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Eye color - When does it change?

msoulz wrote: I remember my blue-eyed boy turned hazel then brown and the brown wasn't done until after his first birthday, but I don't remember when he started to change. I'm wondering if my blue-eyed girl will stay that way!

Was everyone else's babies born with blue eyes? To what color did they change and when? What color are mom & dad's eyes? I have brown and my husband has blue. My dad has hazel so we thought maybe my son would have stayed hazel but he went brown!

MyLuvBugs replied: My daughters eyes never did change, but my mom says that mine went from blue, to green, to hazel, to brown in 4 months. She was really hoping they'd stay green or hazel, but brown they are. smile.gif lol

Edward's Mommy replied: Edward's eyes have been blue since he was born but he's only 7 months. My mom told me that my eyes were grey when I was born and then they turned green. Now they go back and forth from grey to green!

kit_kats_mom replied: Babies are generally born with either dark or light eyes. Light eyed babies are almost always blue eyed at first. Then it can stay the same, go lighter, darker whatever. My oldest's eyes changed until she was two. Born blue, she's now a blue grey. Our ped said that he's seen babies eyes change up till 4 years old but that most are done by the end of the first year. My youngest was born with almost black eyes and they've stayed that way.

My3LilMonkeys replied: Both my girls are as bright blue-eyed as the day they were born. I hope they never change and don't really expect them to - DH and I both have blue eyes.

CAMSMOM1 replied: Ok, so I looked it up in my book, "What to Expect The First Year" by Arlene Eisenberg.

Here's what it says:

" (newborns) It's to early to now their eye color after they are born. Most Caucasian babies are born with dark blue or slate-colored eyes; most Black and Oriental infants with dark, usually brown, eyes. While the dark eyes or darker skinned babies stay dark, the eye color of white babies may go through a number of changes before it's set somewhere between 3 to 6 months, or even later. And since the pigmentation of the iris may continue increasing during the entire first year, the depth of color may not be clear until around the baby's first birthday. "

I hope that helps! So to sum up, usually lighter skinned babies (but always not the case) are born with lighter eyes, you won't know the real color until the 1st birthday. wink.gif

Cameron's went from a dark blue, to a bright blue, and have stayed that way. happy.gif

MamaJAM replied: I've had several docs tell me that eye color stops changing by 18 months....though DD#1's eyes changed until she was nearly 3 years old.

As far as my kids eye colors -
DD#1 - born with black eyes (you could not tell the pupil from the iris...they were that dark) - they changed from brown to blue - then back to dark brown when she was 3 - she has brown eyes now at 13 years old
DD#2 - born with dark brown eyes - lightened slightly to med brown
DD#3 - born with 'faded denim'-blue eyes - never changed
DS#1 - born with deep blue eyes - turned hazel when he was about 1 year old
DS#2 - born with bright blue eyes - never changed

DH has brown eyes - I have blue.

Jamielou replied: i was wondering the same thing. my first daughters eyes were blue and stayed that way. then my 2nd daughters eys were bright blue and now look a little hazel on some days and some they still look blue. she will be 2 years old next month i am pretty sure they will turn hazel.

MyBlueEyedBabies replied: My eyes went from almost a clear blue (literally looked like I had the outer blue ring then nothing between that and the blacks of my eyes) to Green when i was 15. I was still in denial so my first drivers license said blue eyes. Dh did the same thing blue to green as a teenager.

TeagansMom609 replied: Teagan was born with blue eyes and they lightened to light blue. Matthew has blue eyes now and im sure they will stay blue.

1moremakes4 replied: My eyes are hazel and my husband's are brown. My mother's are blue, though. Taylor was born with blue eyes and they never changed. smile.gif So far, Kamryn still has her blue eyes. We're crossing our fingers that they will stay. happy.gif

Jamison'smama replied: Jamison's were hazel until almost her 2nd birthday---they are now brown

Jack's are hazel now at 14 months--so we'll see.

Dh has hazel and I have brown eyes.

msoulz replied: So we may not know for another couple of years - That's OK, we'll keep her anyway!! emlaugh.gif

Thanks for the info and for sharing!

CAMSMOM1 replied:

Nah, not a couple years. Like it said above, more like 3-6 months, a year tops. wink.gif

MyPrincessGirls replied: My 1st DD was born with dark blue eyes.. almost purple in color.. now they are slate coloured... blue with lots of grey in them.

my 2nd DD (born Feb 22nd 2006) was born with dark brown.
My girls have different fathers so most likely my littlest's eyes will not change.

1st DD's father has brown eyes
2nd DD's father has brown as well

I have blue.
2nd dd's father's family does not have a recessive blue eye gene.. where as 1st DD's father's family does.

am I making sense? lol

msoulz replied: Just past 4 months and I don't think her eyes are as blue as they used to be! WE shall see . . . blush.gif

CosmetologyMommy replied: My son is almost 7 months and he still has his blue eyes. I am white and his dad is mexican so that is really rare!

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