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Eleven Children in Ohio - Kept in cages

redchief wrote: I read this morning in the paper about these poor kids in Ohio. They were kept in cages built into the walls. These kids were all under the state's "protection" either currently or at one time. What is wrong with this world?

Boys r us replied: ...and to think..they haven't abused or neglected them!! OMG!!!!! growl.gif

Kaitlin'smom replied: bawling.gif I know I heard about this earlier, its soooo sad and why was the home never checked or if it was why dont they do ramdom checks. I feel sooo bad, I would love to open my home to kids who need me, I just dont have the room right now.

ammommy replied: What made me angriest about this was that these were foster parents growl.gif I can't believe the grandmother stood up for her daughter saying that the kids were happy.

punkeemunkee'smom replied: mad.gif There has been no charges filed as of Monday night???!!!??? mad.gif WTH!?! How were these people approved to be foster parents? There are people out there begging for a child in their home and there are creeps like this that get 11 of them? The scariest part is they went looking for the oppurtunity to have these kids(who if they were wards of the state had already been negected) In that house. WHY??? And if its not ABUSE where were the cages that the parents slept in? Something tells me they probably had nice soft beds in their room! #%$&&%$@%^&^&%$#@&%*(!!!!!! banghead.gif soapbox.gif

msoulz replied:

~Roo'sMama~ replied: growl.gif growl.gif That makes me sick. It's so scary that these kinds of people can be foster parents so easily. No wonder so many kids in the system are messed up. sad.gif

A&A'smommy replied:
That is the first thing I thought about WHY in the world let these people foster kids and not check up on them like they are suppose too!! mad.gif

3_call_me_mama replied: Sad Sad Sad world we live in.

My2Beauties replied: My friend had just sent me a link to this right before I saw this on here - very sad! I can't believe people like this are foster parents. growl.gif

kimberley replied: mad.gif disgusting! these "protective" services really need to be put under a microscope!! we had a case here where a plump, healthy 1yo was taken from his young parents and given to the grandparents. the boy subsequently died of severe malnutirition, weighing about 24lbs at 5yo!! the doc, who spends a third of the year in third world countries commented that he hadn't seen a case of malnutrition *that* bad over there. for years, these people were starving this poor, poor child!! soapbox.gif

Aprilnewbee replied: what makes me sick is so many of us try so hard to have a child, and there are children out there that are rejected because someone didn't want to be a parent.
There needs to be a better system to connect these children with people who want children and haven't been able to. If I hadn't gotten pg we would have thought seriously about adopting, and maybe someday we will anyways.

We just need to keep these children in our prayers. hug.gif

msmzrose replied: What I don't understand is how an agency can place 11 kids with the same people. Doesn't that seem a bit excessive? I mean that would make 13 people living in the same house. Seems too crowded, not enough care. That should have never been allowed to happen. When my friend took ina foster child, they had to have thier own space. Seems like there must be more to the story.

Stuff like this makes my stomach churn...

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