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How long.... - crib bumpers

~Roo'sMama~ wrote: A couple nights ago we set up Andrew's new crib and I didn't put the bumper on it because we set the mattress down lower, but it looks so bare and not cozy. unsure.gif Is it ok to use the bumper with the mattress not at the highest setting? I'm not sure how it would work with the ties, but I'm really thinking about putting it back on - especially since Andrew has a tendency to scoot himself up until his head is up against the bars, and the bumper would be softer for his head. What do you think?? bigthink.gif

Jamison'smama replied: I know a lot of the books say not to have them or get rid of them at some point--I never did. Jack's crib is on the lowest setting and I have the bumper pads in place. I never removed Jama's either.

luvbug00 replied: I see no reason to remove them. I think the coushion is still good for if he bumps his head ( like you said) smile.gif

moped replied: I never used them at all - I have fears of air circulation etc........and he would get all caught up in it I am sure - never liked them much

luvmykids replied: I kept them on until toddler beds

moped replied: Just to be the devils advocate

luvmykids replied: I didn't read every single word, so maybe I missed something, but isn't it only dangerous until they can move themselves around?

~Roo'sMama~ replied:
I've heard of this, but it actually doesn't worry me too much. wink.gif I know that if Andrew got his face too close to it in his sleep he'd wake up and move. It would scare me when they're too little to be able to move their heads out of the way, but at that point Andrew was in the bassinet right next to my bed so I didn't have that issue.
I do understand where you're coming from though, and why they are warning people about it. thumb.gif

edited to say, I actually worried more about suffocation when he was in the bassinet, because it was such a small space and the sides were a lot closer to his head. But since he was right next to me and I'm such a light sleeper, I decided it would be ok.

~Roo'sMama~ replied: Well I am going to put the bumber back in, then. happy.gif I think he actually still likes that "closed in" feeling and might sleep better with it. thumb.gif

kayla's mama replied: I put kayla's back in at 6 months when she was able to move around better wink.gif

TeagansMom609 replied: I kept the bumper in from Day 1 until she grew out of her crib.

mom2tripp replied: Have used them ever since the day Tripp was born, he would have LOTS or bruises if they weren't there!!!!

coasterqueen replied: Well the whole crib thing is new for me since Kylie would never sleep in one. I took them out when Megan was 6 months old I guess because of the whole suffocation issue, but she kept getting her arm or leg stuck, waking up too much so we put them back in and they will not be coming out til she's out of there. Our crib is on the lowest setting too.

Maddie&EthansMom replied: Ethan still has his bumpers on and he's 2. tongue.gif He won't sleep in his crib without them. He has to be wedged in the corner of his bed to sleep and it's best we keep the bumpers on there so the rails don't hurt his head. wink.gif

5littleladies replied: I haven't used bumpers since Meg but that's simply because I haven't had one. tongue.gif I think as long as you feel comfortable you can leave it in there as long as you want. Where the mattress level is shouldn't be an issue.

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