug.gif Just by reading this, though, it doesn't sound like anyone REALLY wants to quit. IMO it won't work unless you are SERIOUSLY willing to quit and give it that mental effort when doing so. If you don't you set yourself up to fail. Or at least it was that way for me every time until I finally got serious about it.

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