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Frying a turkey?

coasterqueen wrote: Okay someone please tell me SERIOUSLY if I'm acting stupid about this. SERIOUSLY. wink.gif

We are in charge of Christmas dinner (on Christmas Eve) this year for DH's family and he's a bit stressed out about it because he knows I won't be able to help out much and his sister and her family will be there while we are trying to cook, etc. Anyways DH emailed me wanting to know if we could fry the turkey so the oven was free for other things.

I am soooo against this and my only reason is it seems tradition to cook the turkey in the oven...we've always done it this way. I've also only had fried turkey once and don't remember what it tasted like. Albeit I'm sure it's good, I've heard it is...I don't know if I wanna take the chance. tongue.gif We go to my grandma's on Christmas Day and she serves the turkey on Christmas Eve is my last time to have it until Thanksgiving next year. blush.gif

Seriously am I just being plain hormonal and silly and should I just let DH fry the darn turkey? Only honesty accepted wink.gif.

Edit: I must add Dh will go with what I want but he's completely shocked that I'm being silly about this (as he put it, lol).

Boys r us replied: Honey, if he's cooking let him cook it any way he darn well pleases wink.gif

Seriously, fried turkey is DELICIOUS!!!

amynicole21 replied: Yummmm, I love fried turkey!!! yummy.gif

I do know what you mean about breaking tradition though. It's really very easy to fry a turkey though, and there isn't much you can do to screw it up. If DH is stressing, I say let him fry it.

Could someone else cook the turkey and bring it over in time for dinner?

kit_kats_mom replied: I love fried turkey and it's nice of DH to attempt to try and take some of the dinner duties from you. However, maybe you could just order a smoked turkey from Harry and Davids or something? That way, you get a yummy dinner with very little work.

coasterqueen replied:
I honestly don't know why he's stressing except it's more of money issue to be frank. rolleyes.gif Everything is a money issue with him though. tongue.gif

My mom would cook it but I'm not going to ask her to do that. What I mean by tradition is we've ALWAYS cooked turkey in the oven and it seems to be the "traditional" way of cooking turkey. I guess I remember getting up with my mom when I was little in the middle of the night to check on the turkey etc.. It seems like frying it just takes away all that tradition.

Ok maybe I'm being silly. I'll let him cook it however he wants BUT I'm not helping him cook anything else then! tongue.gif biggrin.gif

gr33n3y3z replied: I never had fried turkey before But Redchief does it in the BBQ grill now thats yummy thumb.gif

MomToJade&Jordan replied: You know I did this last Thanksgiving. There are about three of us who have smokers so at least one of them is going. Last year we had smoked ham and turkey and I cooked a small turkey breast in the oven because I had to have that smell in the house. I will probably do that again this year. Fried turkey is heavenly though. I can understand if you want something traditional. It just goes so much quicker if it is fried.

darrylswifeskylersmom replied: any turkey is good!!!
and if hes cooing it.. let him do it his way!!!
i wish darryl would cook turkey!
your lucky@!

coasterqueen replied:
Haa haa! It's his family...there's no way I'm accepting the responsibility all on my own wink.gif. My mother did that and I saw how stressed out she was over it. If Ryan wants to have his family for a big dinner...he's in charge. tongue.gif Although he requires me to grocery shop, clean and prepare the menu for the event....which is why I have a say in how the turkey gets cooked. biggrin.gif

ediep replied: I have no experience with a fried turkey, I never had one and I don't have a fryer. I personally, wouldn't do it just because it is so fattening.

If I were pregnent, however, I probabaly would laugh.gif

A&A'smommy replied: it might be easier to go with the fried turkey BUT if you think it would be worth it go with your heart.... or tradition lol!

kimberley replied:
lol i agree. plus, aren't you going to have roast turkey on thanksgiving? it would be a nice change for christmas. dunno.gif

coasterqueen replied:
You are a sly one Kimberley wink.gif. Yes we are having a roasted one for Thanksgiving...or at least my mom BETTER be. tongue.gif Oooh maybe I should ask her, though. biggrin.gif

I gave DH my opinion about how I'd like it but that I'd be fine with him frying it and now he's just being a big baby "reading" into my emails so who knows what he'll do. He's giving me the silent treatment right now. biggrin.gif

Maddie&EthansMom replied: I say let him fry it!! yummy.gif BTW- HOw sweet is he for putting thought into it. wub.gif My DH wants to plan everything at our house, but he doesn't help plan and doesn't help with the duties. dry.gif

Kaitlin'smom replied: well I have never had fried turkey but DH has and he loves it. We to are doing both thanksgiving and christmas (his side) at our home so I have to cook 2 turkeys and ham, I will slow cook it, his grandmother has a well its like a big crock pot except it does get brown, I dunno what it is, its old and works great, it will cook out in the garage and everyting else either brought or cooked inside.

I also love the smell, maybe you can have him fry it and you cook a small on inside so you get the best of both worlds

MomToMany replied: thumb.gif DH fries a turkey once in awhile, and it is SO GOOD! But I wouldn't let him do it for Thanksgiving or another holiday though. There's something about taking the time to roast it in the oven that's so "traditional", if you KWIM.

I like oven roasted turkey better though. It's more juicy.

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