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Hey everyone!

Schnoogly wrote: Guess what? Hmmm, I'm posting here, so that must mean...

I'm pregnant! Due around 4/15 I think. Just found out in the last few days. We are really hoping for a HEALTHY one this time smile.gif I'm being very paranoid about the first 6 weeks since that's when the heart is formed. We will have an early Level II u/s at 14 weeks to check the heart and then a fetal echo at 22 weeks for further diagnosis, so that should catch anything. We met with a genetic counselor prior to conceiving and she told us we only have a 3-4% chance of having another with a heart defect.

Iain is doing well, growing like crazy and it's still hyper-active toddler mania around here. He is still nursing as well so we'll see how that goes. I feel pretty good, getting tired already, a little crampy, and bloated, but no other symptoms.

I see Karen is due around the same time! How cool!!

amynicole21 replied: Hooray!!! So glad to hear it. Congrats, and H&H 9 months to you. Hope you can post some more during your pregnancy!

paradisemommy replied: WOW!!! Congrats!!! H&H 9 Months to you!!! We've missed you!!! biggrin.gif

DansMom replied: I was just wondering if we'd ever hear from you again! Congratulations thumb.gif Here's hoping for great ultrasounds and a positive experience throughout, a chance to bond after delivery, and good health for all of you smile.gif Glad to hear Iain is doing well. Toddlers are a laugh a minute, aren't they? Is he throwing any fabulous tantrums these days?

Schnoogly replied: You know it!!! Can't open the door to go put something in the mailbox, or else all hell breaks loose b/c he wants to go outside.

And if he puts ONE MORE THING in the fishtank I'm going to lose it. THis morning: 4 crayons, the flashlight, and he was just about to shove Goodnight Moon in there when I came out of the bathroom laugh.gif And throws a fit when I stop him. We have a mantra here:

Serenity Now, Insanity Later

He is sleeping on my chest right now. Still working on the sleep, but overall MUCH better. We wouldn't have TTC if he weren't sleeping better. He's going to have to nap in his bed sooner or later, because the belly is going to take up all the room!!

jdkjd replied: Congratulations!! I'll cross my fingers that the second one is an easy sleeper for you. biggrin.gif

A&A'smommy replied: WOW congratulations!! I'm wishing you a H&H 9 months!! wub.gif I'm glad to hear Iain is doing well he kinda sounds like Alyssa as far as putting stuff where it shouldnt go including body parts and then going nuts when I tell her no no oh well maybe she will eventually understand.. wink.gif Anyway Welcome back I have been thinking about you! biggrin.gif

Kirstenmumof3 replied: banana.gif CONGRATULATIONS! banana.gif I'm so happy for you! Here's wishing you a Healthy & Happy 9 months!

aspenblue1 replied: Congratulations!!!

MomToMany replied: wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif Congratulations Steph!!! That's great news!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!

We've misssed you around here....

kit_kats_mom replied: Congrats!!!

I hope that Iain treats his mommy well during the pregnancy.

K's been sleeping better and just being a sweetie lately. She's ever started to wean herself. She only asks every other day or so! Wahoooo!

Try to get some rest when you can.


MommyToAshley replied: wavey.gif HELLO! WELCOME BACK!

We've missed you! Congratulations on the PG!! baby.gif What exciting news.

Glad to hear Iain is doing well. You'll have to show us some updated pictures of that handsome lil' guy when you have the chance.

mummy2girls replied: Ive been thinking about you too lately. I was going to post to see if anyone hear from you.

Happy and helthy 9 months.. CONGRATS!!!!!! Thats so exciting! I know what you must feel with the second pregnancy. I went through it with jenna. Expecially the first 12 weeks because that is the time frame the disease jordan had develpos. Im glad you will be able to find out through u/s as i wasnt able as this disease jordan had is not dtectable! Ill be praying that everything goes well. Maby youll have a little girl? smile.gif

coasterqueen replied: OMG! OMG! OMG!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you. Now we can be due date buddies. Hee hee.

My edd is 4/13 but I haven't had that confirmed with my doctor yet. I go for my first appt. on 8/27. I have to go a week early because of the spotting I've had.

You have to keep me posted on how you are doing!!! DH and I ask each other every day "are we sure we should have done this?" Kylie is just still so durn spirited that some days I still have my sanity but most days I don't. rolling_smile.gif

She's NEVER going to potty train and just when I thought she was going to sleep through the night she's decided it's just not her time anymore. She refuses to eat half the time and when she does it's junk food. rolleyes.gif

She scares away every little kid that tries to play with her because she is so super hyper. LOL.

And we can't go ANYWHERE without a tramatic event. Every second of our day seems to be a tramatic event. rolleyes.gif

Glad to see we aren't alone. Hee hee. It's so nice to know someone else is pregnant and has a spirited child. I am so scared and hoping this baby will not be so spirited but DH and I have both said if this one is then we'll at least be prepared for it. rolling_smile.gif We often wonder if the next one isn't what we'll actually do with ourselves. rolling_smile.gif But then we remember that we'll still have our other spirted child. wub.gif rolleyes.gif rolling_smile.gif

booey2 replied: Congratulations, if only we could get off the fence and decide one way or the other on number 3. Praying all goes well with your pg. Nice to see you here again. smile.gif

ediep replied: wow! It is great to hear from you again. COngrats!!!!! Happy and Healthy 9 months to you!!!

I am so glad that Iain is doing well!! He looks like such a sweetie pie!!!!

LOL about the fishtank!!! Jason would do that in a second if we had one, he likes to put stuff in the toilets, bathtubs, trash cans.....anywhere.

Schnoogly replied: Hey, Karen, I KWYM about that panic. I have been feeling pretty calm about it, and the timing is really right for me career-wise, and I have this deep down gut feeling that it will be better with two. Maybe not right away, but it will someday be better. They can drive each other crazy, right??

But the other night after I went to bed (with iain, as DH and I switch nights sleeping with him in his room) I just laid there and had this major panic attack. What if this baby is as impossible as he is? How will I cope? I think we should both hang around some really calm mellow babies so their calm vibes can seep into our bellies.

Iain's behavior has really improved. I can really see that AP has worked for him. He is still major high energy and never, never ever stops moving, but I can prevent most major freakouts with a little planning. He's much less clingy though he still has his moments, and he is much better behaved with other kids than I ever thought he would be. He is going to go to daycare a couple days a week this fall while I work on my dissertation and when we visited he was like a hummingbird, buzzing around the other kids, who just stood there and stared at him. When we go to LLL meetings I never get to hear anything as I'm always chasing him around and all the other toddlers are happily sitting on their mom's lap smile.gif He's a riot though, I am enjoying him a lot more than I did when he was a baby. Right now his major issue is sensitivity--he freaks if something sticks to the roof of his mouth and usually throws up, he can't stand anything sticky, he's very picky about textures of clothes and food, and can't sleep unless it is pitch black. But he has gained a ton of weight the last 6 months and now weighs a whopping 27lbs! About 75% on the weight charts. I never thought I'd see it. Boxes and boxes of chicken nuggets, which are his favorite food, I guess. Not the healthiest, but at least it's protein.

And he has actually peed with his diaper on while sitting on the potty several times, and tells us he has to go, but won't actually pee on the potty w/o a diaper. I think it scares him a little. I thought it would be years too, but he seems to be figuring it out!

I'll try to stop by here more often to see how you're doing! Any symptoms yet? I feel pretty good, just tired, but I'm only 5 weeks tomorrow

coasterqueen replied:
rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif I'm telling you I'm afraid to mow the lawn, listen to loud anything obnoxious that I did when I was pg with Kylie. rolling_smile.gif I've even been listening to classical music in the car. biggrin.gif Something has to work this time. Hee hee.

Sounds like Iain is doing better than Kylie, hee hee. That's good though. I think Kylie was a bit better baby and a worse toddler. ROFL.

I'm feeling good. I had a lot of nausea, lower back pain and cramping for a week or two but now it comes and goes. I had spotting which had the doctor put me on restrictions but the spotting seems to be going away. Hey, I'm only 5 weeks pg too, lol. My symptoms come and go, it's weird. I don't feel any where near tired as I did when I was pg with Kylie. I feel like I have more energy. I'm sure that will fade really quickly!

Do stop by as much as you can ;-) I miss you and Iain!!!! Hey, when is your first visit with the doctor? Mine is 8/27. My doctor wanted to see me a week early because of the spotting/cramping.

((HUGS)) and keep in touch!!!!!

Schnoogly replied: Yeah, I think that's true...we did our major suffering the first year smile.gif Maybe the preschool years will be best for Kylie!

I don't know when my first appt is. I am going to an orientation at the birth center next week to see if they'll take me. I am really, really hoping to deliver there with a midwife rather than at a hospital since I really want BFing to work this time, and I am afraid that if I deliver at a hospital they'll take the baby away immediately for testing to make sure the heart is OK, and I'll miss out on bonding again sad.gif That is, if the testing shows the heart is OK. If not, I'll have to deliver at the same hospital where Iain had his surgeries, and they are a little old-school and super-interventionist. I have not heard one good story from anyone who delivered there, and several horror stories. blink.gif

If the birth center won't take me I am even considering homebirth with a local midwife, but DH is a little freaked about the possibility. The birth center is really the ideal option, so I hope they'll take me!! And I hope I can get my insurance to cover it!!

I have been cramping too, and lower back pain, but it's mostly just when Iain nurses. I feel a little nauseous when he nurses too but that's all. I definitely feel like I have more energy this time. By this time last time I was sleeping 14 hours a night. I guess that's good since there's no way I could do that now!! Also, my nipples are starting to really hurt and I'm really, really hoping Iain weans...I've been trying to slowly wean for a few months but he isn't buying it sad.gif I don't have any milk left and haven't for months, so I am not sure he will give it up because of that. Is Kylie still nursing?

MomToMany replied:
Oh, this is how I felt with Hannnah nursing while I was PG with Kayla. It did get better after the first trimester, but then that nursing agitation set in where I could hardly stand it when she nursed. But she never weaned (still hasn't). Her "yummies" are too important to her.

coasterqueen replied:
Yes, she still is nursing. We are slowly "encouraging" the weaning process though because I don't think I can mentally take tandem nursing especially with as tiring as Kylie already makes me, lol. We are down to a couple of nursings a day and Dh is working on being the one who sleeps all night with her when she wakes which is going pretty well. She mainly nurses right before going to sleep and then in the morning when she wakes up. Sometimes she thinks she "really" needs it at other times and I'll let her nurse then too.

I would LOVE to have a homebirth and/or a midwife but we don't have them around here and DH doesn't want me to do a homebirth because of having to have a c/s the first time. So we are stuck with the hospital but I've gotten him to agree to having a doula there. I soooo hope for a VBAC this time around, but who knows when I'm huge and 9 months pg, I might be begging for the c/s. rolling_smile.gif

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