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Frustration and anxiety

Danalana wrote: We're TTC after an early miscarriage last month. I'm just so frustrated with waiting and hoping I don't start cramping, etc...I just know I can be a good mother. we have probably tried about a year in all...i have a hard time with intimacy, so there have been times when it didn't happen during ovulation. I have been checked out; no endometriosis...everything is fine. In fact, I actually got pregnant, right? So, I know we can do this. This just stresses me out, you know? Did any of you have a hard time conceiving?

Nina J replied: I didnt have a hard time conceiving with this baby, it was unintentional. Try to relax a bit, stress and anxiety can affect your chances of conceiving. It must be frustrating, but it'll happen soon hug.gif hug.gif

Danalana replied: I've tried not to think about it. It's not easy when all you ever wanted was to be a mother. but I understand what you're saying....thanks.

Nina J replied: I think if I were in your position it would be constantly on my mind. Maybe if you just did some relaxing things?? hug.gif

I forgot to say good luck in my last post wink.gif

amymom replied:
This really is the hardest part. Especially when intimacy is hard for one of the partners. Yes I did go through what you are. My son was born 6 years after we began trying and my dd surprised us 6 years later. The real truth is, and I can say this only because I have been there, that the secret is to relax about the situation. If in fact it is possible for your guys to become pregnant, than relaxing does do the trick, at least did with us. (that's a long story)

Know that you are always in my prayers.

Danalana replied: Well, relaxing is pretty much out for now. I've cried almost everytime we have had sex, but I just feel like it's gonna happen this time. I'm pretty sure i've ovulated...we timed it exactly right. I know what to look for and how to monitor things. yeah, I just think it's gonna happen this time.

DillsMommy replied: Good luck. hug.gif
I know from experience that it happens when your not trying. I know it must be hard, but try not to worry about it so much. Whats meant to be will be. hug.gif

kit_kats_mom replied: hug.gif I have really irregular cycles so it was difficult for us. I used the tcoyf software that I downloaded from thier website. Did the temp charting and plugged my numbers into the software. It told me when to DTD and after 3 months, a little baby face popped up one day. I'd have never tested that early otherwise, but I was pregnant.

Good luck. I'm sorry you are having issues right now and I'm sorry for your loss. That has to be really hard.

Danalana replied: It's kinda sad that it happens when you're not trying. I'm always trying laugh.gif
Seriously, I daydream about it all day long. I didn't just start wanting babies after I became an adult. I've wanted them since I was a little girl. I wish sex was something that I just enjoyed and could be carefree about it, but I can't. I'm hopeful that I can someday, though (I'm in therapy).

HuskerMom replied:
I agree. It took us 5 years to get pregnant. I was so impatient and frustrated but it just happened. I'm scared it'll take that long next time. Good luck smile.gif

MyBabeMaddie replied: Have you talked to anyone about not enjoying sex I know there are many things you can try to start to enjoy it! I don't know much about TTC but I wish you the best of luck!

Danalana replied: Well, I'm in therapy....and I try to think positive things when we do it. I have even prayed through love-making before. It's not a physical problem, so it's hard to just fix it I guess.

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