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How much do you spend on - groceries each month?

GavinsMommy wrote: And how many people are in your household (1 yr and up wink.gif )

We spend 300 on the two of us...and of course Gavin's milk is free wink.gif

~Roo'sMama~ replied: Well when we were on our budget we spent about $260 a month for the 2 of us. I just started up doing regular grocery shopping again instead of just running to the store every day to get whatever we need. rolleyes.gif

maestra replied: We have 3 1 year and up, and spend about 300 as well, but dh and I both eat lunch at our work. I'm trying to get dh to take leftovers instead- his cafeteria is more expensive, I eat at school, and it's $2.50 a day. rolleyes.gif

loveydad replied: 550-750-occasionally 1000. I spend at least 150 each week at walmart on diapers formula and groceries. There are 10 of us 1 year and up. That's counting Andriana because I have to pay for her food too

iluvmysweetiepies replied: There are five of us, not including the twins and I spend about $400-$450.

moped replied: Gosh I was just thinking about this............I go twice a month and spend about $200 a pop..........that does not include diapers, wipes and about $500/month..............but I think we eat pretty well too and I like my treats - LOL

mammag replied: We have 5 over 1yr and spend between 520-640 a month depending on if we stay on budget or not.

mom21kid2dogs replied: We spend about $400 a month for our family of 3. Because I shop once a week for everything, that includes household items, too, like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, laudry detergent, etc. I use cupons as much as possible and we do 2 meatless suppers a week and I still can't get in under $400. It's insane!

gr33n3y3z replied: I spend about 600.00 to 700.00 a month
we have 6 ppl. here plus 3 extras on the weekends.

Boys r us replied: we spend way too much, but I have a husband who thinks he needs 5 course meals every night..and well truthfully, I love cooking so I don't mind. But if it were just me, I cold eat pasta salad or steamed veggies every night and live off of 50 bucks a month!

~KARA~ replied: We spend about 300(no more than 400) a month for 4 of us. I go to a "discount" store called Save a lot and Aldis.

jcc64 replied: Somewhere in the neighborhood of $600 month sometimes more, sometimes less, and there are five of us here. This includes diapers and non food stuff. I buy as much organic as possible, which is definitely expensive, but it's something I really feel strongly about, and will go without elsewhere to be able to do it.

TANNER'S MOM replied: Well lets see we spend around 120 a week ..about 480.00 a month.

And that does not include detergent and cleaning supplies. I go to Dollar General for those things and that's about 30-40 every two weeks..

So, I am at 560.00..

And then we have our big expense of FEED STORE AND HAY>> everyone has to eat.. I buy 10 bags of sweet grain $5.25 a 50lbs sack.. That 52.00 ( no tax on farm supplies)a week, which equals 208.00 a month..(wow, I didn't know this) and then about 100 dollars worth of hay a month.

Plus dog food, which is $6.00 a week for Daisy's Purnina One..And Sheena eats cheap but it's 50lbs so 12.00 a week. and that is 72.00 a months

I can't beleive this. This is the first time I have added this up...OH my

Grand Total to feed family, animals and household needs for us is


Oh My Oh MY Oh MY I can't believe this..I am going to start thinking

boocoomomma replied: I spend about 600.00 a month. That is for the 4 of us, and our dogs, Dixie and Petals. And I ALWAYS go to the dollar store for laundry supplies b/c it is so much cheaper.

Isabellasmom replied: There are two of us (me, and my 2 year old) and I spend about $100 - $150/month but once a year I do a major bulk shopping for canned/boxed/frozen goods and spend about $400 in that trip.

kimberley replied: for 2 adults, 3 kids it usually comes to about $500/mo

3xsthefun replied: We are a family of 4. We send between $300-$500 a month that includes diapers, wipes, laundry detergent, dog food, cat food and other household items.

5littleladies replied: For our family of 5 I try to keep it around $300 a month. That includes diapers, pet food, household products, etc.

Mommy2BAK replied: Ya know, I have no clue. Probably somewhere in the ball park of $300-400 a month. Thats for John, Blakely, Tucker (the dog), and I.

DVFlyer replied: We have 3..... almost 4 and spend about $300.

Once again, Boys-r-Us and I are thinking along the same lines. I could easily live on chicken (frozen) pasta and steamed veggies every night. Plus, since I'm working out again, it's good for my new power diet! smile.gif

My2Beauties replied: We probably spend about $200-300 a month but there is just me and Brian and Hanna, she is 16 months but she eats a lot of stuff over his grandma's during the day! I don't have to provide her meals, his grandma always has food over there for her to eat! She just eats one meal a day at home usually, supper! On the weekends it's a different story but that is only 2 days out of the entire week! I don't go to the grocery very much, maybe twice a month! If that! Sometimes we live on our food for a whole month! But to be honest we eat out a lot, I don't have time to cook much, on Monday and Wednesdays I have class until 8:15, on Tuesdays Brian bowls in a league until 9:30 and then on Thursdays he plays basketball now, until 10:30 ohmy.gif Then on Friday's we normally go out to a buffet or something! God I eat too much junk!!! His thursday night thing ended last night so now I'll cook more on those nights! I try to cook after school too but sometimes I'm too tired! rolleyes.gif

mckayleesmom replied: I have no clue...But our housing allowance for the Duluth area is almost 1,000 dollars a month and our rent is only 600 so we pocket some of that and get groceries with the rest. Its hard to estimate how much we spend because 1 month he might be home early I will cook...and sometimes he comes home really we get take out or something.

atlantamomof2 replied: There are four of us over 1 year. We spend about $450 a month not including diapers (so about another $20 for them dry.gif ).

DH takes his lunch to work and I SAH. We do eat out every Sunday for dinner so add another $25.

Crazy, isn't it?!?! wacko.gif

A&A'smommy replied: uhh we spend about 300 dollars sometimes more sometimes less but that is the roudabout number... that is for 3 of us

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