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Help me think of a new name.

DillsMommy wrote: I was thinking something like: My2LilMen or MamasGot2Monkeys.
Come on guys, help me think of something cute.... tongue.gif

Danalana replied: laugh.gif I saw the title and I thought you were pregnant again!
Ummmm, I have to recover from that before I can think tongue.gif

DillsMommy replied: Lol.

Anthony275 replied: my2lilmen

Danalana replied: Okay...after much deliberation (and by by "much deliberation", I mean it just came to me), I have come up with the ultimate name:


I'm serious!

luvmykids replied: They're all cute! wub.gif

momofone replied: doublethefun

holley79 replied: I like mamasgot2monkeys wub.gif

momofone replied:

DillsMommy replied:
Me too. Can someone change it for me please--but only if I don't lose my post number. It took me too long to get this far. lol.

Calimama replied: That's cute!! Good choice!

A&A'smommy replied:
haha you wont loose your post number!! PM mommytoAshley (DeeDee) she will get it changed for you!

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