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How do you keep your kids - from eating in the living room?

mckayleesmom wrote: I have tried everything I can think of...but as soon as my back is turned...they grab something and go in the living room with it. I just had to clean my whole living room again because Russell got a piece of bread and broke it up and sprinkled it all over the living room. They also both tried to sneak out of the kitchen with their cereal this morning. Right now they are both in their rooms and are suppose to clean them as punishment.

stella6979 replied: Avery still uses a booster seat so she really can't get out on her own, but even if Jeff and I aren't eating, we'll still sit at the table with her and chat while she's eating. Maybe you could just use that time to sit down with them and talk about the days events or whatever.

MyLilAngel replied: Was there a time were you all use to eat in the living room then stopped? If that is that case, maybe the like eating in the living room because it was comfortable. Also is there a tv in that room? Maybe at one point the got use to eating in front of the tv.

mckayleesmom replied: No...and we do eat at the table for every meal....and eat at the table with them.....But its more like snacks....They will grab something out of the fridge and head to the living room with it.....drives me bonkers.

I have even put a baby gate up and they just climb over it.

MyLilAngel replied: Oh ok. Well everytime they eat in the living room, you should give them a penalty/punishment. They need to learn if they eat in the living room their favorite toy will be taken away, they can't go outside to play, etc. When you tell them "no" they have to know your mean it.

A&A'smommy replied: put locks on everything!!!

luvmykids replied: I agree, you just need to find something that works consistently as a consequence. We've eaten on the couch here and there but it's definitely not the norm, and the kids wouldn't even dare ask laugh.gif

holley79 replied: Food is only had the table and normally I'm sitting there with her.

mysweetpeasWil&Wes replied: Well I hate to say it, but once you let it happen, it's harder to stop. I started when they were really young and just say "eat that in the kitchen". I tell them they have to stay on the pergo floor in the kitchen when eating something. If they step foot on the carpet, which of course they try over and over again (like you said, when I turn my back), I just have to repeat it...Or the food gets taken away.

A small bowl of snacks are okay to me though, like pretzels or raisins. But anything else has to stay in the kitchen area.

Maddie&EthansMom replied: Have supervised snacks and meals. Set a specific time that you will serve snacks and sit there with them. Make sure all snacks are out of their reach so they can't get into them at random times during the day...for those moments that you are in the other room doing something and can't keep a watchful eye on them. Turn off the TV to keep them from being distracted. If the TV is on, chances are they will wander into the living room with food in hand to try and watch it. That's only natural. Right now it sounds like they have access to all snacks and the run of the house. You can put a stop to that, but it's not easy. Be consistent and they will relearn the new way to do things soon. hug.gif

TrulyBlessed replied: I'm STILL fighting this battle. dry.gif

moped replied: Just a rule around here - he knows he has to eat at the table - and he listens OR ELSE!!!!!!! wink.gif

I do allow him to eat in the upstairs living room sometimes if we want to - but that is my discretion

TeesaŽŠ replied: We have a really large, weird shaped living room. Our dining room table is in here so even though technically they're eating in the living room, they're not allowed to eat or drink anything on the couch.

We don't really watch much TV, but if decent cartoons are on, or How It's Made, then they watch them while eating supper. If we bought or rented a movie, we get out the TV dinner trays and we all sit in the LR to watch.

I hate my living room and how it's set up. Whomever designed this place did NOT take real people living here into consideration!!

MommyToAshley replied:
thumb.gif I agree. It won't be easy, you will have to stay on top of it and be there with them when they have all their snacks, but you can do it. Good luck.

Jamison'smama replied: My kid are allowed to have dry snacks in the living room--I vacuum twice a day anyway so it is not a problem for me however, they cannot just get food for themselves. I have almost everything locked. I keep one small cabinet full of healthy snacks that they can get into but rarely do. I agree with Jessie and Aimee--lock things up, it saves a lot of headaches.

jcc64 replied: I don't. They eat all over the house. It's a battle I'm not that interested in fighting, which is why my house looks like a hovel.

ZandersMama replied: We always eat in the living room. It's a small apartment, no dining room, tiny kitchen.

MyLilAngel replied: I understand what your saying ZandersMama. In California it's rare to find an apartment that actually has a dining area. Most place have a kitchen and living areas only. We do have a big counter but only enough room for chairs to be on one side. To the post about suggesting to put locks on everything....that's not a bad idea laugh.gif

lisar replied: I tell them NO and everytime they try and bring something in there I take it away and put it back in the kitchen and then they go and get it. Raygen has learned not to. It just takes time

ZandersMama replied:
It sucks eh. But on the upside, the rent is pretty cheap, only 500 a month and heat is included so i'll just keep vacuuming a hundred times a day tongue.gif

gr33n3y3z replied: You tell them No

My2Beauties replied: Girl....I have a TV in my kitchen for this very reason! laugh.gif

Maddie&EthansMom replied:
Well that's one way to solve it. emlaugh.gif

kimberley replied: never make an exception. when the answer is always no, they stop asking. we live in an open concept split level. my living room is the same room as the dining room and kitchen but they know meal time means sit at the table.

Hillbilly Housewife replied:
That about sums it up.

No means NO.

Calimama replied:

My3LilMonkeys replied:
thumb.gif That's what we do. They always ask first, and they know that 95% of the time the answer will be no. They complain occasionally, but they've learned to listen.

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