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HELP! FOOTBALL IS ON!!!! - Lets yell at the tv as loud as we can...

A&A'smommy wrote: Oh My God, my dh is as bad as my dad except my dad changes the channel when his team is loosing. Im not a big sports fan i will watch it sometimes but most of the time i would rather not watch it im more into the arts. Anyways i dont see why we have to yell at people that can't hear us dry.gif . But then again i yell at my dh to stop yelling and he "can't" hear me rolleyes.gif.
This morning Jeremiah got up and started cleaning and i was thinking thats so amazing he is straightening up without me asking him too, i wasnt going to ask him anyways i was going to do it after i got through getting dressed and after he woke up so i wouldnt bother him anyways i was thinking i wonder why he is being so sweet and now i know laugh.gif he wanted to watch football...LOL!!! Anyways i cant help but be nice because his buttering helped....hmmm i cant help but laugh. For some odd reason im in the greatest mood!!!!!
Ya'll arent going to believe the dream i had this morning i dreamed that some dead deer that were hanging up turned into people and untied there ancles to run from the other dead deer that came to life because these people that didnt believe in hunting started having a fit, i pitched a fit because those dumb people made the deer stampede us and one ran into me and might have hurt my baby but i woke up so i dont know if it did in my dream or not....its was so weird!!!!

chloe&tysmommy replied: I am so lucky, my dh doesn't watch sports at all although I'm sure my brother is sitting at home yelling at the t.v also rolling_smile.gif

And wow, that is definitely a WEIRD dream unsure.gif

Guest replied: LOL!!!! rolling_smile.gif

Okay well I guess I'm bad because I'm watching FSU play Maryland right now and I'm screaming at the TV. I'm a DIEHARD Noles fan and I just can't help it. Jade is running around the house talking loudly like her Mommy. We all ready watched Marshall loose and that has made her Daddy upset. FSU has to win.

MomToJade&Jordan replied: Dangit...That was me.

Go Noles!!!!!!!!

ediep replied: I can't stand football....but the good thing is that the season is pretty short

Dh is a MAJOR baseball fan.....I don't mind watching a game once in a while, but come is the never ending season!

kit_kats_mom replied:
woo hoo! GO NOLES!!! DH bought Katherine a garnet and gold small nerf football last week. He taught her to stand in front of the tv, hug the football and say "hup, hup, hup" while she bounces up and down. She performed it tonight for our friends! LOL Next goal....seminole chop. rolling_smile.gif

MomToJade&Jordan replied:
Oh cool. I was doing the chop for Jade and when I stopped doing it she grabbed my hand to make me do it and she tried to do the chant. It was so cute. Everytime I would point at the screen and say something she would do the same thing. Yes I have a little football fan in the making over here. I will have her doing the chop by the end of the season. They got it going after that shakey start though. I was so proud of them. They looked really good. I got all misty eyed when they panned back and showed the whole stadium. I have got to get back there for another game. I can just picture Jade in all sorts of Nole gear doing the chop right there at Doak Cambell. I guess I can dream.

A&A'smommy replied: LOL ya'll are so crazy rolling_smile.gif !!!!

CantWait replied: I HATE FOOTBALL!!!!! However I am quilty at yelling at the t.v. during a hockey game.

GO LEAFS GO!!!!! LOL redbounce.gif

A&A'smommy replied: I like football when alabama is doing good and they arent on freakin probation those dummies!!! Anyways my dh is an Auburn fan lol (they are in alabama too). Lol auburn sucks this year, well so far happy.gif .

Mommieto2Girls replied: I love football !!!!!!

Go Miami Dolphins !!!!!!

dolfinrse replied: We are Raiders Fans here!!! biggrin.gif

MomToJade&Jordan replied: Well so far so good for my football teams this weekend. The Noles won and the Giants won. Now the Bucs have to beat those Eagles tonight and all of my teams will have won.

jdkjd replied: Go Noles and Go Bucs!!!

We're working on the chop but the only cheer Bailey knows is DA-DI, DA-DI! tongue.gif

MomToJade&Jordan replied:
Hey it's close enough. Jade will do the chop by the end of the season. I have made it my goal. She all ready tries to do the chant part. thumb.gif

supermom replied: ROFL - and I thank goodness my DH dosn't care at all for football - or much of any sport on TV - yahoo!! He'll watch a car race or something, but doesn't plan his life around it.

And that WAS a wierd dream! Ain't pg dreams something? I always had the strangest dreams when I was pg - I just couldn't remember any of them.

BTW Jessyann - how are you feeling?

Maddie&EthansMom replied: Yep, fortunate here, too. We both HATE football. We hate sports, period. It is nice to have those evenings doing something other than watching your DH watch sports. On second thought, if he were watching sports he wouldn't be griping at me for being on the computer or doing things I enjoy!! Oh well! rolling_smile.gif

A&A'smommy replied: hey
yeah i think i have always had weird dreams anyways but they are really bad now!! Actually im feeling great i have had a very easy pregnancy so far the only thing is the swelling i woke up this morning and my hands were so swollen that i couldnt harldy move them so i stuck them in some cold water and kept them moving for a while and i didnt know your toes could get so big!! Yesterday i was eating and my feet were swollen well i was so hungry that i didnt really notice when my feet got cold (we keep the air down really low!) and the next time i looked at them they looked kinda purple well at first i thought it was just me so i asked my dh and he was like omg yes they are so he warmed them up for me because he got really worried after that i kept socks on my anyways other than that im great thanks!!! how are you and your new baby?

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