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Has anyone seen.... - 2 questions in one.....

punkeemunkee'smom wrote: Ice Age and Ice Age 2? Bill wanted to take Tay to the movies to see Ice Age 2 this weekend but she has not seen #1 yet and I told him she will be just as happy to have a movie night at home and I can buy Ice Age at Walmart and make popcorn get boxes of candy here because I have heard mixed reviews of #2 from a few people. So since I trust your opinions has anyone seen either movie or both? How are they for a 4 (very close to 5) year old? She probably would not know the difference if we saw one or the other since she has just seen previews. laugh.gif For some reason a family night at home is sounding so much funner to me! blush.gif

JP&KJMOM replied: Abbie we rented part 1 for them to watch and then mom took them to see part 2. Both of the kids loved part 2 and my mom did too.

punkeemunkee'smom replied:
Did your kids think part 2 was better? I know there was a reason we never rented or bought part 1 , I just can't think of it now- wacko.gif laugh.gif

Sarah&Mackenzie replied: I have seen Ice Age and I liked it!! Haven't been able to see Ice Age 2 yet!

punkeemunkee'smom replied: I just read a review for Ice Age (the first one) Here it is in part.....

blink.gif Why do they always kill the mom??? huh.gif emlaugh.gif Was that a pretty pointed part? Does anyone know? Taylor is the type that will get so upset by something like that if it is well understood sad.gif Maybe that is why we did not see it yet! laugh.gif rolleyes.gif

A&A'smommy replied: we have ice age 1 and I LOVE it, alyssa hasn't watched it yet but she is only two. And we haven't seen too yet but the first one is really good!!

mckayleesmom replied: Mckaylee and Russell love Ice Age and its one that I like too.....I like the humor in it and the Sloth is funny. Haven't seen part 2 yet.

luvmykids replied: We have Ice Age 1 and haven't watched it yet, I've been a little afraid of the same thing, someone dying or something scaring them.

punkeemunkee'smom replied: Monica this put my fears to rest a bit! I love this site I have not used it for awhile and forgot that they reviewed DVDs too!

Family Media Reviews

I think we will get it after all and have a family night at the movies! I called Bill and I think he is disappointed about not going to the theater! laugh.gif He said well the 2nd one looks funny! So we may end up doing both! laugh.gif

ashtonsmama replied: Yes, seen Ice Age 1 and 2...with my sister's kids. And there is one pretty scary part in Ice Age 2, even Allison and I jumped a just be warned...and maybe let Tay know...or maybe wait for it on video...JMO

punkeemunkee'smom replied:
OK THANK YOU! hug.gif She had a realization the other day while watching Racing Stripes for the 100th time that the mom of the little girl (She is a teenager) was dead. I looked over at her during a part where she is usually laughing and she had tears running down her face! It broke my heart so we are on CAREFUL mode even more so than usual right now! Thank you again! hug.gif

How is Ashton? baby.gif

luvmykids replied: thumb.gif Thanks!

DVFlyer replied: Seen Ice Age about a million times. Haven't seen #2 yet. Some friends saw it and said they didn't like it. Almost everyone else I've talked with has said they did, though.

3xsthefun replied: The girls have seen Ice Age but they haven't seen Ice Age 2.

Kaitlynn liked Ice Age pretty good, Maegan she didn't sit through it very long.

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