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How do I make green beans???? - Help FAST, hubbie's hungry! LOL

GavinsMommy wrote: I have a bunch of cans of green MIL brought them.

Okay so I want to make a can of green beans. My mom makes the BEST green beans, so much flavor. How do I make green beans? LOL...I am so retarded when it comes to cooking certain things. I mean...all I really have is butter, salt, pepper...I think...any suggestions on how to make some tasty green beans?

How do you make YOUR green beans? laugh.gif

TeagansMom609 replied: I like my green beans with just butter and lemon pepper. I LOVE lemon pepper. But green beans are also good with some olive oil, bacon, and onions.

coasterqueen replied: laugh.gif I just nuke them and serve. blush.gif

Jamison'smama replied: If they are canned--I think bacon makes them pretty tasty but I usually just cook the heck out of them with salt and pepper. I don't like the canned taste so I cook them until almost all the liquid is gone--I'm sure I cook all the vitamins out of them but that's the way I like canned greenbeans--they are also great with almonds. The fresh beans are better -sauted with almonds--I have put the canned green beans in a stir fry as well--they are good that way also

jolene555 replied: IMHO, there is only one way to make green beans. Cut up uncooked bacon and onion and fry in whatever pot will hold all the green beans + some liquid. Add some pepper and butter, and make sure to stir CONSTANTLY or it will stick to the bottom and burn. Fry until bacon is nice and crispy (that way the bacon flavor will be mixed with everything. Then add your green beans. Only drain the liquid from half of them, at most. Let them cook until boiled or until you're ready. They are to DIE for.

A&A'smommy replied: I like to cook my with itailian dressing, just drain (leave some water) put a little dressing in and warm them up. YUM smile.gif

alice&arik replied: I like frozen beans! happy.gif I think they are so much crunchier and fresh tasting than canned. Arik loves them too. I never really thought of some of these things you guys mentioned. But I think I might try them out. thumb.gif

GavinsMommy replied: Lol thanks you guys! How pathetic...asking how to cook canned green beans. It's amazing the things I can cook and then I ask how to cook CANNED BEANS! LOL!!!

Unfortunately hubbie got on puter so I couldn't see all of your ideas until after dinner...but I called MIL.

My mom's are the best but I don't have Accent and she uses lots of MIL said to just boil the green bean juice with butter and salt and pepper and then add the beans and cook to a boil again...

I did that but I added a strip of bacon to the juice...then took it out and added the beans..

They were pretty good! Just a tad too much pepper, but tasty all the same smile.gif

kimberley replied: accent huh? do you mind if i ask what your background is? i am half filipino and they are the ONLY people i know who use Accent on a regular basis. if you didn't know, it is MSG. your beans sound very yummy. i like pepper smile.gif

GavinsMommy replied: Kimberley...

I'm really just a regular old white person. LOL. My dad's side is half indian, half scottish. Mom's side is half indian and irish.

My dad's mom's green beans taste just like my mom's. I don't know if she put Accent on them or not but they were so good! She's dead so I can't ask her, but that is what my mom puts on them. And we're not filipino wink.gif I put Accent on a lot of things when I actually have it. I like pepper too wink.gif

jcc64 replied: I like to nuke frozen beans, (i'm not much of a canned veggie lover) and then add some butter, bread crumbs, and grated cheese. Really good.

kit_kats_mom replied: I've always used bacon (bacon bits in a pinch), almonds, onions and a bit of oil. Mmmmmmmmmm

Maddie&EthansMom replied: I don't like canned vegetables unless I am fixing a casserole. I cook fresh green beans with bacon, butter, salt, pepper, almonds or pecans and I use greek seasoning at times. I just boil the green beans until slightly tender, drain them and put them in the iron skillet with the bacon grease for a few minutes...toss with toasted almonds and season with greek seasoning or salt and pepper. yummy.gif yummy.gif

If I do fix canned green beans I will drain the juice off and add a little water, butter, salt and pepper and cook them until they are wrinkly and pretty much dry. tongue.gif

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