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Freshly dried laundry

C&K*s Mommie wrote: Where do you fold it?

Do you fold it while taking the clothes out of the dryer?
Or at a folding table in the laundry room?
Or on a bed, kitchen table, or LR floor, etc....?

If you have fresh sun dried clothes from out on the clothes line, do you fold outside as you are taking it down, or inside of the house.

Just curious. smile.gif
My MIL mentioned that I should fold clothes as I take them from the dryer it would save time and not create a pile up of clean clothes. However, I like to have them build up and fold them either on a bed, or bring them to the LR to stack & fold.

TheOaf66 replied: when I do the laundry I tend to fold them in our bedroom on the bed, then i can put each load away as it is folded

Kaitlin'smom replied: blush.gif I dont have much to fold, most of ours is on hangers. Sorry but I just can see the point of folding undies or socks, and if DH wants his socks together its up to him. Sheets and towles I either fold in the living room or off the bed. Its just more room, my laundry room is not that big and not a place I really want to spend my time.

coasterqueen replied: Depends on how far behind I'm with everything else that needs to be done, lol. I always take out and either lay flat on dryer or hang up anything that would normally be hung up. If I'm extremely busy the rest (towels, socks, etc) get thrown into a basket and tended to later. If I have to fold them later then where I fold them depends on what I'm doing as well. happy.gif If I'm watching a dvr'ed show it's the living room on the coffee tables. If the girls are taking a bath in their bathroom I'll fold the stuff right there in their bathroom . If they are taking a bath in our tub then I'll fold them on the master bed since I can see them right there. Otherwise, if I'm not extremely busy I'll fold them right there in the laundry room as I'm taking the stuff out.

holley79 replied: emlaugh.gif Fold laundry, your supposed to fold it. Are you kidding me. LOL

Just kidding. I fold it when I feel like it. Normally I have to run the dryer a couple time because I leave them in there and have to get the wrinkles out. What kind of person am I?

mammag replied:
That's exactly what I do. Then I just call everyone to come and get their own to put away. I put away mine, dhs and Keegans.

gr33n3y3z replied: I throw the clothes on the couch then sort the piles
I fold mine and Eds and the towels sheets ect
But the kids take their own away and fold and put away

BAC'sMom replied:

I like your idea Lisa. tongue.gif I tend to fold mine right after it comes out of the dryer.Dh on the other could live out of a clothes basket. mad.gif

3xsthefun replied: I usually fold the laundry own our bed, after I fold the clothes, I get Kaitlynn to put hers away.

AlexsPajamaMama replied: We share a laundry room with the other tenants in our building so I bring my laundry upstairs from the laundry room and fold it at the kitchen table or on the couch.

When I do my laundry at my dad's house I fold it as I take it out of the dryer

When I used to live at my Dad's house and we hung laundry on the line outside, I always folding it as I took it off the line.

ashtonsmama replied: Or on a bed, kitchen table, or LR floor, etc....?

Usually living room here.

luvmykids replied: I used to let it pile up and then have a folding marathon on the couch while I caught up on the DVR but now I fold/hang as it comes out of the dryer and put it away right away too.

Brias3 replied: I vary. Sometimes, I'll take it upstairs and do it in my room or the family room or something if anyone requires my presence in the room laugh.gif but other times, I like to just quick fold it as I'm taking it out.

I never sundry anything but bathing suits and beach towels (hang them over the railing or fence) so can't say there.

Bee_Kay replied: I fold mine right out of the dryer and stack them on top of the dryer and put them away (sometimes wink.gif ).

If I hang them outside on the clothesline, I fold them right off the line and put them into a laundry basket.

Hillbilly Housewife replied: with the amount of laundry we go through... I let a couple loads pile up in baskets once they're out of the dryer... then I take it out into the main part of the basement, in the playroom, dump it all on the couch, and fold it with the kids. They pick out their clothes from the pile - they sort it for me. That's when we talk about colors, and color mixes... like red and blue make purple... and we count the socks, play the sock matching game, put all the pants together, the shirts together, sweaters, underwear...Then while I fold mine and dh's, the towels and sheets, the kids try to fold their own. Then we put them all in individual baskets, and it all gets put away at quiet time. And yes, it can take a couple hours that day. laugh.gif

I'm a big believer in independance as young as it can be - my kids are somewhat responsible for their own laundry. They have to put their dirty clothes in the hamper, and they help to sort the dirty clothes, as well as to put it in the washer, dryer, and they help to fold and put away. Of course I re-do it, but not when they can see me re-do it. They get to have fun while doing a chore, it gives them responsibility, and they're really proud of themselves, too.

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