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HAPPY BIRTHDAY-ANN[camsmom1]!! - wanted to be 1st 2 post!!--it's midnite

1lilpeanut2love wrote: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Happy Birthday to You!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!

cool.gif HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANN tongue.gif

banana.gif birthday.gif birthday.gif forum_balloon.gif sunflower.gif party2.gif partying.gif blahblah.gif popcorn2.gif babybottleburp.gif djdance.gif woohoo.gif woohoo.gif birthday.gif forum_balloon.gif beer.gif jazzband.gif partysmiley.gif silly.gif redbounce.gif BubbleGum.gif groupwave.gif clapsmiley.gif popcorn2.gif birthday2.gif greenapple.gif redbounce.gif party.gif partysmiley.gif jazzband.gif silly.gif beer.gif birthday.gif forum_balloon.gif sunflower.gif grouphug.gif groupwave.gif ::
We all really miss you!! imissu.gif It has been so darn different with your absence! You liven the board up!!
I hope you have a GREAT 24th Birthday!! HAVE FUN!! Don't party to HARD!! HEHEHEEHEH LOL

luvmykids replied: Oh you stinker! I wanted to be first, you're a time zone ahead of me!


We miss you, it just isn't the same without you! Hope your 24th birthday is awesome, and I hope you feel loved, appreciated, and super special! I know the year ahead is going to be the best one yet! Love you!
forum_balloon.gif forum_balloon.gif forum_balloon.gif forum_balloon.gif forum_balloon.gif forum_balloon.gif forum_balloon.gif

1lilpeanut2love replied:
I am so, so, so sorry Monica!! I thought I would do it since she was the 1st to post for my Birthday!! Sorry again!! happy.gif cool.gif

luvmykids replied:
I'm totally joking, sorry if I made you feel bad! blush.gif hug.gif

See Ann, you've got us fighting over here over who gets to be the first to wish you Happy Birthday! rolling_smile.gif

1lilpeanut2love replied: I was just playing too!!

LMAO!! rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

luvmykids replied:
pthhh.gif Ok, you got me rolling_smile.gif

Edward's Mommy replied: I wanted to be first to wish her a happy birthday too!!! mad.gif justjoking.gif laugh.gif

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ANNIE!!!! LOVE YOU ANNIE!!!! wub.gif party.gif partysmiley.gif jazzband.gif banana.gif birthday.gif forum_balloon.gif sunflower.gif grouphug.gif gift.gif sun.gif groupwave.gif party2.gif partydance.gif partying.gif hug.gif imissu.gif love2.gif djdance.gif banana2.gif woohoo.gif swinging.gif birthday2.gif cheerleader.gif elephant.gif greenapple.gif


ilovemybaby replied: Happy Birthday Ann!!!

Can't wait to have you back.

MM'sMama replied: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANN!!!!!

party.gif partysmiley.gif birthday.gif forum_balloon.gif sunflower.gif horray.gif groupwave.gif sun.gif party2.gif partydance.gif partying.gif birthday2.gif cheerleader.gif elephant.gif greenapple.gif

I miss you like crazy girlie!!! I hope your enjoying and getting a lot of what you wanted to done. hug.gif hug.gif hug.gif hug.gif

gr33n3y3z replied: birthday.gif Annie party.gif partysmiley.gif jazzband.gif
forum_balloon.gif grouphug.gif party2.gif partying.gif

PrairieMom replied: party.gif

kayla's mama replied: Happy Birthday, Ann

party.gif partysmiley.gif jazzband.gif redbounce.gif birthday.gif birthday.gif birthday.gif forum_balloon.gif gift.gif gift.gif party2.gif partying.gif djdance.gif

Miss ya girl!!!!

mom21kid2dogs replied: thumb.gif Have a wonderful birthday, Ann!! thumb.gif

KingMom replied: partysmiley.gif
Have a great day!

Bee_Kay replied: birthday.gif HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANN!!! birthday.gif

Have a WONDERFUL day Ann !!!!

(ps: I was also thinking about posting at midnight... but I fell asleep at 11 LOL) laugh.gif

3xsthefun replied: Happy Birthday Ann
party.gif jazzband.gif birthday.gif groupwave.gif party2.gif partydance.gif partying.gif djdance.gif

Hope you have a great day!!

Sarah&Mackenzie replied: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! party.gif birthday.gif banana.gif

luvbug00 replied: IT'S YOUR BRITHDAY!!!! WHOOOO WHOOOOO!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANN!!!!!!!!! party.gif redbounce.gif djdance.gif woohoo.gif

BAC'sMom replied: Happy Birthday Ann!

zdk753 replied: user posted image Happy Birthday Ann!

mckayleesmom replied: Happy Birthday!!

Kaitlin'smom replied: HAPPY BIRTHDAY

party.gif partysmiley.gif party.gif partysmiley.gif party.gif partysmiley.gif party.gif partysmiley.gif party.gif

JP&KJMOM replied: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANN! party.gif birthday.gif forum_balloon.gif horray.gif partying.gif

C&K*s Mommie replied: partydance.gif woohoo.gif rolling_smile.gif HAPPY BIRTHDAY! forum_balloon.gif birthday.gif gift.gif

Bee_Kay replied: bump

Insanemomof3 replied: jazzband.gif jazzband.gif birthday.gif birthday.gif birthday.gif partying.gif partydance.gif djdance.gif birthday2.gif cheerleader.gif

~Roo'sMama~ replied: Happy Birthday! hug.gif

CantWait replied: Happy Birthday Girl, hope you have a heck of a day!!!!! partysmiley.gif

jacobsmama replied: Happy Birthday Ann!

Please come back soon we miss you!! I hope your birthday was great. I hope you and Cam and Hubby did something really fun!!

jazzband.gif birthday.gif forum_balloon.gif sunflower.gif party2.gif partying.gif birthday2.gif elephant.gif greenapple.gif

ETA:As much as I miss you I'm proud of you for keeping your promise! hug.gif

Nina J replied: birthday2.gif party2.gif Happy Birthday Ann!! party2.gif birthday2.gif

mommymonster replied: Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!
partysmiley.gif jazzband.gif banana.gif birthday.gif forum_balloon.gif sunflower.gif horray.gif gift.gif gift.gif gift.gif grouphug.gif sun.gif groupwave.gif party2.gif partying.gif cloud9.gif banana2.gif swinging.gif cheerleader.gif birthday2.gif groovy.gif greenapple.gif

Our Lil' Family replied: HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

redchief replied: Hmmm... I may be the last to wish you a happy birthday. Happy birthday Anne!!!

jazzband.gif birthday.gif birthday.gif forum_balloon.gif birthday.gif birthday.gif jazzband.gif
birthday2.gif birthday2.gif partying.gif partying.gif birthday2.gif birthday2.gif

MyBrownEyedBoy replied: I simply can't let Ed get the last word in on this one.

Happy Birthday Anne. We have missed you, but I hope things are going smoothly at home.

CAMSMOM1 replied: THANK YOU!!!!!! This post just topped off my day! cloud9.gif I can't believe all the sweet words you all have written! hug.gif Thank you from the bottom of my heart! iloveyou.gif I will post a message about what's been going on with me. You have no idea how much I've missed you all! hug.gif hug.gif hug.gif hug.gif hug.gif hug.gif hug.gif hug.gif Thanks for making this birthday so special! iloveyou.gif cloud9.gif

amymom replied: I posted on a different thread I think??? I know I wished you a happy Birthday earlier in the day. idontknow.gif bigthink.gif

Any way,

groupwave.gif birthday.gif forum_balloon.gif birthday.gif groupwave.gif

(maybe i'll be last. It is 11:50pm EST)

holley79 replied: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANN!!!!!!!!

birthday.gif birthday.gif birthday.gif birthday.gif birthday.gif birthday.gif birthday.gif

NEWMOM05 replied: Happy Birthday Ann!!!!!!!

I've been out of town, but I made sure I checked once to see how you're doing.

party.gif partysmiley.gif jazzband.gif birthday.gif forum_balloon.gif birthday.gif birthday.gif birthday.gif groupwave.gif groupwave.gif groupwave.gif groupwave.gif groupwave.gif groupwave.gif We all miss you.imissu.gif Hope itwas a great day, since it's almost over.

CAMSMOM1 replied: Thank you! You guys are wonderful! I'm so blessed with such awesome friends! wub.gif I just noticed I got 2 threads for my birthday! I feel like a very special girl right now! cloud9.gif wub.gif

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